Would you like a direct line to your inner voice?

If you enjoy reading self-help books, going to inspirational talks or yoga classes, chances are you’ll be familiar with hearing the words ‘Listen to your inner voice’. So let me ask you this… Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a direct line to your inner voice; your True Self? Do you find yourself wishing that … Read More

Can you embrace your body? How to love the skin you’re in.

Can you embrace your body.. fully? Take a moment to ask yourself that question: Can I fully embrace my own body? Can I accept the skin I’m in? If you answered ‘No’, then you’re not alone. 91% of women hate their bodies. How shocking is that? How we feel about our body plays a crucial role in how we feel about ourselves … Read More

How to let go of old relationships.

build self-confidence

Relationships are delightfully fulfilling at their best and gravel-rash painful at their worst. Whether it’s a good friend or a romantic partner, being able to let go after a relationship has ended, isn’t always easy. But if you’re open to exploring what that relationship gave you and what you can learn from it, then it can be one of the … Read More

Boost your self-love through community.

When women come together in a group – as part of a community – something special happens. Something unexplainable… What is that something? Healing. Deep organic profound healing. Healing of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual self. How does this healing happen? Let me explain… Humans are social creatures; we are meant to connect. Sometimes those connections we have with … Read More

What happens when you self-nurture?

It’s really easy to say I will self-nurture once I get all these other tasks I ‘have’ to do out of the way. I’m sure you’ve said it. Hell, I used to say it ALL the time! I’ll just do these dishes, answer these emails, help my friend with her… what was I helping her with again? And then I’ll … Read More

Sex is a spiritual practice. Yes sexuality and spirituality really are one!

It’s easy to pop sexuality and spirituality in two very different baskets, but in truth, sexuality and spirituality are intimately interwoven. How is this so? Because we are love at our core (if you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll be familiar with this understanding). Therefore being spiritual is about experiencing yourself as love. When we ‘make’ love, are … Read More

The intuitive power of the heart

Have you ever played Chinese whispers? One person whispers a message into the next person’s ear, then they do the same to the next person, and so forth, until the message finally gets around the circle and the last person announces the message they received. Isn’t it amazing how quickly that initial message loses it’s meaning and becomes something entirely … Read More

Do you have a spiritual teacher?

The moment we are conceived we start learning; learning about life, learning about ourself. We learn about how to operate in the world, how to relate with others, how to handle money, how to look after our body, how to think about ourself; essentially how to do this thing called ‘life’. Yet when we grow up into an adult, and … Read More

There is only one problem in life

It seems like we have many problems in life; the car breaking down, our partner leaving us, money struggles keeping us from having the life we desire, an overwhelming feeling of loneliness, diagnosis’ of depression, infertility, or even worse, cancer. Yet we really only have one problem. And that one problem is causing all of these other problems that we … Read More