This is the Getting Naked Pty Ltd base course where you’ll learn the formula for developing your relationship with YOU! It really is a must for anyone wanting to have a happier, more pleasurable life. Whether it’s a career, finance, health, emotional, relationship or spiritual goal, this course will give you the tools to create the change you desire. For all the details, visit the Remarkable Relationships course insight page.

SEXUAL SELF 6-week tele course

This is a more advanced course that takes you deep into developing your relationship with YOU through learning how to connect with your body on a whole new level. Sex will be used a as vehicle for self-healing and self-realisation as you discover how to strip off the social conditioning that has you experiencing life (and sex) in a way that fails to truly satisfy you. For all the details, visit the Sexual Self course insight page.

CONSCIOUS COUPLES 6-week tele course

This course builds on what you’ve learnt in Remarkable Relationships so you can have a nourishing relationship with someone else. Through learning how to see the reflections in your partner, you’ll discover how relationships really are there to help you grow and transform. Everyone in a romantic relationship can benefit from this course – whether you’re two weeks into dating or been married for 40 years. For all the details, visit the Conscious Couples course insight page.

Getting Naked Pty Ltd also runs a series of playshops – shorter downloadable courses – designed to give you specific tools and insights into various subject areas. Every playshop has been put together to help you further strengthen your relationship with YOU!