Sexual Self

Naked secrets on pleasure, passion, and purpose…

Let me ask you this: Would you describe your life as pleasurable? The reason I ask, is because our experience of life, is very much based on how much pleasure we are willing to let into our life. Sexual pleasure yes, but pleasure in general. Pleasure from sitting in the sunshine, pleasure derived from playing jump rope, pleasure found in cooking a yummy meal….

There is so much pleasure to be found in life, yet many people are skipping past this pleasure, allowing life to become somewhat of a chore; a struggle. The reason we are not allowing in this pleasure, is because of our conditioning. If you’ve already completed the Remarkable Relationships course, you’ll be familiar with this, if not, click here to listen to a free audio training I created on this exact topic.

Once we’re able to move past our conditioning – which you’ll learn in this divinely intimate course – you’re able to let go of any shame, fear or repression and enjoy the pleasure that is rightfully yours. Many people go to doctors feeling low on energy, stressed out, physical ailments cracking through to the surface, when the one antidote – which you won’t generally get prescribed from you doctor – is pleasure.

We want to be experiencing pleasure, because a body in pure pleasure cannot harbor any form of illness or disease!

Pleasure isn’t a luxury; it’s a vital part of our health. In fact, scientists are now finding that pleasure is responsible for our physical health, our vitality, how youthful we are (yes pleasure preserves the body), and just feeling good.

What about sex?

Yes, in this course we will be using sex as a vehicle for exploring self-healing and expansion of our pleasure – but what you will find, is that as you connect in with your sexual pleasure, your ability to hold pleasure in your body will grow, so that daily activities like walking the dog, dropping the kids off at school and work, feel much more nourishing.

This is where life just becomes a whole lot more pleasurable. Being alive, becomes a wholly pleasurable experience.

Who is this course for? People who…

  • Want to experience more pleasure in their life
  • Wish to clear shame and conditioning around pleasure and sex
  • Have a sexual dysfunction
  • Have experienced sexual trauma
  • Are keen to learn how to use pleasure to heal the body of physical illness
  • Have lost their libido (and inspiration for life)
  • Lack sexual confidence and know-how
  • Are disconnected from their sexuality
  • Want to feel more connected during love-making
  • Want to experience the joys of multiple and full body orgasms!

I see the Sexual Self course as the Level 2 to Remarkable Relationships, because it teaches you a whole new raft of mental and physical techniques to get you more connected with your energy body, open you up to deeper personal insights and healing, and as a result, invite a whole lot more pleasure into your life.

Want to wander down Pleasure Lane with me? This course is available for you to begin at any time, after you have completed the Remarkable Relationships course.

Yes please!

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OK, so let’s talk sex. I know there’s a lot of conditioning, shame and fear around talking about sex, but this course takes you there in a really nurturing and yummy way. If you’ve never had an orgasm before, have experienced sexual abuse, have lost your libido, or just feel like there is more than what you are currently experiencing, then the Sexual Self course will give you what you need to clear past traumas and awaken your body to new and tantalising sensations.

Yes, we’re talking multiple and full body orgasms for both men and women; even energetic orgasms, where you don’t even need physical touch to experience out-of-body-like pleasure. To give you a teeny taste of some of the topics we’ll be covering, take peek at this talk I gave at Sexpo Perth in 2015, Let Sex Be Thy Medicine

When we think about health, not often do we see sex as one of the key components to keeping us healthy. We hear talk of having a good diet, exercising, de-stressing, even getting enough sun. But sex? Really? Yes, really.

During this two month online course you will tap into you innate sexual energy, clear blocks and surrender into blissful states of ecstasy… not to mention…

  • Unleash your inner lover to become more heart connected
  • Connect more deeply with your body
  • Learn how to use sex for self-healing and self-realisation
  • Rid yourself of sexual blocks
  • Clear past sexual wounds such as abuse or miscarriage
  • Improve fertility and erectile dysfunction
  • Learn the secret of surrender and how to achieve multi, full body and energetic orgasms!

If this sounds like what you’re looking for, then I look forward to sharing my insights, years of research and  experimentation and practice with you, so that you can open up and receive the pleasure that is truly available to you.

Once you’ve completed the Remarkable Relationships course, take part anytime. Yes, you’re free to sign up and take this course whenever suits your schedule!

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Sex is a huge piece of our lives – often the missing piece for many people. When your sexual energy is flowing freely, you feel vibrantly alive and connected. When it’s blocked, you feel lethargic and lifeless. Sexual Self is an opportunity to deepen your relationship with yourself through connecting more intimately with your physical and energetic body.

Modern science, as well as popular consensus, tells us that an orgasm is a moment – a few seconds of bliss. When you learn the art of heart-centered sex – as I teach in Sexual Self – you can experience orgasmic states for hours!

Orgasm is more than just a passing pleasure. It’s an ongoing pleasure.

Not only will you learn how to become multi-orgasmic, you’ll discover what’s required to have a deep spiritual connection with both yourself and your partner. Sexual Self is a course that bridges the gap between sexuality and spirituality.

Not in a relationship?

Then you can learn how to use self-play to fuel your creativity and nourish your core being (not to mention, improve your finances!).

This two-month online course will teach you more than how to have amazing sex and achieve deeper orgasms for both the ladies and the gents, it will give you the tools to clear out past relationship baggage and abuse, so you can have an intimate and loving relationship with your self – mind, body and soul!

You will learn the secrets to awakening the most intimate parts of yourself so you can experience more sentience and vitality and most importantly… more pleasure!

‘Thank you Tamra. You are truly amazing! The course certainly exceeded all of my expectations. Your ability to inspire and connect with people on an inner level is something to behold. A great example to the others on how to explore their inner sexuality and not be afraid to express it to the world.’
– Anonymous, Melbourne.

What you’ll learn is the fundamentals of heart-centred sex and sensuality.

It was after experiencing an orgasm from a non-sexual massage that I began exploring many sexual realms, from Taoist techniques and philosophies, to Tantra, Zen Sex, Shamanism, Sexual Bodywork, Energy Healing, The Jade Egg practice, Kundalini Yoga and many other disciplines, before creating my own sexual cocktail for those ready to indulge in the most delicious gourmet sex.

This is what Sexual Self is: a blend of sexual disciplines with a dash of my personal insight and creation.

In order to participate in this course you must have already completed the Remarkable Relationships three-month online course, as Sexual Self builds on what you have learnt about developing your relationship with YOU. It is the next step in learning to love yourself, dimples and all – taking self-love and heart connection to a whole new level.

Sexual Self is like the Level 2 of Remarkable Relationships. In Remarkable Relationships you learn how to clear and access your mental and emotional self, and Sexual Self helps you go deeper into your physical and energetic self.

As one participant shared after completing the Remarkable Relationships course first: ‘Wasn’t sure if the Remarkable Relationships course was for me. I was looking for help with my sexuality and kind of ended up doing this course because it was a prerequisite to the Sexual Self course. However I’m very glad I did it!’

Yes – you will leave this course having unveiled your own innate lover.

Sex, afterall, is a key ingredient in helping you connect with yourself, and thus your partner.

What’s included over this two-month program?

  • 6 one-hour audio lessons
  • Transcripts of all 6 lessons
  • 7 info and exercise filled playsheets
  • 6 Q and A playsheets
  • 4 audio visualisations
  • 2 Love Infusions (energy healing sessions)
  • Yoga for the Vagina 101 (the condensed version of the full online series)
  • Weekly email reminders to let you know it’s time to dive into the next pleasure-filled lesson!

Should you wish to have email support and a 45-minute one-on-one session (as you would have received in the RR course) you can purchase the SS Support Package for an additional price.

Ready to journey deep into your Sexual Self?

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*Please note: You must have completed the Remarkable Relationships course before enrolling in Sexual Self.

Want to get up and personal with Tamra? Here is a little informal chat Tamra did after speaking at the Sacred Sex and Consciousness Conference in Byron Bay in early 2015…

Sexual Self is an online course so all you need to take part is a computer, and of course, your desire to deepen your pleasure!

Our mind, body and soul are interconnected, and it is through sex we are able to bring those together and experience ourselves as an integrated human being.




I look forward to sharing my best insights, learning, and personal experiences. Got a few questions? Then take browse through our Frequently Asked Questions page. Everyone can learn how to have delicious sex – it simply comes down to one’s hunger to learn how.

Make pleasure as natural and regular as breathing.

The Not-So-Fine-Print: The Sexual Self course is a non-refundable investment. Know that when you embark on this journey into Self-Love ‘commitment’ is the number one tool to living happily right NOW!