Sexual Self

A sexual healing journey to awaken the divine heart-felt pleasure within.

I’d like to invite you to come on a journey with me. A journey of re-sensitising and awakening. A journey of healing and transformation. A journey into the sexual landscape of pleasure, joy and bliss.

This journey is called Sexual Self.

This journey (aka program) was created with the intention to help both women and men move into a new way – a more authentic way – of accessing their pleasure in the bedroom. And in doing so, learn how to live their lives outside of the bedroom from a place of deep inner joy and pleasure.

For if there’s one thing that will help you enjoy life more, so you can truely thrive, it’s being willing and ready to access and expand your pleasure. And I’d love to guide you on ‘how’.

In the Sexual Self journey I’ll spend 2 intimate months teaching you how to:

  • Heal from sexual conditioning and trauma
  • Rid yourself of sexual blocks
  • Awaken a numb body so it can feel pleasure (deep pleasure) throughout
  • Use sexual reflexology
  • Tap into your orgasmic potential
  • Engage in energy healing
  • Fall in love with your gorgeous body
  • Move into sexual harmony with a partner
  • Experience full body and energetic orgasms (more details on these below)
  • Use sex as a vehicle for self-healing and self-realisation.
This course is a magical blend of practical principles, ancient teachings, easy to explore practices, and deeply awakening insights.

I love this program, because it takes the taboo out of sex, and gives you full permission to explore with a curious mind, and an open heart. I’ve spent 20-odd years studying, researching and practising Taoism, Tantra, Shamanism and modern sexual science, in order to put together, what I believe, is a comprehensive program that will both educate and inspire you.

You’ll get to know your sexual anatomy so intimately, that you’ll understand why you feel the way you feel, and what you need to change so you can feel more. But instead of listing off all the delicious details, let me offer you a taster of journey we’ll be going on.

Let Sex Be Thy Medicine is a fun talk I gave when I was touring with Sexpo Australia as their Relationship and Sexpert. In this 20-minute sexploration we talk about how important pleasure is for our physical and emotional health. I also offer you some key exercises you can do to help awaken and prepare your body for pleasure.

If you’re interested in enrolling in the Sexual Self course, this video will give you a sneak peak of some of the topics we’ll be covering in more depth inside the program, and the general flavour of the teachings.

Who is the Sexual Self journey for?

Anyone who wishes to experience more pleasure. This course is equally designed for women and men who have never experienced sexual pleasure as well as those who are experiencing great pleasure, but wish to expand that pleasure. This program is also for people who:

  • Wish to clear shame and conditioning around pleasure and sex
  • Have a sexual dysfunction (For example, infertility, erectile dysfunction, etc.)
  • Have experienced sexual trauma or abuse
  • Are keen to learn how to use pleasure to heal the body of physical illness
  • Have lost their libido (and inspiration for life)
  • Lack sexual confidence and know-how
  • Are disconnected from their sexuality
  • Want to feel more connected during love-making
  • Wish to experience the bliss of multiple and full body orgasms!

The truth is, we have all placed limitations on ourself and what is possible for us. Yet, with the right tools, practices and education, we can learn how to become limitless in our ability to feel and experience both ourselves, and pleasure. And this is what Sexual Self is designed for:

To get you on the path of uprooting those limitations, so you can experience the fullness of who you are.

Yes, we want to be having deeper, more meaningful, pleasure-filled experiences in the bedroom. But we also want to be living our daily life with more pleasure in our step. And that’s what you’ll experience if you apply what I have to share in this deliciously deep and expansive 2-month program.

The intention with Sexual Self is that it gives you a deep understanding of your sexual terrain, so you can breathe life back into your tissues. And in doing so, awaken your whole body to the orgasmic bliss that’s available to every single one of us. I created this course, so that you could, once and for all, step into your true pleasure.

This course – this journey – will open you to the delights of being human. To the pleasure of being a spiritual being in a physical body. For only when we can embrace our physical and our energetic selves, can we truely thrive.

What’s included in the 2-month Sexual Self journey?

  • 6 hour-long audio lessons with moi
  • Transcripts of all 6 audio lessons
  • 7 playsheets to work along to (104 pgs in total)
  • 4 guided pleasure practice audios (2 hours in total)
  • 3 Love Infusions (energy healing sessions)
  • 6 FAQ PDF playsheets
  • Lifetime access and all future updates to the program.

Plus these BONUSES:

Most importantly…

You get a Pleasure Road Map on how to clear your pleasure blocks, wake up your pleasure centres, and feel the expansive pleasure you are here to experience.

The Sexual Self course is a self-study course, where you work at your own pace, with me sending you weekly emails to inspire you forward. What this means, is you can dally on particular lessons for longer than a week if you feel so inclined, or you can go week-by-week and then come back and revisit as needed. You choose how you explore this program!

On this Sexual Self journey, we’ll be shifting our focus from thinking to feeling – from goal orientation to experience orientation.

You’ll soon be trading in faster and harder for slower, softer, more heart-centred sex. If you have even a teeny bit of guilt or shame or feel sex is dirty, this course will help you work through any conditioning to do with your sexuality. You’ll learn how to communicate your needs and desires, ignite a non-existent sex life and reignite a sex life that’s gone stale.

No matter where you’re at on your sexual journey, this course will help you strip back the years of conditioning so you can open yourself up to orgasmic bliss and satisfaction. If you have a waning libido or fears around sex, you’ll gain the knowledge and insight required to allow sex to be the fuel that keeps you burning all day long.

I’ll be taking you under the covers of multi-orgasms, full body orgasms, energetic orgasms, nipple-gasms and many other ‘gasms’. You’ll learn about the anatomy, and how to open up your heart so you can connect in a way that allows you to express yourself freely.

You’ll leave this course with a newfound naked confidence, feeling sexy, alive and hungry for more of the intimate pleasure available to you.

The only way to feel fully alive – not just in sex, but in life in general – is to feel ourselves. Like, really, feel ourselves. We need to get out of our head and into our body. So if this feels like what your body’s yearning for, let’s not spend anymore talking.

The Sexual Self journey has been reduced to just $297 or 2 monthly payments of $150.

I truely believe that every single one of us deserves to live a pleasure-rich life. Not just in the bedroom, but in all that we do. Just imagine what life would feel like, if it was a pleasure to be alive! That is what I wish for you. So my friend, if you feel called to go on a journey of sexual awakening – if you’re ready to walk down Pleasure Lane with me – I look forward to lighting the way.

Ready to journey deep into your Sexual Self?

Yes, yes, yes! Join now please…

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All the content is fully downloadable to your computer, and you have lifetime access so that you receive any bonus content I add in the future.

Here’s what past participants have said about the Sexual Self journey…

‘Thank you Tamra. You are truly amazing! The course certainly exceeded all of my expectations. Your ability to inspire and connect with people on an inner level is something to behold. A great example to the others on how to explore their inner sexuality and not be afraid to express it to the world.’
– Anonymous, Melbourne.

‘THANK YOU Tamra!!  In 2015, I was diagnosed with over 30 uterine fibroids, some the size of 50 cent pieces. Not long after, I attended a festival with a wonderful information session called Yoga for the Vagina. I met Tamra and purchased a jade egg. I started using it straight away. Initially, I used it every chance I had, weekly at a minimum.  I did the exercises Tamra taught us. After 6 years, I am still using my egg regularly. I finally had new tests done recently and discovered my fibroids are virtually gone. I am sure they have been gone for quite some time. I have 5 very small ones left.

I credit the disappearance of them to my jade egg, completing Tamra’s courses: Remarkable Relationships and Sexual Self, and doing regular meditation to clear my fibroids. I am now motivated to use my egg more regularly again to target those last few fibroids, plus you get a few other benefits your partner will thank you for. :)’ 
– Karen-Lea, Australia

Is pleasure the missing ingredient in your life?

We, as a society have all been brainwashed into thinking that we need to ‘do’ a lot and be ‘productive’ in order to be of value… Often at the expense of feeling good. Yet, here’s the thing…

When you’re on your deathbed, reflecting on your life, chances are you’ll be more interested in those moments of joy and pleasure – those experiences that really nourished you and felt good – than how many corporate ladders you climbed or how impressive your resume was. What am I saying?

That the missing ingredient in most people’s lives, is pleasure. We humans are not here to work ourselves into depletion. We are not here to tick all the boxes so we can finally be deserving of what we want in our life. No… We are here to feel good… NOW! To enJOY life.

To relish in the daily pleasures of being alive.

To feel vibrantly alive and healthy from the inside out. But in order for us to experience this kind of vitality, we need to stoke the flames of the fire within. Yes, as the Taoists teach, our sexual energy – the energy we tap into to experience deep pleasure – is the very energy that keeps us alive… our life-force energy!

In this way, when you practise what I share in Sexual Self, you’re not only awakening into your divine pleasure, you’re helping to restore your body to its vibrant, natural state of good health.

If you’ve come across Chinese Medicine before, you’ll know that we have meridians that run through the body. These meridians are essentially pathways that carry qi – our life force energy – around the body. If this energy gets stuck and can’t flow through our body, we can experience a couple of things, such as:

  • Physical illness
  • Emotional instability
  • An inability to experience deep, long-lasting pleasure.

Yep, these are signs that your body’s energy ain’t flowing so well. In order to both feel radiantly energised AND experience deeply profound pleasure in the bedroom, we need to get this energy moving.

In Sexual Self we explore many ways of creating an environment in our body, where energy is free to flow, including breath work, visualisation, massage, sexual reflexology, specific strokes and positions… and more

The truth is: Having a healthy sexual fire is necessary for living. It’s what fuels us. Without it, life loses its colour, we feel lacklustre and we create an environment in our body that is more prone to illness and disease.

A body in pure pleasure cannot harbour any form of illness or disease.

Lesson Rundown

Six audio lessons, accompanied by educational follow-along playsheets form the basis for the teachings in this program. Let me offer you a very brief overview of the kinds of topics we’ll be exploring:

Lesson 1 BELIEFS, BREATH AND BODY LOVE: This lesson teaches you how to get your sexual foundation strong and healthy. We begin my exploring our conditioning – the belief systems – that block our pleasure responses. We do breath work and learn how to sense energy in the body; two keys to awakening to our innate pleasure. And we begin body work. The ladies learning how to awaken the breasts and the men the testicles; both essential areas for the initiation of sexual energy flow.

Lesson 2 THE NAKED TRUTH: We dive into sexual anatomy in this lesson, learning the ins and out of the clitoral system and the role this plays in a woman’s arousal. For the men we discover the difference between orgasm and ejaculation and how learning to seperate the two is the key to full body orgasmic bliss. We explore sounding, and how this activates the Vagus nerve (a key player in expanding pleasure throughout the body). Finally, we learn the art of ‘edging’ and how to use this practice to build and expand sexual energy in the body.

Lesson 3 GOURMET OFFERINGS: Ever wondered what the difference is between fast-food sex (that’s over in five minutes) and gourmet sex (that lasts for pleasure-infused hours)? This lesson shares how you can evolve your sex, so that you’re experiencing the deeper, more profound orgasmic states. We begin by exploring G-spot orgasms in women and expand on taking a man deeper into his more expansive orgasmic states. We cover massage and lubrication and how to use the breath to awaken numb body parts, so that sexual energy is free to flow throughout the body.

Lesson 4 THE WAY OF SEX: Here you learn how to ‘tune into’ your partner, so you can come into sexual harmony with them when love-making (and in all of life). We explore the crucial, but often undervalued topics of presence, surrender, touch and receiving. And in doing so, learn how to move into a new ‘way’ of doing sex. We begin strengthening our sexual parts for optimum health and sexual function, with the men learning penis strengthening exercises and the women introduced to the Jade Egg practice.

Lesson 5 SEXUAL HEALING: As you saw in the video, sexual health and sexual pleasure go hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other. This lesson focuses on improving sexual health, covering adrenal health, sexual reflexology, the healing benefits of love juice, anal sex (and G-pleasure for men), while also exploring the types of things in our life that may be raining on your libido parade, such as IUDs and the Pill. I offer you healthy alternatives to those kinds of contraception and ways to support your body in maintaining its sexual health.

Lesson 6 THE LOVE OF SEX: Everything you have learnt thus far has equipped you for this final lesson, where we learn how to make love from the heart (as opposed to the genitals) so you can delight in ever expanding pleasure. We explore practices for awakening the chakras for maximum energy flow, cervical and full body orgasms, energy sex (so orgasmic pleasure where there is no physical touch), and how to live as your Sexual Self.

By going on this intimate 2-month journey with me, you’ll tap into the joy of being human, so that you can be who you are here to be:

 A joyful, love-rich, energised being who know how to move through life from a place of grounded availability to the pleasures of living.

If this tickles your nipples, you’ll absolutely LOVE the Sexual Self course.

Yes, this is a course about learning how to tap into your divine pleasure in the bedroom. But it is so much more than that… It will teach you a new way of being in your body and moving through life, so that each moment of each day is a divine moment that nourishes you and fills you with joy.

If you feel it’s time to infuse your life with more pleasure, if you’re ready to let pleasure move your body into a state of healing, if you’re open to feeling yourself like you’ve never felt yourself, then I invite you to join.

Take part any time. Yes, you’re free to sign up and explore this course whenever suits you!

Your investment in this journey is just $297 upfront or two monthly payments of $150.

If you feel ready to dive deep into getting to know your sexual landscape in a fun and down-to-earth, totally accessible way…

Then I look forward to taking you on this beautiful journey of re-sensitising and re-awakening your most womanly parts.

Yes please!

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Whatever you decide, please know this:

Pleasure really is the way to a happier, healthier life.

You, in your physical human body, are designed to experience deeply profound, heart-opening pleasure. And if this isn’t your current experience, it simply means you need a little guidance to help you breathe life back into your gorgeous body. Know that you are totally worthy and totally deserving of pleasure. It is safe to expand into your pleasure-potential. And in doing so, live a truely exuberant, radiant life.

Back in 2015, I presented at The Sacred Sex and Consciousness Conference in Byron Bay, Australia. After my talk, I was asked to share my experience at the conference and a few words on my teachings around sexuality and spirituality.

Sexual Self is an online program so all you need to take part is a computer, and of course, your desire to deepen your pleasure! Our mind, body and soul are interconnected, and it’s through sex we’re able to bring those together and experience ourselves as an integrated human being.




You will love the evolving way you begin to connect with yourself differently as a result of the Sexual Self journey. I created these 6 hour-long lessons and 4 guided pleasure practices right when I was touring with Sexpo Australia and speaking to people – thousands of people – about what they needed and wanted in sex. What their blocks were. What they desired.

And from there… I crafted a course that could meet them in exploring their Sexual Selves in a safe, loving way, that allowed them to expand into BIG pleasure. Today, I feel proud to be sharing such a transformational, eye-opening program, that will literally rewire your body for pleasure.

OK, so if you’re still reading, that means that perhaps you have a few questions. Please allow me to answer the most common ones below, but if you find you have more questions, simply go to the more comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions here.

Do I need to complete another one of Tamra’s courses first, in order to enrol in Sexual Self?

The answer is now ‘No’! When I first created the Sexual Self course, I made it with the intention to be like a level 2 to the Remarkable Relationships course. A course that builds upon your existing skills, to help you use sex as a spiritual practice to enjoy deeper orgasmic experiences, and allow that energy to ripple through your daily activities.

Well… After receiving numerous emails from people wanting to dive straight into the Sexual Self teachings without the three months of preparatory work… I listened… And I created bonus resources, so that you can take part in Sexual Self without needing any prior understanding, teachings, courses or experience. Yes, Sexual Self is now open to ALL.

Is this course only for women?

Absolutely not! Everyone is welcome. I spend as much time speaking about the men’s bits as I do about the ladies bits, so that we can all gain a deep understanding of how our anatomy can be re-awoken. That way if you’re in a same-sex partnership OR a heterosexual partnership, you will gain a deep understanding of how all bodies –  regardless of their anatomical make-up – experience pleasure, so you can work together as a team in exploring your delicious terrain.

In each lesson there are specific women’s and specific men’s exercises to complete, to help you reawaken your own anatomy, with partnered exercises for those of you in a relationship or with someone to practise on. Which leads me onto the next question…

I don’t have a partner, can I still do the course?

Absolutely! In fact, you already have a partner: YOU! Solo sex offers endless opportunities for sexual and spiritual growth, not to mention boundless bliss. If you’re single, it’s really important to keep that energy going. Self-play, where you show yourself love, is so vitally important. Even when in a relationship, you still want to spend time self-pleasuring as this allows you to learn how to expand your pleasure in new ways.

If you are single, clearing space and working on yourself will help you get ready for the next person you bring into your life (if indeed you wish to bring someone new in – you may just enjoy having a love affair with YOU!) It’s a very important time that should be used to get to know yourself intimately.

All of that said, this course isn’t just about sex. It’s about clearing conditioning, it’s about inviting more pleasure into daily activities and learning how to heal your body in new ways; all of which can be done solo.

I do have a partner. Can I use what I learn with them?

Yes, yes, YES! I highly encourage you to apply what you learn in the course with your partner if you have one. There will be specific exercises for couples (that can be adapted for singles) to help you both experience a much deeper expression of who you truly are within that relationship.

Does my partner need to do the course as well?

No. While they would certainly get a lot of it, it’s not necessary. Ultimately, if you learn how to awaken YOUR sexual self through the exercises and insights you’ll receive, you’ll be able to take these into the bedroom and enjoy much deeper orgasmic ecstasy with your partner.

Despite what some might believe, our partner is NOT responsible for our orgasms. WE are responsible for our own orgasms. Once you activate your pleasure zones and learn the art of moving sexual energy around the body, then your partner will barely need to touch you and you’ll be riding your own orgasmic rollercoaster – one glorious peak after the next!

And if you do happen to have a partner who is keen to learn what you’re learning, please share the Sexual Self content with them! Consider it a little bonus gift from me – two for the price of one! That said, never EVER put pressure on your partner to study sex with you, as this will only create a divide in your relationship.

What’s the key to experiencing heart-opening, full-body pleasure?

Learning how to awaken and program the body for pleasure. You see, experiencing pleasure is our natural state. Even inside the womb, foetus’ have been seen to pleasure themselves! So if you’re not experiencing deeply, heart-opening, profoundly body-shaking bliss in the bedroom, here’s why….You’re numb.

What I need you to know about this ‘numb’ state is that, it’s a result of past physical experiences, childhood conditioning, maybe some old trauma and most-likely some mis-information and mis-education around pleasure. Now that might sound all doom and gloom, but here’s why it’s not

Feeling numb is NOT a set state.

Just because you may feel numb right now – as in, you’re unable to tap into your full pleasure potential – doesn’t mean that you can’t access it. It simply means there needs to be a little self-love, a little re-education, and a little presence and patience with oneself, so you can feel what you need to feel, to allow the healing that needs to happen, so you can regain access to your pleasure.

Pleasure is available to ALL of us. BIG pleasure. DELICIOUS pleasure. We can all have that… if we’re willing to go on a journey with our body, so we can re-sensitise ourself to the delicious pleasure-palette that is available to us. That is within all of us. The Sexual Self course will take you on that journey.

Does every woman even have a G-spot?

Yes, yes and yes, gorgeous! In fact every man has one too (just in case you were wondering). If you’re not experiencing G-pleasure right now, that doesn’t mean that there’s no G-spot in there.

You see the G-spot is found around 1-2 inches up the front wall of the vaginal canal. You follow the natural curve around to an area that feels like a ridged surface, much like the roof of your mouth. It’s more of an area, as opposed to a spot, per say. And it becomes spongy when it’s stimulated and aroused.

Where the confusion comes in, is that for most women, their G-spot is numb.

Well… The tissue where the G-spot is is numb, because:

  1. During intercourse the penis/dildo generally goes right on past it, missing it completely
  2. If you do manage to get in the right position to access this area during intercourse, strong thrusting actually numbs this area out
  3. For other women, this area just hasn’t had any loving attention, so it’s yet to be awoken!

What I’m saying, is that if you’re not feeling any sensation in your G-pleasure zone, then it’s most likely because the area is numb. The great news is, that like all tissue in the body, you can wake this area back up! Yes, every woman has G-pleasure available to them, if they’re willing to spend some time with their G-spot. And that’s one of the key teachings in the Sexual Self course.

What you need to understand about G-pleasure is, that it’s very different from a clitoral orgasm, in that it’s much deeper both physically and emotionally, it’s much more profound – in that it moves your whole being, and it gives you the opportunity to have rolling orgasms where you go from one orgasm to the next. So it’s much more expansive than a typical clitoral orgasm that often leaves a woman too sensitive to touch.

What is an energetic orgasm?

It’s an orgasmic experience where you feel pleasure in your body – often throughout your entire body – without the need for any physical touch at all!! Sounds pretty awesome hey! Maybe a little unbelievable?

Well, science shows it’s totally possible, and that’s why I’ve written you a blog explaining more about energetic orgasms, so you can see whether this might be something you’d like to try for yourself!! To read this blog, simply go here: What is an energetic orgasm?

Now, I’ll be honest… Just like learning a new language, learning how to experience full body bliss that lasts for hours, does take some time and energy…. and understanding a few important things, such as how to:

  • Use the breath to move energy around the body
  • Drop your awareness down into your heart
  • Re-sensitise your body
  • Feel yourself from the inside out
  • And open yourself fully to the pleasure within.

These are all things I teach in the Sexual Self 2-month journey. And I call this program a ‘journey’, because awakening to the pleasure of your body, or life, or all that is… It’s a journey. But it’s a journey that can happen easily and quickly, if you have someone personally guiding you on how to tap into your very own energy source.

Why am I not experiencing the pleasure you talk of?

If we look at an aeroplane, it’s programmed to fly a certain way. No matter how hard we try to turn the wheel it keeps going as programmed until we turn off the autopilot.  It’s the same with our sexual responses. What we learn about sex at a young age – what we experience as a result of these unconscious teachings and conditioning – shapes how we experience sex and pleasure today.

In this way, most people have been programmed against pleasure. Yes, we as a society have become so numb to life. Devoid of the pleasure we were born to experience in this lifetime. We get taught that it’s not ok to feel. That it’s not safe to feel.

Sexual Self is designed with one main intention: To help you feel again. To help you feel the rich terrain of your body, to help you get comfortable with your undulating emotions and feelings, to help you express what you need to express, and in doing so, allow you to live a vibrantly fulfilling life! And we use sex as a learning room for feeling again.

Make pleasure as natural and regular as breathing.

So in answer to this question, you’re not experiencing pleasure because you’ve been programmed or conditioned against it, and in doing so, shut down your availability to feel yourself. In order to experience pleasure, you need to be willing to feel yourself. The Sexual Self journey will help create the internal shift that needs to happen, so you can feel safe and willing to begin to feel again.

Why do people love the Sexual Self journey?

Because I make pleasure easy. I make the exploration process feel good. I have a really good relationship with my body and my partner, and I teach from this heart-felt space of inner and outer connection. And I believe to my core, that every single one of us has the ability to tap into our true pleasure, if we’re willing to go on that journey.

I, like many of you, was taught to reject pleasure. To shove it down. To see it as an indulgence instead of a necessity. Pleasure certainly wasn’t always the beauty I now see it as. But there came a time when I decided I wanted something different. I wanted to experience life differently, sex differently, and my body differently. And so I went on that journey.

And I’m so glad I did, for it’s this journey that has awoken me to what is truely available, to all of us. Enjoying life – delighting in daily pleasures – it takes a decision. A decision to experience the fullness of who you are. Once you make that decision, then the rest will naturally unfold. If you’re ready to make that decision now, I invite you to join me for the Sexual Self journey.

Know that in saying ‘Yes’ to your Sexual Self, you’re saying ‘Yes’ to a life of heart-felt pleasure.

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Sex is a huge piece of our lives – often the missing piece for many people. When your sexual energy is flowing freely, you feel vibrantly alive and connected. When it’s blocked, you feel lethargic and lifeless. Sexual Self is an opportunity to deepen your relationship with yourself through connecting more intimately with your physical and energetic body.

Modern science, as well as popular consensus, tells us that an orgasm is a moment – a few seconds of bliss. When you learn the art of heart-centered sex – as I teach in Sexual Self – you can experience orgasmic states for hours!

Orgasm is more than just a passing pleasure. It’s an ongoing pleasure.

Not only will you learn how to become multi-orgasmic, you’ll discover what’s required to have a deep spiritual connection with both yourself and your partner. Sexual Self is a course that bridges the gap between sexuality and spirituality.

If you aren’t sure if this program is for you, place your hand on your heart, take a full breath in, and say: ‘I am willing to be guided.’ Then, trust yourself. I look forward to holding your sweet hand on this gorgeous journey inside.

Hearts and kisses,


Tamra Mercieca

Relationship & Self-Love Therapist, Inspirational Author and founder of The Getting Naked School and Yoga for the Vagina.

P.S. Your questions weren’t answered here? No probs, go to the dedicated Frequently Asked Questions page. If you can’t find the answer there, simply email us at

The Not-So-Fine-Print: The Sexual Self course is a non-refundable investment. Know that when you embark on this journey into Self-Love ‘commitment’ is the number one tool to living happily right NOW!