You have arrived! Yes, you are right where you need to be to learn the art of self-love so you can enjoy a happier, healthier and even more inspiring life. And have BIG FUN while doing it!

Welcome to The Getting Naked School.

Wherever you’re at in your self-love journey, I look forward to helping you open up to a deeper, more profound love than you’ve ever experienced before, so you can be all of who you truly are. So you can enjoy a healthy relationship with you!

It’s my belief that the key to having anything in life is to learn how to love yourself… unconditionally! Once you do, the rest happens naturally as I explain in this video I created just for you. So grab yourself a cuppa, so you can get to know me a little more intimately…

You may have spent tons of dosh on courses before or maybe you’re new to this whole self-love thang. No probs! I’m here to hold your hand and lead the way into a more nourishing and fulfilling life for yourself.

But before we get naked together, mentally of course, let me share a little more about The Getting Naked School, how Self-Love Therapy works, and how it can help you fall in love with YOU!

About the School…

The Getting Naked School offers a gorgeous boutique of tools – including a love-infused podcast, insightful blogs, educational videos, inspirational books, mindful meditations, online training courses and one-on-one therapy – all designed to help you change your unhealthy programming, so you can wear both the writer’s and director’s hat and star in your very own Hollywood love story.

Many of us are taught from a young age that struggle, debt, disease and unhappiness are all an inevitable part of life, hence why so many people end up settling for less than they truly deserve. It’s not that we can’t have a fabulous life with all the frills, it’s that we’re programmed not to. The purpose of this online school is to give you the skills you need to become self-sufficient in changing your programming so you can heal your own life (This is the key teaching in the Remarkable Relationships course).

As you change your programming, your relationship with you will strengthen, and this really is the key to experiencing happiness in all areas of your life. In this fun little chat at a private event in Melbourne a few years back, I shared my journey of developing my own relationship and how that saw me birth The Getting Naked School, along with many other beautiful things…

What’s super awesome about learning with me, is that you can live anywhere in the world. As long as you have a phone and a computer with an Internet connection, then we can work some magic!

What is Self-Love?

Self-Love is essentially the act of making friends with oneself. We’re talking about showing oneself kindness and compassion, and to be open to listening to the inner voice of wisdom, above the loud noise of the mind. It’s where minute-by-minute, day-by-day, we practise accepting ourself – showing ourself unconditional love – regardless of our actions or behaviours or current life circumstances.

    If we look at Buddhist tradition, it’s believed that if we want to cultivate love and deepen relationships – or if we want to attain enlightenment – we need to begin by making friends with ourself. So for me, that’s what self-love is, it’s being willing to enter a relationship with ourself, where we spend time listening to ourself, where we nurture ourself and our needs, where we honour and respect ourself, and where we’re willing to fully accept ourself, even in our darkest, most vulnerable moments.

So now you understand what self-love is…

What is Self-Love Therapy?

Self-Love Therapy is a path home to oneself. It’s a holistic modality that involves stripping off the layers of conditioning keeping a person from connecting to the love within; to their True Self. Self-Love Therapy understands that we’re all perfect and whole, and the only problem we ever face, is a disconnection from love. In Self-Love Therapy a person learns how to nurture their relationship with self, and thus cultivate self-love, so they can live happily right now.

The reason Self-Love Therapy is so quick and effective in healing both the mind and body, is because you’re dealing directly with the subconscious mind, which is responsible for 90% of our thoughts, actions and behaviours. As a child we are quite literally programmed like a computer on how to operate as a human being, and it’s this programming that’s responsible for our experiences in life and how we feel about ourself. *For a more in depth explanation on this, sign up for the Self-Love Starter’s Kit at the top of the page to receive a complimentary 1-hour audio lesson on The Art of Self-Love.

As a person’s conditioning falls away – as they let go of who they are not (fear) and instead begin to live as who they are (love) – they instantly experience more ease, more abundance, greater health and far richer and meaningful relationships. When a person realises that self-love underpins every corner of their life, they’re able to easily create change, regardless of the current challenge, because they understand that everything in their life is a reflection of their relationship with self.

It is my belief that we can all live our own unique love story, we simply need to be shown how to change the unhealthy programming.

    What makes Self-Love Therapy unique, is that it treats the whole person by marrying together Coaching, Therapy and Energy Healing. When you take an integrative approach like this, it’s possible to not only heal the root cause of the issue, but guide a person on how to make behavioural and lifestyle changes to support them in living a heathy and happy life, where they feel connected and guided from within.

    Where did Self-Love Therapy originate? I (Tamra) developed Self-Love Therapy through years of formal training in over a dozen modalities, personal study, an accumulation of knowledge, practical application, deep inquiry and personal insights. It’s through Self-Love Therapy that we teach self-love, and is it these teachings that are infused into all the courses and offerings at The Getting Naked School.

Listen to your inner voice…

As you begin to loosen your childhood conditioning you will start to hear the wisdom of your inner voice or ‘True Self’ much more clearly. You’ll start to follow the guidance of your heart, as opposed to your head. Why is this important? The heart is a 100 times more powerful than the brain electrically and up to 5000 times more powerful magnetically. In fact, it was the heart that was always designed to be our GPS through life.

Discomfort and struggle only occur in life when we start following the guidance of our (logical) head, which feeds us thoughts based on our limiting beliefs. This is why often you will experience a tug-of-war on what you should do in life; follow your heart or follow your head. Unfortunately for most people the head usually wins out, because we learn from a young age not to trust our inner voice (our heart).

The mind separates and the heart integrates.

All of the products and trainings I offer are designed to help get you back in touch with your heart’s voice. As you move to a more heart-centred way of living you will gain access to your inner truth. It will be like having a wise mentor right there inside of you guiding you on the best decisions to make. And it is through trusting this inner guidance that life begins to flow with far more ease and love than ever before. Unresolved issues begin to heal and your whole life becomes more meaningful and much more fulfilling.

And in listening to my heart’s voice I was guided to not only support people, but to support Mother Earth herself. Because she needs our support right now! That’s why 10% of all profits at The Getting Naked School go to the charity Just One Tree, so they can plant trees on your behalf, and help reforest our planet.

You’re planting trees? Tell me more…

For a long time I’ve felt called to do more for the beautiful planet we live on, so I decided back in 2021, that this would be my way of helping to re-robe Mother Earth, so we can breathe life back into her. Because it’s Mother Earth that gives us our food and our shelter and air to breath. We need her, as much as she needs us.

Hence, I send 10% of the profits from The Getting Naked School directly to Just One Tree, who plant trees on your behalf, in the areas of the world that most need reforestation. Yes, when you purchase programs, books or products from me, you can know that you’re doing something meaningful, and something that is helping preserve our planet for our children and loved ones and their future children.

We only have one planet, so we need to look after her.

It is my hope, that as a community we can come together on this, and help cool down the planet, so we can continue to live happily right now, and well into the future. Little steps like this, plant big forests!

If you’d like to learn more about the inspiration behind Just One Tree and the startling words that led to the creation of this charity, have a listen to this interview I did with Just One Tree‘s founder Amanda Bronkhorst. At the time of this recording in 2021 Just One Tree had planted 1.4 million trees, but that number has grown significantly since then.

Please enjoy this chat, allow it to inspire you into a new way of living on our precious planet, and know that we all have the power to make a difference, when we work together. 


If you’re interested in learning more about Just One Tree’s awesome work, go here. And know that when you enrol in one of my programs you are giving yourself the gift of self-love, while at the same time, offering your heart-felt love to the very planet we live upon.

I’ve been in therapy for years. How will this be different?

Great question! Most psychologists use CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) which is a short-term intervention method that is usually combined with medication. This form of therapy only works with the conscious mind and therefore can only manage problems not cure them, hence why one study found that you needed to spend at least 300 hours with a psychologist to get a minor breakthrough (if you got one at all).

In order to facilitate long-lasting change you need to take a holistic approach, and by that, I mean look at the mind, body and soul, as well as lifestyle habits and surrounding influences. Self-Love Therapy is specifically designed to do all this in a way that gently eases a person into a new way of living that supports a healthy belief system, through working directly with the subconscious mind and getting to the root cause of the problem. Unfortunately, most therapists do not take this approach.

Psychology generally only deals only with the conscious mind. You end up chasing your tail as it is too cognitive and analytical to take into consideration our physical, emotional or energetic needs. Energy healing techniques such as Reiki are great for helping the cells to restore themselves to original health, but if you have not investigated the thoughts that triggered the illness in the first place, then the ailment is likely to return. You need to strip off the gunk and do a mental clean-up of your subconscious in order to experience lasting change.

How do I know if  Self-Love Therapy is for me?

Do you compare yourself to others? Struggle to make decisions? Say ‘Yes’ to others when you really need to be saying ‘Yes’ to yourself? If you allow other’s actions or words to trigger you into an emotional meltdown, strive for perfection, never have enough time for yourself or find yourself at the centre of drama-filled relationships, then Self-Love Therapy is for you. Even if you’re battling a life-threatening illness, Self-Love Therapy has helped thousands of clients bring their mind and body back to full health.

But the real question you need to ask yourself to know if Self-Love Therapy is for you, is this: Am I 100% happy with my life right now? If the answer is ‘No’, then absolutely Self-Love Therapy can help you create a life you adore. Although I do need to be honest with you. In order to get the most out of the trainings I offer, you do need to be prepared to get a naked with me (mentally of course) so we can strip off the layers of conditioning that have been keeping you from experiencing all that you desire. You need to be willing to make changes and look at your ‘stuff’! That said, when you work with me, you’ll do it in such a beautiful way, you will absolutely LOVE it! That, I promise!

Let’s get to know each other!

If you’re new to The Getting Naked School and want to get to know me a little better, click here to head to my bio page where I share more about my journey and what led me to create this online school, along with all my credentials. OR listen in to my podcast I Love Me with Tamra Mercieca for weekly lessons in self-love where I often share personal stories about how these techniques have helped me and my clients. This is a great place for you to get a feel for the teachings and whether they resonate with you.

Where do I start?

If you’ve already signed up for your FREE Self-Love Starter’s Kit and explored the beautiful resources included there, then I’d suggest enrolling in The Way of Self-Love 3-month course. This program teaches you how to meditate from a place of love, and then take that meditation practice into daily living, so you can tap into your loving centre 24/7. This is a beautiful place to begin the journey of self-love, or deepen into it, as the audio lessons help loosen conditioning and help you connect with your authentic self.

Of course, if you’re sick of the negative mind-chatter sabotaging every opportunity that comes your way, and want to silence the inner critic right NOW, then you want to experience Self-Love Therapy in it’s most potent form, and that can be done through either one-on-one sessions with me which helps you heal a long-standing issue, or through the Remarkable Relationships 3-month online course where I teach you how to become your own healer.

Welcome home!

I’m so glad you’re here! I’m here for you, and will continue to do all I can to offer you insights, meditations and trainings that will help you connect more deeply with your most authentic self.

Hearts and kisses,

Tamra Mercieca
Relationship & Self-Love Therapist, Author, Podcast Host and founder of The Getting Naked School and Yoga for the Vagina.