If you loved Sex And The City and Elizabeth Gibert’s Eat Pray Love, then you will absolutely adore Getting Naked – The Dating Game.

Reading Getting Naked The Dating Game is like reading my own personal diary. In fact, that’s how the book started out; as raw and honest diary entries. Each time I’d return home from a date, I would write about it in intimate detail. Before long, I realised I had quite the collection of vulnerable and often comical accounts of modern dating.

It was then I decided to use dating as an autobiographical experiment to navigate love, life, relationships and yes, sex. Losing my virginity, not in the literal sense of the word, but by way of embarking upon a string of firsts I tried speed dating, entering a pole dancing competition, getting naked with a girl and having a fuck-buddy.

Yet despite me asking all the questions – often in compromising positions – my ultimate mission was to find a Prince! Yes, I am a huge romantic at heart. Easier said than done, I received some very hard-hitting love lessons along the way, which are littered though the pages of this flirty manuscript, with the greatest lesson of all, arriving in the final pages.

When I released the book in 2011 I wasn’t quite sure what the response would be, as this isn’t your typical fictional romance. This is a book about real life! Thankfully the response was positive. Extremely positive. So much so that I started receiving emails from people saying how they couldn’t put the book down and would read it from cover-to-cover in just a few (very long) sittings.

This response was echoed in various media outlets with HayHouse Radio featuring the book when it gained worldwide distribution in 2012. Getting Naked The Dating Game also made an appearance in Women’s Health and Fitness magazine, The Midland Express and The Star newspapers, among many radio stations Australia-wide.

Of course the big question I get asked from people who loved the book is: When is the sequel coming out? You’ll be happy to know that Getting Naked The Dating Game is the first of a series of books, and I am currently penning the next juicy memoir.

Interview on Hayhouse Radio in America

Unzip those fashionably worn figure-hugging jeans, slip off your beautifully laced French knickers and join Tamra in Getting Naked as she bares all in this provocative memoir. This manicured manuscript tells the sweet yet seductive tale of a woman’s search for love, and what to do when the elusive desire for that all-encompassing heartfelt connection turns into a string of piercing heartbreaks.

You will not find a typical love story with a happy ending inside the covers of this tantalising text. The Dating Game reveals the honest truth about modern love; the dating landscape of games, relationship faux pas, and the unspoken rules of technologically enhanced communication we must embrace in order to line up our next romantic rendezvous.

Tamra strips back the layers in order to navigate her way through the racks of vulnerability and ill-fitting threads that have collected dust and stopped her opening her heart to love. As she clears out the wardrobe, she soon discovers that the truly unique garment she was looking for has been with her all along.

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What do others have to say about Getting Naked The Dating Game?

This is a book which promises to tantalise you till the end!
by Martha Tara Lee, August 16 2016 posted on Amazon.

‘After reading Mercieca’s first book The Upside of Down, I immediately plunged into her second book Getting Naked The Dating Game. I had assumed from the title that it would contain dating tips, techniques and know-hows. Instead it contained the juicy details of Mercieca’s dating adventures.

Published in 2011, this book gives us a glimpse into the inner workings of a modern-day woman in search for love in Australia. Revealing the honest truth about modern love, Mercieca navigates the dating landscape of games, relationship faux pas, and the unspoken rules of technologically enhanced communication we must all embrace in order to line up our next romantic rendezvous.

What happens when our desire for that all-encompassing heartfelt connection turns into a string of piercing heartbreaks? I appreciated being privy to Mercieca’s thoughts and actions with each twist and turn. Even though I come from a different upbringing and culture than Mercieca (Singaporean Chinese), I, too, have found it challenging to date in a hook-up culture. I remembered thinking – wow she’s taking things better than I would have. What can I learn from her here? What is she doing differently than I would have?

In the end, each of us are doing the best we can – and the stories of a fellow sister will help us realise we are not alone in this! I found myself wondering who would win the heart of the fair maiden and triumph at the end – so attuned am I to looking out for the happy ending. I won’t give it all away here. This is a book which promises to tantalise you till the end!’

I loved reading Tamra’s book.
by A S Dryden, October 12 2014 posted on Amazon.

‘I loved reading Tamra’s book. The thing that I sticks in my mind – how open Tamra is about her personal life. People think that candour can make us vulnerable – but in fact it’s the strength of this book. The book’s frankness is disarming, you end up cheering her on and eagerly turning to the next page. And now I’m looking froward to the sequel :)’

Wow.. hit the spot!
by Donna, 2018 email appraisal.

‘Hi Tamra. Just wanted to say a massive Thankyou! Just finished your book, Getting Naked. WOW…hit the spot. I’m 46, single mom to 6-year-old, 2.5 years single and just got into online dating 4 months ago…blown away! Thanks for your honesty..you have an amazing skill with words. LOVED it!’

Read it in one day.
Anonymous Australian appraisal emailed in 2018.

‘I just finished reading your book Getting Naked – The Dating Game. As a newly single I resonated with it so much and it left me wanting to read more of your work! I picked up at copy at the Seven Sisters, and read it in one day last week! Looking forward to reading more of your writings and musings x’

Insightful Memoir
by OSUCandace, July 15 2013 posted on Amazon.

‘Tamra Mercieca’s Getting Naked The Dating Game is a biography/memoir that centres around Tamra’s love life and finding happiness. Getting Naked begins after Tamra gets out of a five year relationship. She then begins a journey of self-discovery and finding Mr. Right. Along the way, Tamra begins learning all she can about relationships, men, and what makes them tick.

I really enjoyed how open Tamra was with readers throughout her book. She was not one to shy away from controversial topics or embarrassing moments. She faced her past head on and let readers experience what she was feeling. It was very refreshing to see how the dating world is for single woman during this day and age in Australia vs America. Tamra led readers on her journey through online dating, blind dates, one night stands, friends with benefits situations, speed dating, and more.

Tamra is an extremely talented woman living in Australia. During Getting Naked, Tamra is a successful news anchor on Australian radio, a drummer, author, and journalist. She also shared how she was working on receiving her credentials to be a Relationship Therapist (which she now is.)

Tamra Mercieca’s Getting Naked The Dating Game really opened my eyes to how many guys tick. They can be just as body conscious, shy, and affectionate as women. At the end of Tamra’s memoir, she had gone full circle with most of the men in her life and was happily single. I would love to see a part two to Getting Naked somewhere down the line to see if she every found ‘the one.’ If you are looking for insight into relationships, men, or finding your self worth, Tamra Mercieca’s Getting Naked: The Dating Game is for you!

*I received a complimentary copy of this novel for the purpose of review.’

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If you’d prefer the hardcopy version, they are not currently being printed for sale, however, there are over 3000 in circulation so may be able to track one down through a second hand book shop!