Ep.10 And this is why we self-sabotage…

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If you’ve ever tried to create change in your life, even just a small change such as learning something new… then chances are you’ve probably experienced at least a little self-sabotage. Self-sabotage is where we either consciously or more commonly, unconsciously, act and behave in a way that prevents us from reaching our goals or achieving the results we want. … Read More

Ep.9 Give up nagging and have a Love Sandwich instead!

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Nagging never works. In fact, if you do it enough, you’ll simply be met with a fire-works display of disdain and negativity or maybe a cold shoulder. So how do you get people to pick up their game? How do you lovingly encourage them to actually do what you’re asking of them? To take your advice on board? You offer … Read More

Ep.7 Use your relationships to grow your self-love.

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For a long time relationships confused and baffled me, upset and hurt me, left me and abandoned me… and then one day… I learnt what I’m going to share with you today. The following teaching is what completely transformed my experience with relationships. My relationship as a wife, as a mother, as a daughter, as a friend and as a … Read More

Ep.6 Powerless to powerful: The gift of anger.

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The emotion of anger often receives a bad rap, especially when it’s expressed outwardly in a very fiery, and often explosive kinda way. But what if we could use anger to support our growth? What if anger had a very clear purpose, and when understood, could be expressed in a really ‘healthy’ way? A way that helps us deepen our … Read More

Ep.5 Take a monthly self-care vacation. Menstruate.

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We all have mixed relationships and feelings about menstruation. But what if we treated our monthly flow as a time where we got to retreat from the world, so we can rest, restore and replenish? What if having our period became a time we looked forward to; a mini-monthly vacation to drop the load and relax into our own feminine … Read More

Ep.4 Meet your True Self: A journey to authenticity.

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Today I’d like to introduce you to the most inspiring person in the world. I actually entered into a conscious relationship with this person 15 years ago, and… This person has completely transformed my life. And I know this person will do the same for you. Who is this mysterious person I speak of, on today’s episode of I Love … Read More

E2. Programmed for Love

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Ever wondered why some people find life easy, and others struggle? Or why some people just exude confidence? While others, well… they’d rather hide behind a great big elephant than walk into a room of strangers? How a person acts and feels about themselves doesn’t happen by accident. As a child we are quite literally programmed for a certain experience … Read More

E1. What is TRUE self-love?

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What is TRUE self-love? Self-Love is the act of making friends with oneself. Showing oneself kindness and compassion, listening to that inner voice of wisdom over the loud noise of the mind. It’s a minute-by-minute, day-by-day practice of accepting ourself – showing ourself unconditional love – regardless of our actions or behaviours or current life circumstances. That, is TRUE self-love. … Read More

Welcome to I Love Me The Podcast

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Welcome to I Love Me The Podcast. A place where you’ll receive simple, inspiring lessons, practices and teachings in self-love, so you can fall in love with you, and in doing so, fall in love with life. Listen to the podcast trailer here… AppleGoogleSpotify Hello gorgeous. I’m Tamra Mercieca and I’ll be the one holding your hand, as we walk … Read More