The Way of Self-Love

Make friends with yourself through learning heart-centred meditation.

Experiencing yourself in a more loving way, all starts with being willing to get to know yourself. Being willing to sit with yourself, and being willing to commit fully to building a relationship with yourself. That is where meditation – which has a specific focus on love – can be an invaluable tool in helping to heal your relationship with yourself, and thus heal your relationship with the world you live in.

If you’ve tried to meditate before, or have an existing practice that doesn’t feel as rewarding and inviting as it could be, it simply means you haven’t found your way into meditation. To be honest, when I started (back in 2001), I really struggled to meditate, because I was taught in a very mind-focused way. The problem is, what we focus on, is what we create more of. So if you come into your meditation practice and you’re focusing on ‘clearing your mind’ or ‘watching your thoughts’ – as many people are taught – then all you’ll experience are ‘thoughts’.

My approach to meditation is somewhat different. In The Way of Self-Love you learn how to shift your focus to your heart (as opposed to your mind) so you can get intimately connected with the love within. Like I said, what we focus on, we create more of. So if you’re focusing on love – filling yourself up with love, and being love – then you’ll experience more love. And ultimately that is the purpose of meditation. To be our True Self. To be love.

Being love is the new meditation.

Love dissolves the chatter of the mind. When you invite love in, there’s no place for fear. So in learning how to meditate on ‘love’, what you’re essentially doing, is learning how to make friends with yourself. And learning how to make friends with yourself is a core part of cultivating self-love. In order to love yourself, you need to be open to getting to know yourself, spend time with yourself, sit with yourself, and be with yourself.

So in The Way of Self-Love, we use meditation as a tool to make friends with ourself. And in doing so, we heal our relationship with ourself. We heal our relationship with our whole life – our emotions, our body, our finances, our career, our relationship with others – so we can live with far more ease, vitality and joy. And the best bit is, the healing meditation practice I share with you, is easy, comfortable and yummy!

Laura, a Californian mum, shares how she enrolled The Way of Self-Love to help her through the COVID times…

You don’t need any special skills or previous knowledge or training to be able to meditate. You don’t need to be able to ‘clear your mind’. I guide you step-by-step through the process of learning how to use meditation to connect to the love within, so that you can get to know who you truely are, minus all the conditioning you’ve taken on over the years that has probably led to a whole lot of struggle, pain and suffering. 

I believe we all deserve more love in our life, so if you want a simple, yet potent practice to get the love-ball rolling, this course will guide you home to yourself through a series of educational audios designed to help take you inside yourself. This course is an invitation to go on a 3-month journey of uncovering and recovering who you are. Beyond a purely spiritual tool, you will use meditation to help you become a magnet that attracts good things into your life.

What will I learn?

  • How to meditate in an easeful, loving way
  • How to reduce the stress of daily life
  • How to stay calm and centred when you get triggered by people and situations
  • How to use your emotions to empower you
  • How to use your meditation to gain deeper insight into your life
  • How to listen to the wisdom and intelligence of your heart
  • How to to ground and energise yourself
  • How to help the body move into a state of healing
  • 5 delicious postures appropriate for meditation
  • How to overcome the ‘I don’t have time to meditate’ problem

And so much more!! But most importantly, you’ll learn how to make friends with yourself. How to cultivate self-love. And as a result, you’ll learn how to LOVE being YOU!! For that’s what deep down all of us really want, right? We want to feel good enough. We want to feel loveable. We want to feel worthy and deserving of living a joy-infused love-rich life. 

Here is a sneak peak of what you’ll find inside the program; the introductory audio:


If this sounds like what your heart has been yearning for, then I would love to show you the direct path to love. You don’t need to seek outside of yourself to find the love. With the simple tools that I share in this course, you’ll learn how to have love NOW. So you can love life. So you can love YOU!

‘You are an angel! Your course in Self Love is amazing. I suggest anyone who needs a boost & who is ready to make a change takes this course. It is resonating with me so very much. The bonus is that her voice is also beautiful to listen to💜 This is the course & I recommend it 10000%❤️’
– Jodie, Australia

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The Way of Self-Love truly is a heart awakening and love-infused practice. You will learn how to meditate from scratch, as well as learning how to evolve an existing meditation practice, so you can use your meditation as a catalyst for inner reflection and profound healing. What I’m saying, if that no matter where you’re at on your self-love journey, this course is an opportunity to expand and strengthen that love. And the best bit is, you will….

Love your meditation practice.

I don’t believe anything in life should be hard work, difficult or frustrating. If something doesn’t feel good, you’re not going to it. That’s why my approach to meditation is one that encourages you to be kind to yourself. To show yourself compassion. To make your meditation practice one where you get to show yourself unconditional love. When you learn to meditate in this way, you will LOVE coming to your meditation cushion each day.

Meditation will become your friend! A trusting friend who holds you, grounds you, and supports you in being the best possible you, you can be. Meditation will be the place you come to feel held, nourished and awoken. It will be so delicious that you will WANT to meditate each day. It’s this love-rich feeling that will make it easy for you to make time for meditation, which ultimately, is simply you making time for yourself.

From my experience one of the key reasons people don’t meditate, is because of ‘time’. It’s a huge obstacle people face. And that’s why I’ve included a 45-minute audio lesson in The Way of Self-Love, which teaches you how to easily overcome the belief that ‘I don’t have time to meditate’. This education audio will share the true reason why you’re not meditating, and how to shift your programming and your priorities, so meditation easily finds a place in your life.

What’s included in The Way of Self-Love?

  • 8 Education Audio Lessons (over 4.5 hours in total)
  • Transcripts of the 8 Audio Lessons
  • 3 meditation tracks (20min x2 + 5min for busier days)
  • A Meditation Postures Manual PDF
  • A Journalling Prompts PDF
  • Step-by-step guidance on how to meditate in different ways, guided and unguided
  • 3 months worth of fresh content to explore
  • 3 recordings of the Live Q and A’s held in 2020 (3 hours total)
  • 3 Love Infusions
  • Lifetime access to all of the content (which is also downloadable onto your computer)

.Plus these BONUSES:

  • The original Self-Love Meditation (30min long)
  • Extra resources to continue your self-love journey.

Learning how to meditate is a journey, and that’s where I share educational audios designed to help you along that journey. But more than learning how to meditate, you will learn how to invite your meditation practice into daily living. For what’s the point of meditating, if your life doesn’t reap the rewards, right?

Once you learn how to meditate – which includes learning how to plug into the love within – you will then be guided on how to tap into that love when out and about in daily life, so you can quickly and easily resolve tricky, emotional situations. When we’re connected to the love within, we instantly see the solution, so we can take heart-guided actions to create a more harmonious and productive end-result.

We don’t meditate to get good at meditation.
We meditate to get good at life.

You see, when we get caught up in emotion – triggered by someone or something – we start acting and behaving from a place of fear. Our behaviours and actions are based on our childhood conditioning, our past traumas and hurts. We lash out, we make bad decisions, we essentially sabotage ourself, and this leads to us running around like a headless chook, trying to get things done; trying to get by.

But what if life didn’t have to be such a struggle? What if you could simply tune into the love within, and seek guidance on how to move through life in a relaxed, yet highly effective way? What if you could learn how to be more loving to yourself and the people around you? Imagine how this would change your experience of life. Imagine now, what life would be like, if you felt like you had your own back. That you could trust yourself completely. That you felt supported. That you were full! Your cup overflowing with love.

That is what life is like, when you’re willing to commit to yourself. Love yourself. And don’t worry, you don’t need to go sit atop a mountain for months to find this kind of inner stillness and fulfilment. You can do it AND live your awesome life. Like I said, one of the biggest struggles people have when it comes to meditation, is that they believe they don’t have enough time to meditate. That’s why I created an in depth educational audio explaining how to overcome the ‘time’ problem once and for all.

What are the benefits of the Self-Love Meditation?

The major benefit of meditation is that it makes you feel good! Like REALLY good! You get to feel grounded, energised and totally at ease with yourself and your life. When we meditate we become kinder, more creative, more productive, more clear on our purpose and more relaxed. This is why the world’s highest performers are meditating. There have been over a thousand studies done on meditation showing how beneficial having a regular practice is. But if we look at one of the studies done at Harvard University Medical School, they found that meditation:

  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Lowers the heart rate
  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • Lowers blood cortisol levels
  • Increases feelings of well-being 
  • And allows the body to enjoy deeper relaxation.

Of course, the way I teach meditation is a little different to some more traditional styles of meditation, and for that reason, the benefits far exceed this list. The clients I’ve shared the Self-Love Meditation with already – through my One-on-One Intensive and the Remarkable Relationships course I also run – have experienced endless results, but in a nutshell they also report:

  • More work/life balance
  • More prosperity (yes, these practices can help you increase your finances)
  • Healthier relationships with loved ones
  • The eradication of anxiety, stress and overwhelm
  • A huge increase in confidence and self-trust
  • The ability to stay calm amid life storms and triggers
  • Razor-sharp clarity when decision making

But for me, the big benefit of the style of meditation I teach, is that it helps you connect in to your True Self and instantly access the love within. Think of it as your direct line to your inner voice of wisdom, and through using this meditation, you get to plug into that source. What that means, is that instead of listening to the negative chatter, which will only lead you stray, you learn how to listen to your heart’s voice.

For me, that one benefit alone, exceeds anything else meditation could possibly do for you. For when you gain this incredible insight into yourself, you’re able to make decisions from a place of inner knowing, as opposed to outer guessing. You have a solid sense of self, you feel complete, alive, and totally loveable. You feel at home in yourself. And for me, that is truly priceless. Worth much more than $97!

‘I am so grateful for you sharing so much wisdom, hope and inspiration!
Your course is LIFE-CHANGING.’

– Michelle, Australia.

Life really does become magical when you meditate on love. When you open up a dialogue with your heart, and start listening to the wisdom from within. Please know, that a life lived in this way is possible for you, if you’re willing to do something totally crazy. Ridiculously radical. As radical as meditate. If you’ve struggled with meditation in the past, or have an ‘on-again off-again’ relationship with meditation, or meditate daily but don’t feel fulfilled by your practice, then I would love to share the missing piece of the puzzle with you.

Learn to rewire yourself for love. 

Enrol in The Way of Self-Love now.

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The Self-Love Meditation really is mind, body, soul medicine packed into one potent practice that can be applied to your whole life. The meditation itself, has been worked into a full, step-by-step course that is designed to be explored over three months. While you’ll be invited to explore fresh content each month, you can certainly take longer if you need, as you receive lifetime access to all of the content, which is also downloadable onto your computer to keep. 

During this three months you will be guided on how to establish a solid, grounded connection to love through a daily meditation practice. Then I’ll teach you how to invite that love into your life, so you can enjoy the calm, clear, love-filled, vibrancy of being alive 24/7! Yes, you get to weave the meditation magic into daily living. Let me step you through the learning process now…

Welcome: You’ll be welcomed to the course with an introductory audio lesson helping you get super clear on what self-love is, for without that clarity, it’s extremely difficult to enjoy self-love. Then I share the importance of making friends with oneself, what that looks like, what gets in the way of it, and what’s needed to overcome those obstacles. This first audio lesson sets the tone for the rest of the course, by helping you get connected to why meditation is such a powerful practice.

Month 1 THE PRACTICE: During the first month of exploration I share three audio lessons with you. These audios are designed to help set you up for a loving and easeful meditation practice where you can access the love within. These audios will also help dispel the myths around meditating, so you can easily overcome possible obstacles such as not having enough time, finding meditation uncomfortable for the body (there’s a Meditation Postures Guid PDF to help you find a yummy posture to suit your body), and how to overcome the ‘busy mind’ dilemma. You’ll receive detailed instruction on how to do heart-centred meditation, as well as receiving extra resources that you may wish to explore, as you dive into your guided meditation practice, and create a solid base for love.

Month 2 LIVING THE PRACTICE: We meditate so we can enjoy a calmer, more fruitful life, right? So during this second month of exploration, I share two educational audios, teaching you how to build upon what you learnt during the first month. Firstly, you’ll learn how to use your meditation practice to establish a line of communication to your heart – or your True Self (you may call it intuition, source, inner wisdom, or so forth) – so you can seek wisdom from within, as required. A great skill to have in all situations, so you can make the best decisions for your life.

Secondly, you’ll learn how to invite love into each daily moment, so you can remain calm and centred when triggered by people or situations. This is one of the most valuable tools you can have, as it helps you stay focused so you don’t get lost in emotions that have the ability to completely sabotage your efforts. The best bit about this practice, is that you learn how to weave it into your life, without it taking any extra time!

This course is an invitation to shift from listening to your head, to listening to your heart.
To choosing love over fear.

Month 3 LETTING GO OF THE PRACTICEWe practise so we can get good at something; so we can override the old programming that has been keeping us from the life we wish to lead. Once you are well-practised in meditation, you can let go of the practice, so you can simply live as love. While we only spend a month on this topic – with two new education audio lessons – this is something you will continue to explore and deepen for the rest of your life, as you go about your life. You will learn how to meditate unguided in five different ways, as well as learning how to evolve your connection to the love within, so love can be your way of life.

What now: Finally I leave you with extra resources, practices and book recommendations that may be of interest on your self-love journey.

In a nutshell, The Way of Self-Love takes you through a step-by-step process, that allows you the time and practise you need to gradually ease your way into a self-loving way of life. Firstly, how to get connected to the love within, secondly, how to feel it 24/7, then thirdly, how to expand that love. Each audio lesson is specifically designed in such a way, that by simply listening to it, you are loosening old conditioning and limiting beliefs that no longer serve you. So in that sense, healing is always happening when you’re engaging with the content of this course.

Still got questions? No probs…

What makes this course different to every other meditation course?

Quite simply, it’s a yummy practice that just feels good! And it’s this good because unlike many Buddhist traditions that encourage the gradual awakening of your True Self, I take a more Zen Buddhist approach, which involves awakening to your True Self in this moment. To do this, we shift our focus from our mind to our heart. Instead of watching our thoughts for 20-minutes, we bask in the love within.

When you take this approach, meditation becomes life-changing. You suddenly see the truth of who you are, and when you see that truth, the conditioning from the past loses its hold over you. You become acutely aware of why you do what you do, and why you act the way you act. And it’s this kind of awareness that then allows you to make changes to how you’re living your life, so you can enjoy more love, more abundance and more joy.

Who is this course for?

If you’re new to the whole self-love, spirituality, self-help arena, The Way of Self-Love is a beautiful start to your self-love journey, helping you establish a practice that will nourish you on all levels. If, on the other hand, you’ve been exploring self-love for a while now (decades even), but feel like you haven’t quite found your loving centre, you struggle to meditate, or just feel like something is missing from your current practice, this course and the practices within it, will fill in the gaps so you can easily cultivate and grow your existing self-love.

Never meditated before? This course will teach you how, in the most gentle and accessible way. Been meditating for years? The Way of Self-Love offers you a new doorway into your soul; a new way to deepen your connection to your True Self. Tried meditation but it didn’t work for you? Or it just became a chore? Maybe it was boring! Give this one a go. I still do this meditation – despite the countless meditations I have tried over the years – because 1) It works, getting me connected to the love within instantly, and 2) It’s so darn yummy!

‘I started doing the meditation at night with my 9-year-old daughter who has trouble going to sleep, and it has helped her fall asleep every night. It’s super sweet. I let out a sigh then she lets out a sigh, right where you say to sigh. Thank you!’

– Laura, California, USA.

Ultimately, this course is for anyone open to exploring foundational insights and practices for awakening, deepening, and expanding love in their life, and in the world. You don’t have to be a particular, age, race or sex. Anyone can practise self-love. All you need is the commitment to do so. And commitment comes from making the conscious decision to practice self-love.

Why am I teaching meditation?

Because over the years I’ve come to discover that while there are many many benefits of meditation, most people (I was one of them) struggle to do it. Meditation is often prescribed as the go-to for stress management, anxiety and depression, among other life ailments, yet if you don’t know where to start, learning to meditate can be a frustrating, confusing task at best. Especially when you’re taught a style of meditation, that simply wasn’t designed for you.

Most people are trying to meditate in ways that were designed for monks! Yet, how many of us have numerous free hours each day to sit and meditate? We can all reap the benefits of meditation without it taking us away from all the other things we want to do in life. In fact, meditation will only bring more vitality and joy to your life, and help you get things done quicker and more effectively, so you have more time to spend on the things you love.

But in order for this to happen, you need to learn how to meditate in a way that is kind and loving and most importantly, heart-focused. When I started teaching this style of meditation to my one-on-one clients, meditation was never an issue. It was a practice they actually enjoyed and found easy! In fact, I didn’t call it ‘meditation’ because it wasn’t a ‘mind-watching’ activity! But after delving deeper into the origins of meditation I learnt that not all meditation styles took a mind-focused approach. If you dig deep enough, heart-focused styles of meditation have been happening for thousands of years!

Hence it felt more than appropriate to call this practice ‘meditation’. Yet, up until 2019, I was only sharing this practice in my more in depth trainings and calling it something else. It was after having my son Zen, that I realised that of all the teachings I share, this one practice is the most powerful in being able to shift a person’s perception of themself, so they can enjoy a healthier internal dialogue.

That’s when it struck me! I needed to share this practice more widely and make it accessible to people who wouldn’t normally have the resources to work with me, or perhaps weren’t ready to work with someone one-on-one. Hence, I began developing this practice into a full course – infused with my core teachings on self-love – so everyone could be privy to this love-rich practice, and thus, make friends with themself.

This course will guide you easily into meditation, without you needing to do any one-on-one work with me. Yes, you get my most powerful techniques, for a fraction of the price of my other courses, so you can learn how to meditate in the easiest, kindest way, that feels so nourishing you’ll be rushing to the mediation pillow each day, so you can fill yourself up with a delicious dose of self-love. So that was the inspiration for The Way of Self-Love. It was born from a passion to help people develop one solid practice, that would enable them to let go of the negative beat-up, so they could treat themselves in a more loving way.

I’ve already completed the Remarkable Relationships course.
Will I learn anything new in this course?

 YES! Absolutely!! While the core practice is inspired by the ‘Love Wrap’ which you have already learn with me, this course evolves the Love Wrap into its own meditation practice, and invites you deeper into its teachings. So in that way, The Way of Self-Love is an opportunity to expand your love for yourself, and your understanding of how to do this. 

‘I just wanted to say a BIG THANKYOU for creating The Way of Self-Love! Having obviously worked with you in the past, I knew it was going to resonate so well but WOW, it exceeded all my expectations and found it to be just the right fit for me at this point in time. For me, what such a great little reminder and toolkit it is to cement in a solid daily self love practise; and I envisage for those that haven’t worked with you previously, it’s such a good little taste to the magic that can be created with that little bit of self love! LOVE IT!’

– Tess, Paramedic, Australia.

Every course I’ve created, offers fresh ways to delve deeper into self-love, and that’s why they can be taken in any order. Each course builds upon what you’ve already learnt with me, solidifying and evolving your previous learnings, while at the same time, gifting you new ways of stripping off the layers keeping you from experiencing the magnificence of the love within.

I can’t clear my mind. How will this meditation help?

You don’t need to be able to clear your mind to meditate. In fact, trying to clear your mind is counter-productive to experiencing an easeful meditation practice. Why? Because the more you focus on the mind – as most people are taught – the more hold the mind has over you. And as a result, the more thoughts you have. You become aligned with your mind, when the truth is, your mind was never designed to be still.

Stillness is found when we move our focus to our heart. If you haven’t read my blog ‘The Intuitive power of the heart’ please do. It explains, that it’s the heart where we find inner stillness, clarity and insight. Looking to the mind for answers, is like asking a snail to drive your car! You’ll never get to where you want to go. This is where most people come unstuck in meditation. They’re trying to use their mind for a task it doesn’t know how to do. Let the heart take over, and meditation becomes an easy, joyful experience.

And the best bit is, that by continuing to practise, you’ll feel better and better, and your life will begin to transform into the kind of life we see in love stories! So whether you’re completely new to meditation or have found meditation too hard or frustrating in the past, know that you CAN meditate. We ALL can. You simply need to learn to meditate in a way that’s loving. And that is the central focus of the Self-Love Meditation. A practice that is kind, gentle and easy to weave into your life, so you can experience the self-love that every single one of us deserve.

My body hurts when I sit in meditation. Will this practice be the same?

No, no, no!!! Where we place our focus in meditation matters. But where we place our body also matters! I don’t believe anything should be hard work or tedious or painful, and that includes your meditation posture. You don’t need to sit in a traditional meditation seat – upright cross-legged, maybe a lotus position – to have a successful meditation practice.

Most bodies these days have been conditioned against being able to sit in such a position without feeling discomfort or pain. This discomfort only steals you away from experiencing a yummy practice. That’s why I’ve created a Meditation Postures Manual PDF offering you 5 different meditation postures to explore. Each posture offers additional benefits, such as:

  • Accomodating bodies that can’t sit for long periods of time
  • Helping keep you awake if you have a tendency to fall asleep when you meditate
  • Releasing aches and pains (accumulated tension) as you meditate
  • Placing the body into a deep state of rest and healing
  • Supporting a pregnant or postpartum body
  • Gently opening the chest area so you can be more available to receiving love.

I believe a meditation posture should feel like a nest upon which you can actively rest your mind, so you can experience the love within. Anything less than this, and in my opinion, you’re being short-changed. We need to come into a meditation posture that feels yummy in our unique body, so we need to shift our focus to our heart. That is where you’ll feel the most comfortable in coming home to yourself.

How long do I need to practise?

20-minutes a day. This will build a solid foundation so you feel connected to the practice and how it works. Once you develop this daily practice, you’ll be able to take this practice into every day life, and use it to get centred and grounded in just a minute or two. It will become the tool you use to help ease the nerves before a big presentation, get rid of anxiety that pops up, helps you get clear on decisions you need to make, and ensures you are coming from a loving space when relating with yourself and others. And inviting that practice into your life doesn’t take extra time. You do it as you do life, so you end up saving time!

That said… if a 20-minute practice seems too much of a stretch right now, and stops you from practising, then where’s the magic in that? Hence, I’ve included a 5-minute version of the meditation as well. If 5-minutes a day seems more doable, start there. For the benefits come from practising, right? So if 5-minutes gets you started, enjoy that shorter practice, and who knows, after some time, you might just find yourself enticed to sneak in a longer practice too! We start where we need to start, for that is the practice of self-love.

But I don’t have time to meditate. 

This is the most common problem people face in today’s busy world! I could say, ‘If Oprah has time to meditate, then we can all find time to meditate.’ But the truth is, the reason we don’t meditate, is because for whatever reason – due to a lot of childhood conditioning – we are resisting making friends with ourself. For that is what meditation helps us do; it’s a tool we use to make friends with ourself.

But if we don’t feel worthy or deserving of love, if we fear what we might find if we sit with ourself, if we don’t value ourself, then we won’t value meditation, and that is why we don’t make time for meditation. It’s not that we don’t have time for meditation. It’s that, at an unconscious level, we are choosing not to meditate, and using ‘time’ as the excuse. I go into more detail on this in my blog: I don’t have time to meditate. And we unhook this problem in the dedicated audio lesson I’ve created within the course.

So if time was no longer an issue, and you were given clear and fun, easy instruction on how to cultivate a delicious meditation practice that you LOVED to do, then the rewards of meditation would be available to you, yeah? My advice is, if you’re feeling an inner ‘YES’ to this course, then trust that and join! That inner feeling we have before our fear-based ego kicks in (telling us all the reasons why we shouldn’t do something), is the way our heart communicates to you, as you will learn inside the course.

Come Home to Self-Love Today and Everyday.

Pay just AU$97 when you join today (or two monthly payments of $50)!

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We get told we need all these different tools for all these different problems in our life. The truth is, the only problem we have, is that we’ve disconnected from ourself, and that is the cause of all the other problems we perceive in our life. That’s why this one tool I share with you in the Self-Love Meditation Course is so powerful. It helps you reconnect to yourself. And because of that, it can be used in any situation to help you come back to centre, seek guidance from within, and get on with loving your AWESOME life!! So if you’re ready to learn my signature tool for life, then I can’t wait to share it with you.

PLEASE NOTE: The Way of Self-Love, while a beautiful program to help people heal from a severe mental health issue, is not a replacement for one-on-one therapy, and should not be treated as such. If you want help moving through those kind of issues – such as overcoming severe and suicidal depression – I suggest working with me as part of the One-on-One Intensive, which is designed specifically for that purpose.

The Not-So-Fine-Print: The Way of Self-Love is a non-refundable investment. Know that when you embark on this journey into Self-Love ‘commitment’ is the number one tool to living happily right NOW!