The intuitive power of the heart

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Have you ever played Chinese whispers?

One person whispers a message into the next person’s ear, then they do the same to the next person, and so forth, until the message finally gets around the circle and the last person announces the message they received.

Isn’t it amazing how quickly that initial message loses it’s meaning and becomes something entirely different!

This is what happens to us on a daily basis.

Here’s how…

Science has now found that it is the heart’s voice we want to be following, not the chatter of the mind.


Because the power of the heart is beyond belief.

The immense power of the heart is due to the heart having a brain of its own!

Yes really!.

The heart’s brain is actually 100 times electrically stronger than the brain in our head, and up to 5000 times stronger magnetically.

The heart brain is so powerful is knows things are going to happen before they even happen!

Scientists at the HeartMath Institute in America carried out this really interesting experiment to show the power of the heart.

Participants were connected to sensors to measure their brain waves and heartbeats.

Then they were exposed to randomly selected images – some were high arousal, like the mangled face of a car crash victim or a snake with huge fangs, and others images were calming pictures like a cute bunny rabbit, butterflies or beautiful nature scenes.

What the data showed was that the heart seemed to know the nature of the image before they physically saw it with their eyes.

So if the image was to be one of the highly arousing photos, the heart rate started to increase around 5 seconds before the image was selected.

These results have been replicated all over the world showing that the heart knows things that are going to happen, before we could logically know they are going to happen.

That is the power of the heart!

Pretty groovy hey!!

So why is this important anyway?

Because most people have lost the innate ability to listen to the guidance of the heart, and are instead letting their mind guide them in everything they do.

This is a HUGE problem because the head brain – the mind chatter, and thinking, logical, rational mind – is convoluting the messages from the heart.

Let me explain…

Our heart sends a signal to the brain, which then sends a signal to the body.

That is the order of any bodily reaction.

Problem is, our brain puts those messages through our ‘gunk’ filter.

What I mean by that, is all the negative childhood conditioning we took on as a child, taints the message when it gets the brain.

What are we left with?

The residue.

The gunk.

An error filled message.

The message from your heart may have started out like ‘Tamra, it’s time to change careers.’

Fairly straight forward message, but if I had some subconscious gunk that made me feel like I wasn’t good enough for the career I was being guided to by my heart, my mind would take that initial message from the heart, twist it about, stamp on it, through some head-gunk on it, and give me this message instead: ‘Tamra, you better stay in that career you’re in because you’re not good enough to do anything else.’

And so I listen to my head voice and stay in the shitty career.


Because I listened to my head instead of my heart.

I got my messages from the end of the line, instead of going to the source.

Yet if I’d cut out the middleman and gone straight to my heart for the answers, I would have acted very differently, and most likely been enjoying the career I was meant to do, that would bring me much more joy.

See how it works!

Imagine you write a letter and then give it to your secretary to type up and send.

Now your secretary is a bit scrambled, gets easily distracted, and makes errors frequently, resulting in the initial message losing it’s true meaning – hence the person receiving the letter gets something completely out of context.

This is what happens to our body when we let our mind get involved.

Our mind is the not so capable secretary.

So we start getting sent messages to feel overwhelmed, instead of at peace.

We get delivered messages to do things that go against our highest good.

We are led down a path of struggle, pain, disappointment and it doesn’t feel good.

Not one bit!

Yet we can learn how to cut out the middleman and get the messages straight from the heart.

For the heart has all the answers you need to live a healthy, happy, abundant and peaceful life where everyday flows, and you feel a deep sense of inner joy.

That is the power of the heart.

And that is what I teach in my Remarkable Relationships 3-month course; how to listen to your heart.

How to tap into the power of the heart.

How to get the pure messages that will allow you to live the life you always dreamed of, but always seemed that little bit (or a lot) out of reach.

How to see what decisions need to be made in the NOW, so you can enjoy a happy and fulfilling FUTURE NOW.

There is no substitute for living a life of full of daily miracles.

Full of peace.

Full of beauty.

Full of abundance.

The only way you are going to living a brilliant life is to listen to the right guide, and that guide is your heart.

You mind will only lead you astray.

So if you’re ready to start listening to your heart – it was designed to be you inner GPS after all – then I look forward to sharing the tools with you soon.

Remarkable Relationships runs once per year and places are limited, so please enroll soon, if you’re ready to start living happily right NOW!

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