Remarkable Relationships

Become your own healer with this comprehensive 3-month journey into self-love.

‘If the Remarkable Relationships program was placed in a pill and labeled anti-depressant, Tamra would be the wealthiest woman on the Planet. This program not only gave me the tools to get my life back on track it possibly saved it!!’
– Andrew Broomhall, Tasmania.

If your life isn’t as sweet as it could be – if life is filled with struggle, fear or pain – then I’d like to offer you the antidote: Self-love. Why self-love? Because when a person accepts, respects and loves themselves, they have the confidence and belief in themself to take the necessary actions to completely heal their life. Not only that, feeling good triggers off chemicals in the body that facilitate healing!

Of course learning how to love yourself when you have thoughts flying round your head like ’I’m not good enough’, ‘Nobody will ever love me’ and ‘I’m such a failure’ isn’t the easiest feat. That is what the Remarkable Relationships 3-month online program is for; to help you develop your relationship with you, so you can have a healthy relationship with all the other areas of your life (your emotions, health, career, finances, relationships with others and you spirituality). In this comprehensive course in self-love, you will learn how to:

  • Get off the comparison merry-go-round and stop worrying about what other’s think of you
  • Banish overwhelm, anxiety, stress and depression
  • Heal your body of current and future ailments
  • Say goodbye to addictions and negative behaviours
  • Resolve problems and challenges quickly and easily
  • Be confident in knowing what’s best for you in all life decisions
  • Enjoy self-respect and self-acceptance
  • Have access to your own inner therapist and healer!

Life doesn’t always give us peaches. Sometimes we end up with a whole lot of lemons. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make lemon-aid, right? You just need the recipe; the formula. That is what I share in the Remarkable Relationships course; I teach you the 5-step formula for self-love. And it is this formula that will enable you to become your very own healer!

Now I know dedicating 3-months of your time to part time study is a big commitment, so let me give you a taste of what this course will give you. Grab a cuppa tea, turn off your phone, sit down with a pen and paper and press play on this FREE 18-minute Love Your Life training audio.

The only thing separating you from the person who has everything you want, is your beliefs. Change your beliefs and you change your life. So are you ready to start changing your beliefs? Do you want to learn how to change your beliefs? Then I’m so glad you’re here, because that is exactly what I’ll be teaching you in the Remarkable Relationships course.

I’ve taken people of all ages and from all over the world through this course, all achieving miraculous results in our three months together. I’ve had people lose more than 20kilos and thus meet their weight loss goals, others have gone on to triple their income and create financial freedom, while many people have used this formula to overcome depression and anxiety and foster deep self-love.

If you’ve read my memoir ‘The Upside of Down: A personal story and toolkit for overcoming depression’ you’ll know that I too experienced suicidal depression and was almost admitted to a mental home. What cured me? My determination to develop a formula that could help not only me, but other people become depression and pill-free.

Hence, the Remarkable Relationships course was born, teaching others the self-healing techniques I developed through years of research and experimentation and personal inquiry. What surprised me most however, was that this formula that could rid people of mental illnesses, could be used to help people heal ANY struggle in their life.

Jessica and I worked together one-on-one and then she completed the Remarkable Relationships course, where she used the skills learnt in the course to heal her cervix naturally, after originally being told she needed to have it removed due to pre-cancerous cells.

To read more testimonials, click here.

Ok, so there are two ways you can take part in the Remarkable Relationships Course. You can enrol in the Essentials Package – it’s called ‘Essential’ because I believe the skills and practices in this course are essential to living a full, healthy and prosperous life – or there is the Immersion Package which comes with one-on-one support. Let’s take a peek at exactly what’s included in both packages, when you sign up for Remarkable Relationships

The Essentials Package includes…

  • Nine audio lessons with me (approx. 1hr each)
  • PDF transcripts of the lessons
  • Comprehensive weekly educational playsheets and emails
  • Eight meditations/visualisation to complement the audio lessons
  • Three Love Infusions (energy healing sessions)
  • Weekly inspirational desktop images for your computer
  • Regular inspirational blogs and videos
  • Option to join the loving and supportive Facebook group community
  • Bonus audio lessons to help you go deeper into the core teachings (I am always adding more content so you can continue your growth journey for many years to come)
  • Lifetime access to the course, and any new content added.

EXTRA BONUS: The Self-Love Meditation Course.

The Immersion Package includes…

  • All of the above… plus…
  • Three 1-hour one-on-one sessions with *myself or your chosen therapist
  • Three months of unlimited email support with me (Emails are checked twice weekly, but you can email as much as you like!)

*Please note: If you want me as your therapist to guide you through the course, please book early, as I only have limited places. Currently there are two places left for the course starting March 1.

Which package you choose depends on what you feel you need. If you’re someone who rarely finishes a course, or has a deep-seated issue you’ve been struggling to overcome, then the Immersion Package would be a better option, so myself or one of my therapists can help you move through the blocks and challenges that might get in the way of your growth.

On the other hand, if you’re someone who can hold yourself accountable, and loves to study solo, then the Essentials Package will be a perfect fit. But whichever Package you choose, know that the content in this course is filled with super high-vibe energy that will lift you, transform you, change your way of seeing and being in this world, and invite you into completely brand new relationship with yourself and your life.


$1,199.00Select options

The Essentials Package is $1199  upfront or 4 monthly payments of $300.
The Immersion Package is $2690 upfront or 9 monthly payments of $300.
All prices are in Australian dollars.

Every single one of us is in relationships. We’re in relationship with our body, we’re in relationship with our health and our emotions, we’re in relationship with our finances and our career, we’re also in relationship with our family, our colleagues and perhaps a lover. But most importantly we’re in relationship with ourself. And the health and happiness of our relationship with ourself dictates the health and happiness of our relationship with all those other areas.

Our relationship with ourself really is the central axis upon which everything else in our life spins. Without a solid foundation a house cannot be built, and so it is with our relationship with self. When we invest time and energy into building that solid foundation of self-love, we can then build a brilliant life for ourself.

The most important relationship you will ever have, is the relationship you have with yourself.

 You’ll know your inner foundations need re-stumping if you’re experiencing emotional or physical breakdown, illness, financial turmoil, debt, relationship chaos with others, or any other life-crushing obstacle. You cannot build a thriving life upon rocky foundations or eventually it will start to crumble. The answer? To spend time and energy on your relationship with you, so you fall in love with your life!

What will I gain from investing in my relationship with me?

More than I can share on this page. Seriously! But in a nutshell, a person with a healthy relationship with self is happy, healthy, inspired, loves unconditionally and is hugely abundant in all areas of their life. They dance their way through life – as opposed to needing to lift heavy weights in order to achieve – experiencing pleasure, ease and massive LOVE and joy.

A person with a healthy relationship with self knows their purpose in life and they live it daily. They connect easily with themselves and others and inspire everyone they meet. They understand that living from a place of love, is the most enjoyable way to live life. Love is a way of life for them. And this is possible because they have a solid connection to their True Self.

Helena, a mother and yoga instructor in Canada, completed this program in 2017. In this video she shares how her experience of life has completely transformed since completing Remarkable Relationships.

Tuning into your inner source of wisdom

Aristotle once said: ’Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.’ It is only our fears and our programming that stop us connecting with this wise inner mentor that is available 24/7 to guide us through life with the most ease and heart-felt joy. In this course I teach you how to re-connect with your inner voice (or your True Self as I like to call it), so you can call upon this wisdom in all that you do.

Of course, learning how to listen more closely to our True Self involves moving away from our head full of fear-driven thoughts, and reconnecting with our heart. Scientists have now found that the heart has a brain of its own, which is far superior to the brain in our head. This is because when we listen to our head-brain, we’re receiving guidance based on our limiting beliefs. When we listen to our heart-brain, we’re receiving guidance from our True Self; the self that sees beyond any perceived limitations.

Our heart was always designed to be our internal GPS, it’s just that society has taught us to operate against our innate nature. When you listen to your heart, your purpose becomes bigger than your fears and you feel whole and complete just as you are.

When you’re being internally guided from this place of love you have an inner knowing that allows you to bypass tons of frustration, caused by investing time in things and people that only lead you away from your purpose in life. As you make the journey from your head to your heart you will no longer seek permission or recognition from others, as you will have the self-confidence and self-belief to follow your own inner guidance.

Want to get into the nitty gritty of what you’ll be learning? No probs. Here’s a summary of the lesson structure and what you’ll explore each week with me.

Week-by-week rundown

Week 1 NAKED CLARITYYou’ll get clear on what you’d like to achieve in this course and be shown how to set an inspiring present-timed goal or intention. I will then introduce you to the 5-step Self-Love Formula we’ll be working with to create your goal over the duration of the course. Finally, you will learn why excuses and reasons are one of the biggest disablers in achieving your goals in life, and how to take responsibility for ALL your results.

Week 2 NAKED SELFYou’ll learn the role your subconscious mind plays in creating your physical reality and why it’s the key to changing negative patterns and behaviours in your life. You’ll explore limiting beliefs; what they are and how they have been stopping you achieving the results you want in life. With this understanding I will teach you a simple yet highly effective technique that will instantly pull you out of any negative emotion, be it anxiety, stress, depression, overwhelm or so forth. We will then use that technique to access our heart-brain so you have a direct line to your intuition, or as I like to call it, your True Self.

Week 3 NAKED CONNECTIONUsing the tools learnt so far you will learn how to strengthen your connection to your True Self so you can gain inner wisdom and guidance for all areas of your life. You will be able to use this technique to overcome challenges and obstacles, and check-in to ensure you make the decisions that will get you the results you desire in life. You will learn how to move from a place of fear to a place of love, and how to become aware of opportunities you were previously unconscious of.

Week 4 NAKED BELIEFSThis entire sessions is spent on learning one of the most valuable skills you will ever learn: How to remove limiting beliefs so you can clear the way for all the good things you want in your life. Once you have this skill, designing a life you love, becomes simple, because you’ll be able to identify your limitations and clear them, so that no matter what your goals are in life, you can move forward with ease and a deep confidence in your abilities.

You’ll learn how to instantly overcome challenges and obstacles and use them as opportunities for insight and growth.

Week 5 NAKED CORENow you have the ability to remove your personal barriers, I’ll take you on a guided tour of the limiting beliefs that cause us the most pain and how to eliminate those from your subconscious mind. The beliefs include doozies such as ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I’m not worthy’ and ‘I’m a failure’. Imagine how differently you would live life if these thoughts no longer took up space in your mind. You’ll also learn the importance of self-belief and what’s needed to have pure self-belief. For what we believe we can create.

Week 6 NAKED LOVEThis week is spent learning how to fall in love with your most fabulous self. We’ll get to explore why having a nourishing relationship with self is key to enjoying a happy and fulfilling life and go through specific exercises to help you embody deep self-love. This is a really FUN week and one of my favourites!!

Week 7 NAKED INSPIRATIONOur environment – who we spend time with – has a huge impact on our happiness and the results we create. We’ll look at how healthy your current environment is and how to ensure the people you’re spending time with aren’t keeping your goal from blossoming forth, as well as looking at how to expand your current environment so you’re surrounded by inspiring figures who help keep you in a joyful state.

Week 8 NAKED SURRENDERThis is where we learn the art of surrendering from our goal and letting go of attachment to needing to have life look a certain way. If there’s one thing that will bring all your good work undone, it’s attaching to needing something in particular in your life. You should never need anything to be happy. And I will walk you through that process, so you’re able to live happily right now, no matter how close or far you are from your current goals.

After the week 8 training you’ll have a four-week break from the weekly lessons to give you time to cement in your skills – and really embody the content in the course – before learning how to heal yourself in week 9.

Week 9 NAKED WEALTHI’ll teach you how to heal your own body parts from current or future ailments, as ailments manifest in the energy body before we see them in the physical body, hence the power of this techniques; heal it before it becomes a problem! When we have a thought it triggers a chemical response in the body. If that thought it positive it will guide the body to be healthy, if that thought it negative it will guide the body to be sick. Once you know how to access those initial thoughts and resolve the negative ones, the body returns to pure health. Want to learn more about ‘pain’? Click here to take a peek at this blog…

‘What started as a course to help repair a relationship has turned into a journey of self discovery and personal growth of which I could not have imagined 6 months ago. My finances have turned around, I’ve lost over 10 kilos of excess weight, a result of giving up certain foods including alcohol, (five months without a drink YAY), and starting a light training regime.

I’ve rediscovered the passion in my vocation and I’m focused on working out what truly brings me happiness in this life. Remarkable Relationships continues to teach me to look inward for true love and that by doing so all the joy and beauty this world/universe has to offer will be there.’
– Mark McGurgan, Musician, Melbourne.

Yep even your finances improve when you have self-love and self-worth. How? Finances are intimately linked to your self-love and self-worth because if you feel worthy of a great life and you value yourself and all you have to offer, other people will too! When others value you as much as you value yourself, then you will be paid what you believe you’re worth.

This is why self-worth is such a critical part of living well; you will feel better within yourself, but you will also have financial freedom. That said, if finances are a hassle for you right now, don’t worry, I do have payment plans, so you can still take part in the course and get your money worries sorted at the same time.

Your ‘happily right NOW’ is just one mouse click away!


$1,199.00Select options

The Essentials Package is $1199 upfront or 4 monthly payments of $300.
The Immersion Package is $2690 upfront or 9 monthly payments of $300.*
All prices are in Australian dollars.

*Only two spots left to work with me (Tamra) in the Immersion Package.

Is Remarkable Relationships really worth it? Let me answer that for you here… Or feel free to take a peek at what other’s have said after completing the course by clicking here. Got questions? No probs. Check out the most Frequently Asked Questions about the course here.

No matter where you are in life, you will be thrown challenges from time to time – we live in an evolving world where change is inevitable. That’s why I prefer to teach YOU how to work through the ups and downs instead of you having you rely on a therapist long-term. Once you have these skills I share in the Remarkable Relationships course then no hurdle is too high.

Once you can tune into your core self, you will be able to gain insights that will help you move through past traumas, experiences and events, which have shaped who you are today. You’ll also have greater clarity on who you are, where you’re heading and how to get there.

Who is this course for?

Anyone who is not 100% head over heels in love with their life!! If there is one or more areas of you life that isn’t as you’d ideally like – if you don’t feel like you’re living your own unique love story that nourishes and fulfils you – then this course can help you heal those areas that are causing you pain, so you can not only live, but so you can thrive!

Do you find yourself asking others for help, advice or wise counsel? Do you go to a therapist to heal your emotional wounds, a doctor to heal your physical wounds, a financial adviser to heal your money wounds, a relationship counsellor to heal your relationship wounds? Do you constantly look outside of yourself for answers? Do you feel like your challenges and obstacles are beyond your own control?

If so, then let’s journey together for 3-months, and let me teach you how you can become your very own healer so you can really step into your power. We all have the ability to heal our own life. To heal our physical ailments as much as our emotional beat-up, to heal our financial woes as much as that life challenge that just won’t budge. And once you know how to heal your own life, you no longer need to look to gurus, psychics, specialists, advisers or people of authority, to heal the issues as they arise.

You become your own authority on all matters to do with YOU.

Would you like to have access to all the answers to life’s obstacles? Would you like to have the tools to heal that cranky mood, that relationship bust-up, that physical ailment, as it surfaces? So you don’t have to spend the next 5, 10 or 30 years battling with the same sh*tty circumstances? If so, then I invite you to take up one of the 6 positions available to study with me.

COURSE STARTS March 1 2021.

$1,199.00Select options

The Essentials Package is $1199 upfront or 4 monthly payments of $300.
The Immersion Package is $2690 upfront or 9 monthly payments of $300.*
All prices are in Australian dollars.

*Only two spots left to work with me (Tamra) in the Immersion Package.

Michaela from New Zealand discovered for herself the magic of developing self-love. It was through the Self-Love formula that I teach in the Remarkable Relationships course that she was able to not only develop her relationship with herself, but attract in a gorgeous romantic relationship.

Genuinely happy and successful people aren’t just ‘lucky’. These people have learnt how to short-circuit the negative programming so they can experience a life full of happiness, fun, health and abundance. Every person has the ability to be happy, to experience love and enjoy life. They just need to be shown the way. And that is what I’ll be sharing with you in this comprehensive program.

I’ll take you on a guided journey into your subconscious; bringing to your awareness what programming is keeping you stuck, before helping you unplug it at it’s source. So are your ready? Ready for change? For thats what life’s about, right? Embracing change so we can experience growth. If so, then I look forward to getting to know you better and teaching you the tools that I have dedicated my life to sharing with others, so they too can enjoy a healthy, happy and more pleasurable life.

Love yourself like you’re no longer waiting for someone else to.

Hearts and kisses,



Tamra Mercieca

Relationship & Self-Love Therapist, Inspirational Author and founder of Getting Naked and Yoga for the Vagina.

P.S. Still got questions? Check out the FAQs here, or drop me a line via email at

P.P.S. Close your eyes for one full minute and imagine yourself six months from today achieving all your dreams and goals. That’s what will happen when you enroll in Remarkable Relationships. Life will become a colourful playground of happiness and love.

P.P.P.S. Still not sure if this is you? Then read more here.

The Not-So-Fine-Print: The Remarkable Relationships course is a non-refundable investment. Know that when you embark on this journey into Self-Love ‘commitment’ is the number one tool to living happily right NOW!