Journalling vs. Tuning In: What’s the difference?

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Journalling is a beautiful, and ridiculously cheap way of processing challenges and traumas and simply making sense of life.

I consider journalling like emptying out the mind-trash that drains our energy, keeps us in an anxious state and stops us from being able to sleep at night.

Because that’s essentially what it is.

You get a pen and blank journal and you write.

And then write some more.

You don’t need to focus on writing about anything specific, or you can journal on a specific topic; that’s totally up to you.

But what you’re doing in journalling, is clearing away some of the debris keeping you from seeing the solutions, lessons and insights you most need to enact positive change and healing in your life.

That’s why many studies have linked journalling to a whole raft of benefits.

Research out of New Zealand even found that journalling can help wounds heal faster!

So what’s not to love about journalling, right?

If you continue to journal, if you dig and dig and dig – if you allow yourself to riff on things – you’ll eventually become aware of the truth you’ve not been telling yourself.

You shine light on everything that has been hidden from you.

So you can finally realise the lies and blocks and beliefs that are creating the struggle.

And in doing so, arrive at a new perspective.

Yes, when you journal, you get to dump your mind-trash onto the paper, and in doing so, clear some of the debris, so you can start to become more connected to your inner wisdom.

So you can reach clarity and awareness.

Now, here’s the thing…

Journalling is great if this is the only tool you have.

And this is a tool I recommend to people in many of my smaller courses.

Because it’s a great tool.

But you don’t need to travel through the gunky stuff.

You don’t need to spend a whole heap of time writing, and journalling your problems out onto the page.

You can actually go straight to the good stuff.

Yes, you can tap straight into that inner wisdom without needing to go through that initial – and often timely – mind-dumping exercise first.

This is what I call ‘tuning in’.

You tune straight into the inner wisdom itself.

You bypass the negative mind chatter, and in doing so, arrive at the truth.

Your truth.

Now please be assured this is not avoiding your problems or what is often referred to as ‘spiritual bypassing’.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

When you access your inner wisdom – your truth – this in itself, is healing.

In that moment of learning the truth, you dissolve the negative mind stuff, the conditioning and the trauma.

You heal it.

Yes, this is how healing happens.

Sure, you can go the long route.

That’s always an option.

It’s like driving to work…

You always drive the same way, and maybe it takes 20-minutes.

Then one day someone shows you a shortcut and it only takes 10-minutes.

Which do you choose?

The short route, right?

The most direct route.

The route that has a whole lot less traffic jams, which means you arrive at work feeling calmer and more at ease.

This is what tuning in is.

It’s a process that allows you to go straight to your destination, without the headaches and distractions.

It allows you instant access to your inner voice of wisdom.

It gives you immediate truth.

And like I said, the truth is what initiates healing.

What I love about tuning in as opposed to journalling, is that it’s far more efficient.

There is this beautiful book called The Artists Way by Julia Cameron.

And in it, the author encourages people to start their day with what she calls The Morning Pages; three pages of longhand writing.

This writing is not to be used for anything much, aside from expelling ‘all that angry, petty, whiny stuff’ that ‘eddies though our subconscious and muddies our days’.

From there, you have a cleaner slate to start being able to access some of the good stuff inside of you.

Now this is an awesome practice for someone who doesn’t know how to tune in, as it offers anyone a way to initiate the process of getting to know themselves.

But my question is…

Why would you spend all that time writing three whole pages, only to just start to warm up to your True Self, when you could go just start tuning into the good stuff?

Right away.

We have so many things to do in our life, do we need to be taking all that time journalling our mind trash out, when we could simply dissolve it in minutes, often seconds, by having an established line to that inner wisdom?

And do I need to do my journalling for lengthy amounts of time, every time I need to make a clear decision?

Most people don’t have time for that.

I know I don’t!

What I do have time for, is taking a quick second or two to connect with my inner guidance system, and receive the exact answer I need to get the exact results I want.

Every time.


What is this inner wisdom – this truth – I speak of?

We were all born with an inner intelligence that far exceeds the intelligence of our brain.

I talk in depth about this intelligence in my blog The Intuitive Power of the Heart.

But in a nutshell, this inner intelligence is the truth of who we are and it’s designed to guide us through life – much like an inner GPS – helping us enjoy a smooth, easeful, productive, fulfilling and totally awesome life.

The problem is, as a child we start being taught things about ourself which simply aren’t true.

You might doubt yourself or your abilities, you may feel less than or limited in some way.

This is your conditioning.

And it’s this conditioning that blocks out our ability to gain access to our inner wisdom so we can see the truth.

The truth of how magnificent we are, and the path we need to take to live the life we want to live.

The more conditioning we take on, the more we stop listening to our inner wisdom and as a result, life starts to come unstuck.

Money issues, health issues, relationship issues, emotional instability…

Before we know it our life has become a chore, a struggle, a fight for survival.

But life isn’t meant to be this way.

It’s meant to be a beautiful platform for learning and growth and expansion and most importantly, love.

And the way to experience all that, is to regain your connection with your inner guidance system – your True Self as I like to call it – so you can be internally guided.

This is what I teach in the Remarkable Relationships course.

You learn how to rise above your childhood conditioning, in that very moment, so you can uncover the truth of who you are.

So you can feel internally guided in all that you do.

So you can experience more peace, more joy, more happiness and more purpose.

Just imagine how different life would be if you knew the exact decisions and actions you needed to take to get the exact results you wanted in life…

Go on…. think about that for a moment…

What if you could tap into something bigger than yourself, and be guided to fulfil all your dreams, easily and effortlessly?

That is what is available to you when you’re willing to learn the simple art of tuning in.

If you’re ready to go deep into the tuning in practice I’ve been teaching people worldwide for the past 10 years, I can’t wait to share these essential, and totally transformational life skills with you.

This is where you learn how to gain an instant connection to your truth.

No fluff.

No warming up to your True Self.

Just an instant connection, so you can get the clear insights you need to live a healthy happy life.

Remarkable Relationships starts Monday March 1, with enrolment closing Monday Feb 22nd.

I wouldn’t wait.

This is your chance to learn how to tune into the very essence of life itself, so you can have more, be more and experience more.

Tuning in can be likened to taking a voyage to the interior.

It unlocks the door to your inner wise person.

This is my gift to those who are ready.

Are you?

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