Self-Love Expansion Session

Ready to take the next step on your self-love journey? Ready to experience more clarity, more awareness and more insight into what you need to shift, unravel or release?
Ready to love yourself that little bit more? To align more deeply with who you truely are and what you are here to be, experience and expand into?
Ready to shift into a brand new way of experiencing yourself and your life?

If your answer is yes (to all or any of the above), then I invite you to join me for a Self-Love Expansion Session, so we can get clear on the biggest obstacle you’re facing right now – what limiting belief is tripping you up – so we can can clear it out of your system. Why are limiting beliefs the main focus in these sessions? Let me share a Zen parable to explain…

Once upon a time a young man was travelling along his way, when he came across an elephant camp. He was surprised to see that these huge, magnificent creatures, were held only by very thin rope and a small stake in the ground.

Curious, he asked, the elephant keeper: ‘Why are these giants held by these tiny ropes? Surely they could easily break free if they wanted to? The keeper replied: ‘When these elephants were just babies we used the same size rope to tie them. Back then they couldn’t break free, so they stopped trying’.

‘But they could break free now!’ the young man observed.

‘Yes they could,’ replied the keeper,’ but they don’t believe they can, because they couldn’t when they were smaller. You see, they become conditioned by their earlier experiences, so they never try to break free. They believe it’s impossible.’

Moral of the story? No matter how much the world try to holds us back, we can always break free and achieve what we wish to achieve. We can always learn how to love ourselves, even the parts of ourself that we have learnt to dislike (or even hate). We simply need to change what we believe. For when we change what we believe, then our life changes, instantly. Like in the case with the elephants. If they believed they could break free, then they could, immediately!

It’s my intention with these 90-minute sessions, to shine light on your most problematic belief right now, so you can release it, and be free to live more authentically.

We cannot keep a limiting belief when we are aware of the truth.

We all have beliefs that don’t serve us. Beliefs that are limiting us in some way and negatively effecting all corners of our life. In a Self-Love Expansion Session, we identify a core belief that’s been creating challenges or obstacles in your life, then we dig it up at it’s root and clear it out, so it’s no longer there.

Imagine for a moment if you suddenly had a total and whole belief that you ARE good enough. Or that you ARE loveable. Or that you ARE worthy of the life you wish you lead. Or that you ARE supported and safe and whole, just the way you are. Shifting just one of these beliefs, has a ripple effect on your WHOLE life.

When we change just one belief, we act and behave differently. We make more aligned decisions. We feel better about ourself, and about our life. And we’re less available to the negative mind-chatter that our ego spews up at us, because we know that beliefs are just beliefs. They’re not real.

‘The journey that we took was enlightening and every session was like being reborn again. If I could have one wish today, it would be for everyone to have a ‘Tamra’ in their lives.
Thank You.’
– Marios, Melbourne, Australia.

The aim of a 90-minute Self-Love Embodiment Session is to the get to the root of the belief that is bringing you undone in one or more ares of your life right now, dig it up, clear it out, and replace it with a belief that expands you into a more authentic version of yourself. You can expect to feel different after a session. Transformed. Lighter.

I’m regularly told by my clients, comments to the tune of: ‘You’ve helped me heal more in this one session, than I’ve healed in 10 years of therapy with my psychologist’.

How can this be? Because the techniques I’ve developed over the past 20+ years look at the ‘root’ of the deeper issue. Together we go straight to the cause, and from there, you’ll find yourself able to connect and embody a deeper, truer version of yourself, that feels more aligned, more whole, and more loved.

What will expanding into self-love give me?

Simple! More self-love. But what does that look and feel like? Have a listen to my podcast episode What is TRUE self-love? as it goes into detail on how self-love is able to help us feel more whole, more abundant to life’s offerings, more capable of easefully moving through challenges, and deeper and more meaningful relationships.

As you’ll hear, the more we learn how to cultivate self-love, the more happiness and health we experience, and more fulfilling and vibrant life is for us. If you want to truely live, then self-love is the shortest, most direct, and delicious pathway there.

What does it mean to expand into self-love?

It means to break free of the limitations, the challenges, the obstacles, the blockages that are keeping you living in mediocrity – that are keeping you from experiencing the dreams and wants you have for yourself – so you can experience a more fulfilling, happy and abundant life for yourself, where you get to live out your most heart-felt desires.

In this way, when we have a Self-Love Expansion Session, we’re looking at a specific idea or blockage that is holding you back and clearing it at the root cause, so that you can experience yourself in a more aligned way. So you get closer to who you truely are at your core, so that you can live more authentically. That is the purpose of a Self-love Expansion Session; to help shift you into a new experience with yourself, where you get to experience a life of your choosing.

Who is this 90-minute session for?

Anyone who wishes to up-level into a new relationship with themselves; to love themselves more, through unhinging a belief that is holding them back in some area of their life. If you’re finding life tricky or challenging or mundane or just… NOT what you want it to be right now… If there is a specific issue you’re finding it difficult to resolve or simply want to know you’re free, safe or good enough… the Self-Love Expansion Session is for you!

Please note: These 90-minute sessions are only for people who have NOT previously completed my One-on-One Intensive or my Remarkable Relationships course. If you’ve completed either of these programs, you have already deepened into self-love in a tremendous way and have a great capacity for quick, long-lasting change, therefore a 75-minute Self-Love Embodiment Session is for you, which can be booked here. Self-Love Embodiment Sessions are ONLY available to previous One-on-One Intensive and Remarkable Relationships clients.

What can I expect from a Self-Love Expansion Session?

Together we’ll clear on what you want to achieve during our 90-minutes together. Then we’ll identify the major limiting belief that is contributing to this challenge, and go through the process of clearing that limiting belief. If you’re fully ready and available to release what no longer serves you, then we may even have time to release two (or even three) beliefs.

Finally, I’ll set you some very specific homeplay you will begin after our session. These homeplay activities are designed to be fun and expansive, to help lock in the new healthy belief we installed in the session – so the results of your session are long-lasting – and help you to better embody your new way of seeing yourself and your life. It’s these homeplay activities that will fast-track your ability to experience the long-term results and outcomes you desire.

‘I experienced a big flare-up just minutes before one of our sessions. Despite the fact that I had seen so many incredible changes in my life since my work with Tamra began, a part of me believed that this pain issue was too big and that I was probably doomed to live a life in fear of the next flare-up. We spent the whole session diving into the limiting beliefs behind this issue, and it wasn’t easy, but I was able to get to some pretty profound learnings.

When we started that session my pain was an 8 on a scale of 1-10, but by the end it was a 2. An hour later it was 0. At first I thought maybe it was because Tamra helped me to calm down and my reduced stress-level caused my decrease in pain, but it’s been 8 months since that session, and I have not experienced even the tiniest inkling of the pain I used to experience on a daily basis.’
– Genevieve, Teacher, Monterey, California.

I’m ready…

Beautiful! You can pay for your session here ($497AU upfront or three monthly payments of $167AU), and then I’ll be in touch to schedule a time for our 90-minutes together.

$497.00Select options

What will I receive when I book in for a Self-Love Expansion Session:

  • A 90-minute Self-Love Expansion Session with Tamra (audio-only over phone or Zoom)
  • Follow up email with additional resources to support your journey forward
  • One week of email support to answer any questions that may come up following the session (I answer emails on Monday and Thursdays, but you can send as many emails as you please during this week)
  • One Love Infusion, aka Energy Healing Session
  • 10% off any of the following online programs The Way of Self-Love, Money and Me, Yoga for the Vagina and Sexual Self. *Program must be purchased within 3-months of your session.

But more than all this, you will elevate into a new relationship with yourself. From just one session with me, clients have enjoyed:

  • A boost in their overall self-confidence and self-worth
  • More abundance in their lives
  • A major shift in an area that was causing them issues
  • A far more positive mindset about themselves and what is possible for them in their life
  • Living more authentically, and in line with their deeper purpose.

So wherever you’re at on your own personal journey, you can always go deeper, feel more fully, and expand into a more alive and happy version of yourself. And that’s the thing…

When we clear beliefs, we are NOT changing who you are.
We are clearing out all the stuff that has you believing things about yourself and your life, that is not true.

Please take into consideration, these 90-minute sessions are NOT designed to heal a long-standing issue. While they will certainly start the healing process, and create significant shifts in your life and how you see yourself – expanding you into a new level of self-love – if you’re looking to completely dig up a long-standing life challenge and heal it completely so it never returns, then the One-on-One Intensive – which includes 10 sessions with me, and follows a specific framework for overcoming longterm issues – is the program you want to invest in.

Why can I not overcome a major life issue in one 90-minute session?

Because we all have thousands of beliefs about ourself and the world around us, and it’s these beliefs that have led to our current circumstances and challenges. While changing one belief creates a HUGE difference in our life – bigger than most people expect – chances are, there are more than one belief that has caused the long-standing issue you’re facing. So you need to dig up ALL the beliefs that have led to that problem, within the framework of the One-on-One Intensive.

It’s also important then when changing multiple beliefs, we take time to do it, in a gradual and well-supported way, that allows us to fully adjust to our new thinking patterns and new way of approaching life. If, for example, we were to release 10 beliefs in one day – which is totally possible – you would experience yourself as a completely changed person, and the natural ego-response to this is to self-sabotage, and engage in behaviours that re-install these old beliefs.

Hence, I want any time we spend together to be an experience that allows you to maintain the results we achieve in the session. One that, yes, will feel like a big transformation – a waking up to the truth within – but not so different to your current reality that you start to reject and resist the changes. Or feel like you can’t function because you no longer know yourself. You want the releasing of the old beliefs to feel enlightening, natural, easy, gentle and positive.

And if you’re wondering what I’m referring to when I speak of a long-term challenge, here are a few examples:

  • Depression and/or anxiety
  • Life history of money or relationship challenges
  • Chronic illness or long-standing physical pain or health concern
  • Trauma or abuse
  • Negative mind-chatter (that said, a 90-minute session WILL lessen the mind-chatter).

Now, while the Self-Love Expansion Sessions will not clear out these kinds of issues completely, so you never have an issue in those areas again (like in my One-on-One Intensive), they WILL create a shift in those areas that will ripple across your life. So regardless of what you want to heal, unravel or dig up in our session, we can go there. YOU choose the area we explore in our session, and I’ll show you the way through it.

If I have a 90-minute session with you, and then want to continue on and complete the One-on-One Intensive, can I?

Yes! If you LOVE the Self-Love Expansion Session and want to go deeper into healing a long-standing issue, then yes, if I have availability, I can start you on the One-on-One Intensive immediately. The 90-minute session would act like your first session of 10, and so you would receive a $500 credit to the cost of the One-on-One Intensive. However, in order for this to happen, you MUST have the second session with me within 2 weeks of your Self-Love Expansion session. Why?

Because the sessions in the One-on-One Intensive are strategically placed two weeks apart to ensure you have enough time to integrate the teachings of the session and complete the homeplay, without losing momentum. If it’s been more than 2 weeks since your Self-Love Expansion Session, then we would need to start the One-on-One Intensive from scratch with the full price applied, to ensure we get your specific outcome during our time together.

‘One huge limiting belief I had was that I was responsible for looking after my family and that always made me feel guilty about investing in myself. Tamra was able to shift that belief in just one conversation and for that I will always be grateful because it’s made such a huge difference in my life – I’m more relaxed and happier than I’ve ever been. Most importantly Tamra will never let you give up on yourself. She’s an amazing role model. Thanks soo much Tamra!!’
– Nadhira Razack, Life Coach, Melbourne, Australia.

If I love the first session, can I book in for a second or third Self-Love Expansion Session?

Yes, of course! You can book in for as many as you like, whenever you like (as long as I have availability). That said, if you’re feeling that these sessions are supporting you in the way you want to be supported and are ready for a massive deep dive into self-love and healing, then I would recommend looking at the One-on-One Intensive, where you get 10 sessions with me over 5 months, and includes unlimited email support, additional resources to support you on your journey and a tried and tested framework for ensuring you get the specific outcome you’re looking for.

‘Thank you so much for being such an inspiration and a good teacher, you made me WANT to believe in myself and I think that is what pushed me to keep striving for what I wanted. I still take the time every now and then to reflect on things that you taught me; about self confidence and better decision making as well as positive thinking. Even though my time with you was very short, I believe it’s all happened for a good reason, and you gave me more than enough ammunition to keep shooting through life and now I am here. So, thanks.’
– Travel agent, Melbourne, Australia.

What is your availability for a Self-Love Expansion Session?

I offer sessions via phone or zoom between 9.30am AEST (Melbourne, Australia time) and 3pm Monday – Friday. If these hours do not work for you, please email me at and let me know what times would suit before you pay for a session. That way I can let you know whether I can make something work for you.

Ok, I’m in…. what now??

Simply go here to pay for your session. You can make one upfront payment of $497AU or three monthly payments of $167AU. Then I’ll be in touch to arrange a time to go deep with you for 90-minutes and send you a few simple questions to answer before our session. When you’re booking please ensure you’ve read the Terms and Conditions of the session so you are fully aware of what is expected from both of us.

$497.00Select options

Still not sure whether the Self-Love Expansion Session is for you?

Take a moment to listen to your heart. Yes, take a deep breath in, breathe out. And ask your heart: Is this for me? The first answer that comes to you – if you were still with yourself – is what your heart wants for you. And your heart is always guiding you to the people, things, events, support and situations that will help you expand into the most authentic, at ease, fulfilled version of YOU, so you LOVE life. If you’re even a tiny bit curious, you know what to do. I look forward to helping your expand into your true awesomeness soon.


Tamra Mercieca
Self-Love Therapist, Author, Podcast Host, Women’s Pelvic Health Guide and founder of the Getting Naked Online School.