Money and Me

Cultivate a healthy relationship with money and live a love-rich life full of freedom, ease and prosperity.

Imagine what your life would be like if you felt good about money. Good about earning it, having it and spending it. Imagine how life would be if money was always there for you, always supporting you, providing you with all you needed to live the life you truly want to live, and more.

This kind of life is available to anyone, including you, if you’re willing to go on a journey with money. A journey that involves getting into a relationship with money. You know, dating money, getting to know money, having fun with money, and eventually committing to money. Committing to money so money commits to you. So money always shows up, and is a certainty in your life.

For when you’re willing to let go of all your preconceived ideas, beliefs and thoughts about what money is – when you’re willing to heal your money hurts and stories – only then can you enjoy the riches of a healthy, loving relationship with money. And in doing so, live a love-rich life where you experience choice, freedom and ease.

‘I just wanted to tell you how much Money and Me has changed my life. I was on date 4 yesterday and it blew my mind; enjoyed every second of it. I avoid taking accountability so I had to face my fears. I never ever had a relationship with money, I didn’t hate it, but I knew I wanted more money in my life but I just thought I wasn’t worth it, so I didn’t even take money seriously.

But ever since Money and Me, money flows to me from anywhere and everywhere. After date 2 with money I got paid $400 for a job I did in December that I wasn’t even expecting. Now people just love to pay me.. how awesome is that…? I run a yoga studio in my garage where I teach one-on-ones. I have been booked left right and centre and this is all from Money and Me. Thank you for sharing this with us… it really has taught me a lot about money and myself generally.’

– Nana, Botswana

The Money and Me course will take you on that journey. A journey where you’ll be invited to go on seven dates with money! Yep, you will be dating money each week, so you can learn the truth about money; what it is, how to attract it, how to care for it, and how to ensure that is sticks around for the long-haul.

To give you a taste of what it might feel like to have money flowing into your life with ease, with you feeling totally worthy of receiving that money, I invite you to listen to the Money and Me Meditation for FREE! This 15-minute meditation, when listened to regularly helps to gently rewire your conditioning around money, so you can increase your money magnetism.

In other words, it helps you think and feel differently about money. And when you think and feel positive about money, you use it differently and you attract more of it into your life. What I’m saying, is that in order to get into a healthy relationship with money – where there is always more than enough to go around – then you need to start thinking differently about money.

You can listen to the Money and Me Meditation here, as many times as you like.

Couple this meditation with the teachings and practical steps I share in the Money and Me course and you will completely transform your relationship with money. So please, take this meditation for a test run. Listen to it at least daily. See how it makes you feel. And if you’re curious to go deeper into these teachings, so you can heal your relationship with money once and for all, then I invite you to enrol in the full Money and Me program. But first…

Who is this course for?

No matter how much money you owe, have, or don’t have, earn or have in savings really is irrelevant. It’s how you feel about your financial situation that matters. Is money causing you stress? Do you feel held back or restricted by money? If so, then this course is for you. This course is for anyone who wants to live abundantly. This course is for you, if you want to feel absolute freedom and ease. 

This course is for you, if you want to rewrite your money story and turn your life into a real life love story! Because you know what? Your life, and how much joy it brings you, is totally up to you. You get to choose how delicious your life is, and Money and Me will guide you on how to create that life for yourself, in a way that is ridiculously FUN!!!

Yes, this course was created for you, if

  • Money stresses you out
  • You’re working hard and still not reaching your financial goals
  • You feel ashamed about talking about money
  • You never seem to have enough of it
  • Spending money makes you feel guilty
  • You have big debts that rain on your joy parade
  • You have anxiety around your financial situation
  • You feel stuck in a financial rut
  • You avoid looking at your bank statements
  • Financial issues keep you awake at night
  • You fight about finances with your partner
  • You don’t have access to expensive business coaches and mentors to help guide you out of your financial mess.

If you can relate to any of the above, then you’ll find all the tips, tools and teachings you need to get money on your side, so it can support you, be available to you, and flow more easily into your life, inside my new course Money and Me. For when the money’s flowing with ease, there’s less room for you to feel stressed. 

And less stress = happier, healthier life!

I know what it feels like to fear looking at your bank balance. I know what it feels like to have debt. And I know what it feels like to be so totally stressed out, not sure how you’re going to pay the rent. I also know what it’s like to be so desperate you consider stripping in a bid to pay an unexpected $20,000 blowout!

I’ve been there, and I don’t want that for you. Not anymore. As I found out, in order to move from a place of scarcity into a place of abundance, I needed to learn about money. That really was the key. So…

How does Money and Me work?

In order to have a healthy relationship with money – so that money is always there for you – you kinda need to spend time with it. You know, create the space to get to know money on a whole new wavelength. You need to be willing to explore what money ignites within you, while realising, that money is not the problem. It’s what money means to you – what you believe about it – that’s the problem. 

If you’re willing to look at how you unconsciously block out money, then you’ll start to realise you can change your money situation, really quite quickly, and crazy as it may sound, you can actually fall in love with money! And when I say ‘fall in love with money’ I mean that you can feel good about money – where money is a positive force in your life – as opposed to it filling you with fear or dread. 

So I’m not talking about unhealthy attachments to money, or money obsessions… When I refer to falling in love with money, I’m talking about having a relationship with money where you accept it for what it is – a resource – that is here to make your life easier and more joyful. Because you know what…

Money wants to be there for you! 

But for this to happen, you do need to be willing to take a radically new approach when it comes to how you treat money. You need to be willing to stop hating on money, and instead, start dating money. Yes, in Money and Me I help you get into a healthy, committed relationship with money the old-fashioned way; by dating money. You’ll date money for seven weeks, going on one delicious rendezvous at a time. This is how it looks…

  1. Go on a weekly date with money (for 7 weeks)
  2. Flirt with money between dates
  3. Witness major shifts and money miracles occurring in your life
  4. Feel the joy of being in a healthy relationship with money!

As you immerse yourself in these teachings by dating money each week, you’ll find yourself thinking about, relating to and feeling differently about money. You’ll start to realise that money isn’t the baddy you may have perceived it as before, but simply a reflection of your thoughts and feeling about it. And you’ll start to see how easy it is to take heart-felt actions that attract in money in a way that is full of love and integrity.

As you change how you feel about money, so too will money change to match your idea of it. And as this change occurs, money will want to spend more time with you more often, and become so committed to you, that you develop immense certainty around money. The type of certainly that allows money to be a constant in your life. Where money is always showing up. Always available, in abundance.

How lives change as a result of these teachings…

People don’t usually come to me to heal their money stuff with me, but given money is all wrapped up in how we feel about ourself, we often end up working on finances as a little side-project. Hence to say, I am constantly helping people repair their broken relationship with money through my One-on-One Intensive and Remarkable Relationships programs. Take one of my beautiful clients from Melbourne, Australia… 

She came to me wanting to overcome depression. She did that easy in our five months together, but on the side, we also gave her financial position a little makeover. At the start of our sessions she said she really wanted a motorbike, but there was no way with her current financial situation that could ever be a possibility. Five months later she had her motorbike; paid for in cash! How?

We cleared out some of the beliefs she had around how deserving she was, how much she valued herself, and we switched her two cafe coffees each day for two home coffees each day. That’s seriously all it took! And she walked away – or should I say ‘rode away’ – on her motorbike, feeling on top of the world. But that wasn’t all. Just as we were ending our time together, she scored a new super-inspiring job, tripling her current income!

What created these shifts?

She did. She was willing to look at what she believed about money and about herself. For when someone feels worthy and deserving of having what they truly want and they value themself enough to receive it, they start to act and behave very differently. As a result, they make very different decisions that lead to different outcomes… and a more abundant life!

They spend differently, they interact with people differently, and they feel more confident to apply for that new job, and ask for what they truly want.

Next, we have a gorgeous client of mine from Queensland, Australia. She’d been running her passion-filled make-up and hairstyling business for years when I met her, but it wasn’t earning enough for her to quit her day job. Literally after one session of clearing some big money beliefs, she received a call from a cruise ship company wanting her to come and share her work on board a cruise ship for a week, all expenses paid. Plus she would get paid $10,000 for her time! Woah!!

Let’s just say by the end of our time together, she wasn’t working in her day job anymore. Her day job was her passion-filled business and it wasn’t only paying the bills, but giving her play-money to travel too. All this within just 5-months. In her words:

‘Money Money Money… I thought you could only obtain it in one form in one way that was of course until I met Tamra… She released my limiting beliefs at 1.15pm on a Thursday and feeling light and happy and free, I skipped back to work only to see that an email had come in at 1.20pm that same afternoon offering my husband and myself a free 5 star all expenses paid cruise to Noumea in exchange for some of our expertise in all things nostalgic.. DJ, Dancing and Vintage Styling Techniques & demonstrations….  Spooky some would say, coincidence other might say but I choose to believe in the power of what Tamra teaches and how she is able to guide us to be the best of who we are and to achieve the best of what we need and want in our lives…’

Finally, I had a very ambitious, but totally broke mum-of-three from California, USA come to me in desperation amid a messy divorce settlement. She wanted me to help her heal an incurable auto-immune disease. Well, let’s just say she was fully healthy by the end of the sessions and she was financially independent again.

Six months after we finished our work together, after applying the skills I’d taught her – and now free of the limiting money beliefs that had held her back in the past – she started her own business.

Now she’s doing some seriously groundbreaking work, easily supporting her three children as a single mum, and LOVING life!

Now… what I need to say is that these women weren’t anymore special than you or me. They simply learned how to think and feel differently about money, and in doing so, enter into a healthy relationship with money.

If you’re ready to drop your broken image of money and come into a more accepting and loving place with money, then Money and Me is for you.

Back when COVID19 sent the world into a panic, I vowed to create something to help my community – including you – heal their relationship with money. Why?

Because when you have a solid, robust relationship with money, it doesn’t matter what the world throws at you, you’re able to bounce back with abundance. You’re able to not only live, but thrive. For we are not here to struggle. We are not here to just get by. We are here to live the fullest, most love-rich life possible. And this is what I want for you! And the best bit???

Each date will cost you less than $30! 

That’s less than a dinner out, or even a pedicure, in most places! For such a small investment, you will get such HUGE financial rewards, yes, but you will get so much more. You will get to feel worthy and deserving of living the life of your dreams.

So if you’re ready to make this year a year you never forget – a year where you feel fully supported and financially free – to do all you wish to do with your life, then you know what to do. Choose your payment option – and let the dating begin! I can’t wait to hear what you manifest as a result of getting to know money!

Your investment is just $197 or two monthly payments of $100. Your choice!

$197.00Select options

Be warned: When you make the decision to get into relationship with money by enrolling in a course like Money and Me, strange, unexpected, miraculous things tend to happen, instantly! Here’s what Lacie from Austin, USA experienced…

‘I started the Money and Me Course. I listened to the intro and did the meditation and scheduled a date for… tonight! I wanted Money to pick me up at 7 pm so I knew that around 6 I would want to clean my room, get cute, light some incense… I already was feeling so good – like I should totally do this once a week, just for me – make my space and myself cute as if a date were coming over—I hadn’t done that in AGES.  I put together a cute outfit, etc. etc. 

But here’s the fun story. Before doing ANY of that, when I was just thinking about doing that, I got a text from an old friend who works for a luxury Italian linen company and gets all this shopping spree money as bonuses each year that he has to use or lose.  We’re talking $8K sheets and cashmere throws (Beyonce is a customer!)  Anyway, he texts me and says he wants to gift me $1000 to get whatever I want from their website. So Bam – just like that, a luxury shopping spree becomes part of my money date. WHA??????’

Not sure if Money and Me is for you? Then simply ask yourself these questions:

What if money was a stable, certain, reliable and fun resource in your life?
What if money’s sole purpose was to help you live a more love-rich life?

Well, I have a little secret…

That’s exactly what money is; a resource!

A resource that – just like the air we breathe – is an essential part of living on planet Earth. And it’s this resource that helps us enjoy more freedom in our life. For, in today’s world, money is the main currency that people use. It serves the single purpose of giving us a means to trade or exchange things. Interestingly, cacao – the main ingredient in chocolate – was once used as a currency in Mexico. 

Just imagine if you loved money – our current currency – as much as most of us love chocolate! Simply consider how more welcoming you’d be of money, if it was that delicious! Well.. that is my intention in Money and Me. To make healing your ‘money stuff’ so yummy, that you can’t wait to hang out with money again. For when the journey feels that sweet, you commit to it!

What’s included in this 7-week Money and Me journey?

This in-depth course is a fun and playful adventure, which explores financial and spiritual principles, so you can up-level your life in a way that is authentic for you. You’ll learn how to let go of what no longer serves you, attract in the people and circumstances that do serve you, and enjoy living an abundant love-rich life of your unique design. Think of this course like an invitation to up level your energy, so you become a magnet for an awesome life!

You get a heap of cool resources, including:

  • Nine audio lessons sharing teachings on money (over 3.5 hours in total)
  • Seven comprehensive PDF playbooks (over 50 pages worth)
  • The Money and Me Meditation (run time 15min)
  • Actionable homeplay ideas to build your relationship with money between dates
  • Weekly emails to keep you inspired and on track
  • Two Love Infusions
  • Lifetime access and all future updates to the program.

Plus these BONUSES:

  • Bonus resources so you can continue to develop your relationship with money for many years to come.

Yes, you can access this course as many times as you like, for however long you like. That said, all of the content is downloadable for you to keep, anyway! But I’m always adding to my existing courses, so you will continue to receive future updates and bonus resources as they become available. So all new updates (and bonus dates) are yours for free. 

My intention is for you to be transformed as a result of taking part in Money and Me. Absorb its energy. Listen to it on purpose. Listen to it in the background of your life. Be in the energy of the teachings regularly. Do all the homeplay, the inner play, and activities I share… 

…And feel how delicious it is to enter into a healthy relationship with money, where money is a positive force in your life. Always there for you. Always available. Always supporting you to live your best life! For you know what…??

Your money story really is a ‘love story’ on so many levels. 

Let me know if this is you…. You met money, maybe you dumped money, ran out on money, money ran out on you, you got back together, you broke up, and repeated this pattern a few times, your money anxieties and baggage grew, and now here you are. Wanting to enter into relationship with money again – wanting money to be there for you, to support you – but scarred all over from the past. 

What do you do? You release the money baggage. Let it go. Learn the truth about money, become money literate and learn how to flow with money. Here’s the breakdown of how we do this in Money and Me

The seven Money and Me dates

Date 1 UNCOVERING YOUR WHY: If you don’t know why you want money, then it’s going to be super difficult getting excited about having money. Not only that, if you’re not clear on what role money plays in your life, then you’ll unconsciously use money in a way that takes you away from your dream life, as opposed to helping you create it. That’s why on this date, we uncover the real reasons you’d like money and help you get super connected to those reasons so that you’re naturally aligned with your spending and wide open to receiving.

Date 2 DUMPING YOUR MONEY BAGGAGE: If you want to enter into a sparkling new, super healthy relationship with money, then you gotta let go of your past hurts with money. For if you don’t, you’ll just keep repeating the same money patterns, and never feel like you’re moving forward in life. On this date, I take you through a deliciously healing process of releasing your past money gunk, so you’re totally free to enjoy a fresh, yummy relationship with money. A relationship where money is always available in abundant supply.

Date 3 FLEXING YOUR G MUSCLESIn order to get into true money flow, you need to have strong G muscles. And the way we tone and strengthen our G muscles is to consciously practise gratitude, giving and generosity. For when we regularly indulge in this high-vibe states we lift our vibration and essentially become a money magnet! But this date is about more than simply keeping a gratitude jar… You’ll learn how to become immensely grateful for your bills, your expenses and your past with money, and when you do, you instantly begin living a love-rich life, where you can give more, receive more, and experience more generosity all round.

Date 4 FINDING YOUR FLOW: Money is designed to flow in and out of our life. Yes, both inflow and outflow are crucial for the health of our economy and the health of our own personal finances. So what clogs up this natural flow? When we resist the flow. On this date we uncover what’s flowing into your life and what’s flowing out, we learn how to embrace the flow in both directions (so spending feels good), we learn how to decrease the outflow (in a way that feels expansive), increase the inflow and rejoice in the overflow!

Date 5 UPDATING YOUR BELIEFSThis is where you get to rewrite your money story and start the powerful process of loosening and updating your money beliefs to match the financial reality you want. For the truth is, our beliefs create our experiences in life. We have a thought, which makes us feel a certain way. That feeling inspires us to take certain actions and make specific decisions, which are responsible for our outcomes. What creates our thoughts? Our beliefs. The beliefs we hold about ourself and the world around us. Change your beliefs (the root cause of your money woes) and you instantly change your results in life.

Date 6 BECOMING FINANCIALLY LITERATEThere is always more to learn about money (like anything in life), and the more open you are to learning, the richer you will get. On this date we uncover the mathematical equation you MUST know if you want to achieve financial freedom, and how to begin to build income steams that allow money to flow into your life while you sleep. I share some super awesome resources with you, so you can learn about money easily and quickly, and in a way that feels expansive and most importantly, fun!

Date 7 LIVING YOUR LOVE-RICH LIFE… NOW!!!Here we learn the art of love-rich living; how to live richly, as our riches continue to grow. How to live richly, regardless of our external circumstances. How to feel rich, how to live abundantly and how to truly prosper… now! For while money can help provide you a means to live fully, it cannot make you feel good. That my dear, is up to YOU. So on this date you learn how to consciously choose to live a love-rich life, NOW! Not when you get the promotion, not when you get the house, not when you finally start earning 6-figures, but right now!

Yes, you will go on seven dates with money, and by the time you complete all seven dates, you will have a completely new, healthy relationship with money. So that money is always there for you in abundance!

Because the truth is… You CAN live your dream life. You CAN star in your very own love story. But in order to do this fully and unapologetically, you need to get your finances sorted. You need to get into alignment with money flow. Be willing to invite it in. Receive it graciously. And get educated on how to use it wisely.

‘I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor, and believe me, rich is better’.

– Actress Sophie Tucker.

For when you enter into this kind of wholesome relationship with money, then life delivers. It delivers you a life of abundance, ease, and full on support and security. All so you can live richly. A rich life is a life well lived. A rich life is a life where you get to feel joyful in each moment. A rich life is where you have the means to create what you are here to create. To share what you are here to share.

That’s why in Money and Me, I include practical steps and spiritual principles to guide you in:

  • Overcoming fear, worry and stress around money
  • Making peace with debt (while getting rid of it)
  • Finding joy and purpose in spending
  • Learning how to manifest properly
  • Becoming more money literate
  • Learn how to use money to design your dream life
  • Move into an energy where receiving money happens naturally and easily
  • Experience abundance in all areas of your life!

But most importantly, this course takes you on a journey of stripping off the layers of fear and guilt, so you can feel worthy and deserving of living a love-rich life!

They say money is power. And it is true, money is power. The power to live according to your truth. If you’d like to empower yourself to live your truth, so you have the ease and freedom to share your gifts with the world – even if you don’t know what they are right now – then I look forward to handing you the power to create money magic, and live happily right NOW!

Know that by enrolling in Money and Me you’re saying:

I am ready to value myself.
I am ready to love and respect myself. 
I am ready to welcome in and receive love and abundance. 
I am ready to step into my power and shine.
I am ready to truly thrive!

Yes, Money and Me will help you earn and welcome in more money, absolutely. But for me, the real magic is you falling in love with yourself! For in this course we simply use money as a tool to learn how to love ourself more, how to accept ourself more, how to feel happier in who you are, and in doing so, gain a deeper connection to our real self.

If you commit fully to this dating process, you’ll leave this seven-week courting process feeling more confident, knowing you are enough and you can have what you want, and as a bi-product, money will love you right back! Yep, money will want to spend a whole lot more time with you, because you’ll see and know your true worth and value.

The intention of this course is that it supports you in:

  • Shifting your energy, expectations, and standards in ways that deeply serve you and others
  • Elevating the vibration at which you live and attract all things into your life
  • Stepping into the world of unlimited, endless possibility and abundance
  • Letting go of your limiting ideas around what is possible for you 
  • Becoming super clear on what you want, and knowing you are worthy of having it
  • Making the confident decision to receive more into your life from this point forward
  • And of course, earning, attracting, receiving and generating more money!

If your life is anything but amazing, if you feel even the tiniest bit of stress or emotion around money, if you feel you’re ready to embrace more… then let’s play. Know that money cant hold you back; not if you’re willing to enter into relationship with it. If you feel ready to up-level how much you value yourself so you can live a love-rich life, you know what to do. You have lifetime access to the course, so you can complete it whenever you wish. That said, the sooner you dive into the teachings, the sooner the money will come pouring in.

2020 was a doozy for most people, so this offering is my gift to help ease you into the years ahead. So you can live with monetary ease and grace. Here’s to leaving behind the money dramas that no longer serve us, and allowing these dates to guide you into a healthier, richer, relationship with money.

$197.00Select options

If you’re enrolling now… Congratulations on choosing to become one with money! You will feel soooo good after you go on your seven dates with money.

Now I know you’ve probably got some BIG questions before you invest your time, energy and money in this course. So let me share some answers with you…

But Tamra, I don’t want to look at my money stuff…

Oh sweetpea, I hear you! Most of us have been led to believe that money is logical, linear, mundane, way too boring, requiring our ‘thinking’ mind to process it. And this way of thinking about money can create a massive road block in wanting to spend time with money. This was certainly the case for me many years ago, and it led to a whole lot of debt and living a sub-par life. So yes, I get that! 

Hence why I created Money and Me; to make untangling your financial blocks fun, inspiring and full of heart! Because the truth is, getting into a healthy relationship with money doesn’t need to be hard or painfully boring. And it certainly doesn’t need to to petrify the knickers off you! You can explore all of this money stuff in a really down-to-earth, playful, easy and accessible way. 

Just imagine if money was charming, whimsical, playful, endearing, supportive, honest, genuine and always there for you? Would money be worth getting to know?

We’ve been lead to believe that money is problematic, the cause of greed and stress and something to avoid speaking about at the family dinner table. Yet this is all cultural conditioning. It’s not true. Money is a resource; a means for exchange. It’s because of money that I can share these teachings with you. It’s because of money that I’m able to travel the world and support my little family, doing what I love, working just 20 hours a week. It’s because of money that I’m able to thrive!

Whatever your dream life looks like, know that you CAN have it, regardless of your current financial situation. You simply need to shine awareness on your financial patterns in a loving and compassionate way, and learn the truth about money. And that’s what I share in Money and Me. You will go on seven dates with money, you’ll flirt with money, get to know money on a completely new level, and essentially make friends with money, so that:

  • Money is always there for
  • You feel fully supported by money
  • Money is a positive force in your life.

Yes, this course was specifically designed to support you in stepping into the New Year with more strength, more dignity, and more belief in yourself… so you can enjoy more clarity, more purpose and more joy! Money and Me contains a whole heap of love-infused content, but what’s really cool about this course, is that it won’t feel like study! It won’t feel boring or frustrating. Instead you’ll feel inspired as you go on each of your seven dates with money.

So if you have a pattern of not completing courses, you can expect this course to be a very different experience. Because when we enjoy the learning process, we stick at it! And given that money is a necessary part of living in this world, it pays to get into relationship with it. For if it’s flowing, you’ll have the freedom to live your truth.

How much time do I need to invest in this course?

I’ll be honest, you WILL need to carve out some time to heal your relationship with money, OK? Because the truth is, if you want money to be a constant in your life, if you want money to stick around, then you need to make time for it. You need to be willing to go deep with it, and that means bringing your whole self to the table. Not your multi-tasking self, but your full undivided attention and presence. And they way we do this in Money and Me, is by going on seven dates with money.

You’ll be invited to go on one money date per week, with each date lasting around 90-minutes. In between your dates you’ll need to do a little flirting with money; in other words, carry out some playful activities, many of which don’t take much time at all, in order to keep the flames alive with money between your rendezvous’. 

So yes, you do need to invest time in getting to know money, but unlike most courses on money, this one has been specifically crafted to be super uber FUN; so that you want to spend time with money. Expect to look forward to hanging out with money, as much as you look forward to immersing yourself into a luxurious bubble bath. My intention for you, when you embark on the Money and Me journey, is for each date with money to feel like a decadent self-love practice.

What’s money got to do with self-love?

Money simply acts like a mirror, showing us a direct reflection of ourself; what needs our attention, what we need to heal, what we need to love more. For example, most people don’t value themself, and as a result, they have an ‘interesting’ relationship with money. In this way money becomes a stand in for a teacher, shining light on the wounds we need to heal. 

In Money and Me we essentially use money as a tool to cultivate self-love. We look at how money is or isn’t working in our life, and we look at the mirror reflection. We see how we are not showing up for ourself, how we are not treating ourself well, how we are not valuing ourself, or not stepping into ease and flow. Then like magic as we heal one, we automatically heal the other. 

In this way, the healing journey is much more about attracting in money, it’s about you. It’s about accepting, loving and cherishing you. It’s about valuing yourself, it’s about supporting yourself, it’s about trusting yourself. And when you start to cultivate these kinds of high-vibe qualities, then the floodgates of abundance will open. 

Ask yourself now…

  • What if life was easier?
  • What if you experienced more inflow of love, of abundance, of all the things that you truly value?
  • Would that be worth going on a journey that would allow you to uncover he delicious gift of feeling wealthy from within?

If you’re open to being guided on how to let go of all your money stories and dramas and regrets, and embrace the abundance of who you are, you’ll tap into that feeling of inner wealth, so that you naturally start to attract in outer wealth. Only then will money be easy for you, free flowing, and joyful.

Could healing my money gunk help heal my pelvis?

So my sweet friend, you may be wondering… What’s money go to do with the pelvis? In one sweet word: Everything!!! If you’ve been struggling to overcome a pelvic health issue – incontinence, prolapse, endometriosis, fibroids, disabling PMS, or the vast array of other lady complaints – then you may find the answer you’ve been looking for in my blog:

What’s pelvic health got to do with money?

If there’s one pattern I see with my female one-on-one clients, it’s this… 

When a woman feels supported by money, and has a healthy relationship with money, generally her pelvic health will be good.

But when she feels stressed out by money, financially unstable, unworthy of receiving for her great work, or simply doesn’t value herself, then what generally happens, is her pelvis starts to speak to her by way of physical symptoms.

Yes, the health of your pelvis, can be directly related to the health of your finances, or more importantly, how you feel about money. And if you’re into chakras, this blog will explain the link between money, sex, pelvic health and your emotions about how safe and supported you feel by life.

I was inspired to create the Money and Me course for two very important reasons:

  • Firstly, to help you heal the monetary dirt that 2020 kicked up into the faces of so many people worldwide. If you were knocked around financially as a result of the COVID19 fallout, chances are there was some existing money gunk, and 2020 simply brought it to the surface, so you could heal it.
  • Secondly, I created this course to help give women the essential piece of the puzzle to healing  their reproductive and sexual issues.

For the truth is, when you start to heal your relationship with money, you create healing in other areas of your life at the same time. Everything is connected. Just think about romantic relationships… One of the biggest things couples fight about is money!!! Just imagine how getting into a healthy flow with money would help you get into a healthy flow in your relationship… So please check out this blog: What’s pelvic health got to do with money?

How do I know if this course is for me?

If you’re already in some of my courses, you will love this brand new take on money, because it’s filled with spiritual principles and practical strategy that will help you get your money stuff sorted, while taking you deeper into the teachings you have already explored. Yes, each of my courses is designed to build upon what you have already learnt, so you can truly embody these teachings.

If, on the other hand, you’ve never enrolled in one of my offerings, Money and Me is a great place to start. The seven-week journey steps you through the super fun process of learning how to get into the flow with money, while at the same time, clearing out the cobwebs keeping you from loving and accepting YOU! If you feel ready for not only financial expansion, but personal expansion, then Money and Me will help you build a solid foundation for living a love-rich life.

I’m still sitting on the proverbial money fence…

I invite you to ask yourself these two questions:

  • What do I have to gain, from looking at my relationship with money? 
  • What will happen if I don’t take the time to look at my relationship with money?

We can blame time or money or a raft of other things for not looking at our finances. But the real reason we don’t look at our money is because we don’t value ourself enough to look at our money.  And if you don’t value yourself, then this will be affecting all areas of your life, not just your finances. 

So if you have a love/hate relationship with money – if money stresses you out – know that by committing to healing your relationship with money, you’re healing your whole life. You’re saying ‘I’m worth it. I’m worth experiencing more love, more wealth and more energy than I have in the past.’ Because you are worth it. 

And if you don’t fully believe that right now, that’s ok. All you need to do, is make a decision to commit to looking at your money stuff. If you’d like me to guide you on how, in a super fun and inspiring way, then you know what to do.

Choose your payment option. $199 upfront or two monthly payments of $100. Your choice! Then dive in. Go on your dates with money. Commit whole-heartedly and watch how easily money starts to flow for you. Only you can make this the best year of your life.

If you’ve had enough of the money dramas – if you’re ready to truly thrive – then it’s time to consciously enter into relationship with money. Let this journey into a love-rich life inspire you, empower you and remind you what you are here for. Invite money to serve you, and give yourself full permission to receive.

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Here’s to dancing through your best year yet!

We will all face money dramas in our life that can get us into all sorts of debt, stress and worry. But if we have the tools to clear the way forward, then every perceived ‘money disaster’, can be solved in a way that will allow for maximum growth, maximum joy and maximum freedom.

If you’re ready to experience more money love, I’d be delighted to show you how. If you’re enrolling now, it’s an absolute honour to serve and support you! Welcome to the Money and Me family. See you on the inside, beautiful.


Tamra Mercieca
Self-Love Therapist, Writer and founder of The Getting Naked School.

Remember: You are worthy! You are deserving! And you were meant to live your own unique love story and live happily right NOW!

PLEASE NOTE: The Money and Me course, while a beautiful tool to help you heal your money story, is not a replacement for financial advise and guidance from a qualified financial planner or expert, and should not be treated as such.

The Not-So-Fine-Print: The Money and Me course is a non-refundable investment. Know that when you embark on this journey into Self-Love ‘commitment’ is the number one tool to living a love-rich life.