Heal your life through Love Infusions; Tamra’s boutique offering to current clients.

love-infusions-tamra-mWhat is a Love Infusion?

Just as a blood transfusion we might receive in hospital fills us with blood to help us physically function, a Love Infusion fills us with love, so we can energetically function in a way that allows us to materialise love and beauty into all areas of our life. Physically we need blood to stay alive, energetically we need love to thrive.

When love (high vibration energy) is circulating through us we feel on purpose, revitalised, healthy, deeply fulfilled and overwhelmingly happy. Love is the most potent healer of our physical, emotional and energetic bodies. When we feel love we feel connected to ourselves, to others and to the greater good. When we’re connected to our internal source of love we’re open to hearing the insights and wisdom from our inner voice – the voice of our True Self.

Energetically most people have a lot of ‘stuff’ going on. And it’s this ‘stuff’ that clogs us up and creates chaos, struggle, pain and fear in our physical world. When we go straight to the cause – our energy body – that’s where we’re able to clear any blocks so we can start to attract more positivity into our life, while at the same time become more aware of the opportunities we were previously unconscious of.

‘I felt so much joy of living during the love transmission today!
Unstoppable joy, creative joy. Thank you!’

– Daniela, Romania.

Realigning our energetic self creates the space for things to shift very quickly, without us needing to be consciously aware of the deeper problem, complimenting my one-on-one and group programs beautifully. When you are vibrating love, the things holding you back in life, start to resolve organically.

Our energy really does create our physical reality. Many fields of science have now found this to be true. Your current life circumstances are a symptom of the health of your energy field. Self-love is what balances our energy system, hence why Love Infusions offer such a deep and profound personal healing, no matter what your life ailment.

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Before the session…

I always suggest you’re ready to receive your Love Infusion at least five minutes before the energy healing session begins – so that would be 7.55pm Melbourne, Australia time. This will give you time to get comfy and sink into your body. You may also like to use this time to set an intention for your Love Infusion.

If there’s an area of your life that feels stuck, chaotic or beyond your control, set the intention for that area to receive the love required for it to shift and clear. Spend a full minute focusing on your intention, then as the session begins, let the intention go, and simply surrender into your body and allow the healing to occur.

How does it work?

You carve out 30 full minutes to simply ‘be’ with yourself. I suggest relaxing in a bath due to warm water promoting heart health and providing the optimum space for inner healing. If a bath is not available, this Heart Opening Restorative posture (below) is ideal for your Love Infusion as it opens the heart space, and thus activates the heart meridian. This posture gives your body a chance to rest and relax the muscles and holding patterns being held in the physical and energetic body.

In order give your body full permission to let go in this posture, make sure you’re on a soft surface such as a thick yoga mat or carpeted floor with a folded blanket on top. Then you can use either a bolster raised at one end with a yoga block (as per the first image) or a stack of pillows (as per the second image) to create that same shape. You may also like to put a folded towel under your head.

Place a rolled blanket under your knees and if you have an eye pillow – or a scarf will do – place it over your eyes to help you go deeper into your Love Infusion. Your hands can rest on your body or out to the sides. If this is too intense, you can rest your elbows to the sides supported by cushions. You want to feel a gentle softening and opening through your chest with you feeling fully supported in this posture. You may also like to cover yourself with a blanket.

You may like to light a candle or do anything else you feel would create a sacred ceremony for your Love Infusion. Please know however, that tools and incense are not a requirement to receive a gorgeous healing. The presence you bring to the session is what will make it powerful for you.

Once the session begins, simply close your eyes and focus on your breath. To help you open yourself up to the love, as you inhale say internally to yourself ‘I am love’, and as you exhale, imagine any fear or anything that is not serving you, exiting you body with the breath. Continue to do this for the full 30-minutes. Notice what you notice without judgment or expectation. Feel into yourself, be present, attempt to let go and leave the rest up to me!

I will send you love for the full 30 minutes and all you need to do is surrender into the experience and receive, saying silently to yourself ‘I am love’ on the inhalation and allowing fear to leave your body on the exhalation. The love I will be sending you will help awaken you to the love within you. We are love at our core – but due to childhood and social conditioning – it’s all too easy to become a stranger to the love within. These Love Infusions will help reconnect you with your loving centre so you start to naturally heal past hurts and traumas that are creating pain and fear in your life.

Love and energy are not restricted to a particular time or place. When one sets their intention to feel love and send love, the energy responds accordingly. If you have read any great books on spirituality you will know that we are all connected. Therefore sending energy to another person is no different to a radio station sending a radio signal to radios all over the country, or an Internet signal being received by computers around the globe.

PLEASE NOTE: You do not need to dial in or have any physical contact with me for this healing session. I send the love energetically, therefore you simply lay down in your chosen place and receive the love energetically.

What can I expect to feel?

Like light or electricity, energy travels fast! So the effects are immediate. Some people will feel a strong presence of love, some a vibration, while others will feel nothing. Whatever you do or don’t feel, is perfect. That is why you must let go of any expectations of what you may experience and simply be present. Stay in your body, and be with yourself.

If you find your mind getting busy with thoughts, simply bring your focus back to your breath; saying silently ‘I am love’ on the inhalation, and letting go of this thoughts on the exhalation. Chances are thoughts will come in frequently, so as they do, simply return your focus to your breath mantra. You can’t stuff this up! If you create the time and space to receive this dealign, then no matter what plays out for you is perfect and the healing is happening.

Most people feel relaxed and calm after receiving a Love Infusion, while others may feel agitated. Some people will get a burst of creative inspiration. The best thing you can do, is enter the Love Infusion being completely open to whatever is on offer, and simply surrender into that experience.

Here’s what one of my clients Jessica said after experiencing her first Love Infusion

‘I must say, I loved, loved, loved the Love Infusion. I felt almost drunk. I felt heat, light and got a real heaviness towards the end like I’d spent a good few ours in the gym.  The drunkenness did pass with a beautiful deep sleep. When I woke up the next morning I felt beautiful and so light and completely pain free in my body. It is a very beautiful practice.’

If it’s a physical healing you are looking for, the symptoms may get worse before they get better. This is because the symptoms may actually be facilitating the healing. Just like when we get a cold, we get a runny nose to help clear out the bacteria. If you take an anti-histamine to stop the runny nose, you’re essentially hindering your bodies natural healing process.

If it’s a money problem you’re asking to be healed, your money situation might temporarily get worse before it gets better. Typically, this is just old junk working its way out of your life. It’s natural and simply part of the healing process and once it’s cleared (generally within a few days) you will feel a deeper sense of love and clarity.

What should I do AFTER the Love Infusion has finished?

Gently come out of the posture or bath, and perhaps do a little journalling. I always suggest having a pen and paper next to you, so you can joy down any insights or learnings or action steps that came to you during or directly after the Love Infusion. For this reason, I suggest allowing an extra 15-minutes after the healing session to consciously integrate the healing.

That said, if after the session nothing is coming through for you, then I suggest just being with whatever feelings are present for you in that moment. There is a LOT happening in a Love Infusion that you will be completely unaware of. Healing is happening at a really deep level.

So if after you have journalled you feel the need to go internal, honour that call. You may like to have a gorgeous bath or go for a walk in nature for a breath of fresh air. Let yourself be guided on what you need in that moment. I also suggest drinking a full glass of water straight after the Love Infusion, to physically flush out the old stuff that has been released during the healing session.

When do Love Infusions happen?

Love infusions happen at 8pm on the last Sunday of every month Melbourne, Australia time. For those taking part, I advise you schedule these into your diary ahead of time, so you keep that time free to receive your energy healing. And ALWAYS be punctual and be ready to receive the energy right on the scheduled time.

One-on-one clients receive five Love Infusions as part of their package, Remarkable Relationships participants receive three Love Infusions, Sexual Self participants receive two Love Infusions, Yoga for the Vagina participants receive three Love Infusions, Money and Me participants receive two Love Infusions and The Way of Self-Love participants receive three Love Infusions and Tea with Tamra members receive monthly Love Infusions as long as their membership is active.

What if I can’t take time out at 8pm for the Love Infusion?

You will still gain some benefits if you are busy living life, but in order to receive the full benefits of the Love Infusion you must be in a place where you will not be distracted, where you can simply be with your body for the full 30 minutes. And that requires you being 100% present and available to the love you will be receiving from me.

If you struggle to create this time for yourself, ask yourself this: What part of me is denying myself love? What do I have going on that is stopping me from living a life full of love? What could I shift in order to create the space needed to have a full healing as part of the Love Infusions? These Love Infusions are a vital part of my courses and committing to these sessions is what will speed up the transformation you desire.

If you are in a time-zone where the Love Infusion happens in the middle of the night, know that by simply being asleep you are receiving the energy. And to help that energy integrate into your conscious awareness, I recommend you spend 30-minutes upon waking receiving this energy, as you would if you were taking part at the time of the Love Infusion. When people do this, they receive the same benefits as people who took part at the correct time.

Who can have a Love Infusion?

I only offer Love Infusions to present clients and members of my programs. Why? Because these kinds of powerful energy healing sessions have the ability to create HUGE shifts. For some people those shifts will be experienced in a really beautiful and harmonious way, while for others past hurts may rise to the surface for resolution.

When past traumas and hurts arise we know we are being given an opportunity for a healing to occur. Yet if the person receiving the healing does not have the skills to allow that healing to complete, or if they are not working with someone who can facilitate that healing, it can be quite disorienting and intense and, for some people, create deep confusion.

This is why I only offer Love Infusions to my present clients – because they have me there to help them make sense of any gunk that may come up to be healed.

What makes these sessions even more powerful is the group energy. Because there will always be a group of people receiving the Love Infusion at the same time, this strengthens the love being sent your way. When one person has a healing, we all shift in some way, and that’s what makes Love Infusions so beautiful to be a part of.

Please note: I am not healing you. The only person who can heal you is YOU! I am simply sending you love to open you up to a self-healing. I am there to support you energetically throughout the process. YOU are the one who allows the healing to occur.

Your life can only improve if you energy improves. And the easiest way to get your energy to improve is to love yourself. Give yourself love, share love with others and live your life from a loving space always. That is what it means to come home to yourself and live as your True Self!


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  1. Hi Tamra, looking forward to my first Love infusion today ( I’m so sorry I missed the last one, had the time conversion wrong).
    Love & greetings from Cairns. Marlies

  2. Very much looking forward to it!
    Do I need to registrer for it?
    But I shall be doing at the same.time.a retreat in connecting to the sacred…I will make.sure I am.willing & open to receive your love!

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