Are you in need of a love infusion? Energy healing explained…

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We all know what a blood transfusion is.

It’s giving blood intravenously to someone who needs more blood to physically stay alive.

We certainly do need blood to keep our physical body alive, but in order to stay truly alive, we need love.

Love is what energetically awakens us so we can feel deeply alive.

Many people these days live their lives like robots.

They’re alive and they’re getting by, but they’re not really happy, healthy or deeply satisfied.

This lack of life is due to a lack of love.

Now there are all sorts of ways we can have more love in our life, but what I’m really excited to now share with past and present clients, are Love Infusions.

What is a Love Infusion?

Where I send you loving energy to help heal you of physical, mental, emotional or spiritual woes.

There are numerous studies that now recognise the healing benefits of love.

One such case in Russia saw a woman receive love for just 2 minutes and 40 seconds and you can watch on the Ultrasound screen how the bladder tumour shrinks to nothing. (I share this video in the Remarkable Relationships course)

This is the kind of magic we can experience everyday, if we start to pay attention to our energetic body, and realise that is where the healing occurs.

Not is the physical body.

Our energy body is a non-physical vehicle that nourishes and sustains the physical body.

So it makes sense that if the energetic body is not in a healthy state of love, then the physical body will reflect this by way of illness and disease.

So we know energy heals, but what about energy healing from a distance?

Essentially a person’s energy body can be accessed anywhere anytime, hence why face-to-face sessions are not required.

Now distance energy healings are not some new woo woo concept.

They’ve been practiced in the far East for thousands of years, with the West now starting to incorporate distance energy healings into various modalities.

China has done many scientific studies on the effectiveness of qigong distance energy healing by qigong healers.

One strict double blind study on almost 400 patients determined that people who were prayed for had better outcomes than those who were not.

In the 1980s a team of scientists at the University of Paris found that under certain circumstances some subatomic (seemingly inanimate) particles were able to communicate instantaneously with each other no matter how far apart they were.

It was understood that the particles were not individual entities but extensions of the same thing – bringing scientific backing to the spiritual belief that everything in the universe is infinitely connected.

This is why distance healing works; because we are all connected!

We are all energy, vibrating at different pitches, taking on different forms.

Just as we can send our voice to another part of the world via energy waves, so too can we send healing energy; healing love.

When we think of someone we are essentially sending energy to them unconsciously.

So you can imagine the power in consciously sending out loving energy to a person for the purpose of healing and transformation!

Depending on how loved-up the person who is sending the energy, and how open to receiving love the patient is, depends on the effectiveness of the energy healing.

People have recovered from full-blown physical sicknesses within hours of receiving an energy healing session.

Here’s an experiment for you!

Get two small plants and for one whole month keep them in the same amount of sun, water them exactly the same amount each day but only send loving energy to one of the plants.

Send that plant love for at least ten minutes every day.

To send love, simply imagine sending that plant love.

Focus, and be present.

At the end of the month see which plant is thriving more; the one you sent love to or the one you didn’t?

What healers, shamans, and practitioners of holistic medicine have known of millennia, modern science I now just beginning to understand and explain.

And I am so excited to able to offer these powerful Love Infusions to my clients because energy healing is so beautiful to experience.

If you’d like to receive a series of Love Infusions, then enroll in my Remarkable Relationships 3-month course.

Or my One-on-ONe Intensive.

The Love Infusions are a beautiful inclusion to an already content-rich programs designed to help free you from societal conditioning keeping you from living happily right NOW!

Simply click here to read more about my Love Infusions.

And while I have you take a peek at the interview I did with Kiana Love from Be Wild Woman in New York!

We chat about energy healing among a number of other topics including how to have a healthy relationship with YOU.

Kiana even shares her own personal tools you can use to center yourself and come home to your body.

Grab a cuppa tea and let us share our love secrets with YOU!

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