Self-Love Embodiment Session

Fallen off your self-loving path? Life taken your breath away? Need a little self-love top-up?

If you’ve previously completed the One-on-One Intensive and/or the Remarkable Relationships program and need help re-centring, the Self-Love Embodiment Session is for you.

Life happens. Sometimes, even after all the self-love teachings and clearings we’ve done together, life can blows you off kilter. It happens. And it’s ok. Breathe…

While I always encourage you to pull out the tools and techniques you learnt with me, and apply them to see if you can find the clarity you need, know that it’s ok to ask for help.

I’m here for you!

What can I expect from a Self-Love Embodiment Session?

A 75-minute deep dive into self-love, so you can emerge more embodied, more aligned and more centred. We’ll identify the belief/s that’s tripped you up, clear them from your subconscious and then discuss what needs to happen so you can move forward from a loving place of ease and certainty. These sessions are designed to quickly get you back on your self-loving path.

Think of these 75-minute sessions like tuning a musical instrument. Your instrument’s working. You can play it, but it doesn’t sound great. It’s not completely in tune, and so it’s causing some discord when it tries to play with the orchestra.

A Self-Love Embodiment Session is like tuning the instrument that is you. Bringing you back into harmony with yourself and your environment, so you can walk through life in a way that nourishes and supports you. A way that feels really good. And sounds great too!

Who are these 75-minute sessions for?

Anyone who has completed the One-on-One Intensive and/or the Remarkable Relationship program and needs a little booster to help them overcome a current life challenge. You’ve already cleared a host of core beliefs in our time together, so you have a solid foundation for self-love already. This session is designed to help you reconnect with your truth, so you can easily navigate your way forward. We’ll clear however many beliefs we have time for and get you back aligned with your loving centre, so you feel confident moving forward.

Will one 75-minute session be enough? I feel like I’ve totally lost the plot!!!

It’s ok. We all go through stages where we feel like that.  Breathe…

In most cases, yes, one session will be enough. Together we’ve worked through a LOT already. So many beliefs have been cleared, and while you may have re-engaged with some old behaviours that weren’t serving you, and in doing so re-installed some old beliefs, that’s cool. They’ll be easier and quicker to clear the second time around.

Often, when we’ve already done a lot of work on ourselves, all we need is a reminder of who we are. Some kind, loving words and insights to help us come back into alignment. To help us re-embody self-love. So rest assured, one session – in most cases – will be all you need. But if you do need a second session, we can certainly book you in for one, once you’ve had a chance to apply what I share in the first session.

Expect to leave this session with a clearer way forward and a deeper confidence in your abilities to self-heal.

Life isn’t too bad right now, but I feel I want to go deeper into self-love. Will the Self-Love Embodiment Session help me do this?

Yes, yes and emphatically yes! Hence the name Self-love EMBODIMENT Session! You’ve laid the foundations of self-love through our work together previously. As I always say… Self-Love is a journey. We can always go deeper into self-love, no matter where we are. If you want to go deeper, if you want to feel even more connected to your True Self, if you want to live as a walking embodiment of self-love, let’s go!

For me personally, I am ALWAYS exploring new ways to walk the self-love path in a more grounded, embodied way. And I am pleasantly surprised, that the more time and energy I put into loving myself and the world around me, the more aligned and more embodied I feel. As a result, the easier and more abundant life becomes. The deeper my relationships. The more vibrant my experiences.

It would be my pleasure to guide you into a more embodied way of being and living.

What will I receive when I book in for a Self-Love Embodiment Session:

  • A 75-minute Self-Love Embodiment Session with Tamra (audio-only over phone or Zoom)
  • Follow up email with additional resources to support your journey forward
  • One week of email support to answer any questions that may come up following the session (I answer emails on Monday and Thursdays, but you can send as many emails as you please during this week)
  • One Love Infusion, aka Energy Healing Session
  • 10% off any of the following online programs The Way of Self-Love, Money and Me, Yoga for the Vagina and Sexual Self. *Program must be purchased within 3-months of your session.

But more than all this, you will come into a more embodied version of yourself. From just one session with me, prior clients have enjoyed:

  • A reconnection to their self-confidence, self-worth and self-belief
  • A major shift in an area that was causing them issues
  • A clear view of how to move forward in a way that feels refreshing and inspiring
  • A far more positive mindset about themselves and what is possible for them in this life
  • Living more authentically, and in line with their deeper purpose.

If you’ve had a session with me before, you know how much lighter you feel after that session, and a Self-Love Embodiment Session is no different.

So wherever your life has taken you since our time together, know that you CAN come back into loving alignment. You CAN embody self-love. And chances are, it will be easier than you think!

What is your availability for these 75-minute sessions?

I offer sessions via phone or zoom between 9.30am AEST (Melbourne, Australia time) and 3pm Monday – Friday. If these hours do not work for you, please email me at and let me know what times would suit before you pay for a session. That way I can let you know whether I can make something work for you.

Yes please… I’m ready to get embodied!

Simply go here, pay for your session. You can pay upfront $397 or two monthly payments of $200. Then I’ll be in touch to arrange a time to go deep with you for 75-minutes. When you’re booking please ensure your read the Terms and Conditions of the session so you are fully aware of what is expected from both of us.

$397.00Select options

Still not sure whether the Self-Love Embodiment Session is for you?

Hesitating on whether to book in? That’s normal. Give yourself a big hug. Go over your One-on-One Intensive and/or Remarkable Relationships notes, and see if there’s something you’ve missed. Is there something you’ve stopped doing that could be contributing to the loss of your self-loving step?

If so, jump right back into it. Bolster yourself in all the self-loving practices you were doing when we were working together. If you still can’t find your loving centre or the answers you need, book in. Let me help you re-align so you can walk forth with the confidence and clarity you need.


Tamra Mercieca
Self-Love Therapist, Author, Podcast Host, Women’s Pelvic Health Guide and founder of the Getting Naked Online School.