Praise for Remarkable Relationships


‘Tamra through her guidance and the most wonderful Remarkable Relationships program has shared with me a step by step “homecoming to my heart and happiness”. A reconnection with my inner self, my heart and the beauty inherent in life. Through her course she has supported, guided, inspired, questioned and transformed my thinking from illness to health, wealth and happiness.

     Where life was once a combination of struggle, heart ache and fear, I now feel profound peace, joy and inspiration. I truly know that no matter what, life is beautiful and I’ll be happy. I go forth after having completed the Remarkable Relationships course with the tools to continue to transform my life and I have complete confidence in myself and every aspect of my life. If you are ready and willing, miracles happen.’

Jessica Rodda, from country Victoria, Australia, shares her very personal story in this video where she explains how she was able to keep her cervix thanks to the work we did together, after originally being told she needed to have an operation to have it removed due to pre-cancerous cells:


‘If the Remarkable Relationships Program was placed in a pill and labeled anti-depressant, Tamra would be the wealthiest woman on the Planet. This program not only gave me the tools to get my life back on track it possibly saved it!!’

– Andrew Broomhall, Tasmania, Australia. 


‘Before completing the RR course I was struggling with depression, anxiety and OCD and despite trying many different methods and therapists over the years, was not able to get on top of it. The RR course broke this pattern for me. Since completing the course, the negative self-talk has reduced massively, along with the social anxiety and caring what others think of me. I am no longer jealous of what other’s have, instead realising that happiness is not derived from what you have, how much you earn or how successful you are in your organisation, but comes down to being content with what you have in the present and being happy within yourself.

The audio lessons in the course were wonderfully structured, kept my attention and made me focus 100%. They were very meditative. The playsheets were very clean, simple, communicative and informative, so that you do not get lost in overload or unimportant information. I found I could connect/resonate with you, your content and findings, as I felt you are a very genuine person, who truly wants to share your gift in order to help others who have also struggled at times in their lives. I felt I could really trust in you and you had my best interests at heart!

 I was especially surprised by the Love Wrap that you teach in the course. It could put a smile on my dial, no matter how depressed or worried I was. I was also surprised by how simple the whole process of tuning into myself was, yet so effective and powerful at creating change, and helping answer my questions about myself and life. I would definitely recommend this program to others as I feel anyone for any reason can gain something from this course, not just people who may feel lost and not know their purpose in life, as everyone has the potential to live a more fulfilling life than they currently lead; everyone deserves to live a great life of excitement and possibilities without limits and I feel this course can help others achieve this.

 Thanks again for helping me on my journey of life.’

 – Matt, 34-years-old, Broadcast Radio Technician, Victoria, Australia.


 – Helena, Mother and Yoga Instructor, Canada.


‘I believe the Remarkable Relationships course would be of benefit to anyone who wants to improve their life and achieve their goals. Tamra does a wonderful job in leading participants through the course. The recordings are gold. I listened to them 3 times and each time I got new learnings. 

    Tamra your personal emails are excellent as well as you Q&A emails. I have learnt so much. I also found the session printouts invaluable – I go over and over them – there is so much really wonderful stuff in them.

    The more I put into the course the more I got out of it. I now bounce back more quickly from tough times.Sometimes in the past I would dwell on things for days but as a result of the course I move on quickly. I am more positive now and love myself every day. I tune in each day and I feel good about myself. Like all of us I am a work in progress and I am committed to RR learnings for the rest of my life.

     The RR course is a blueprint for a successful life. At the completion of the course you have all the tools necessary to have an exciting life where anything is possible. It was all enlightening.’

Graeme Forbes, 56-years-old, Bendigo, Australia.


FullSizeRender‘Thanks to this course I now have much greater confidence, a greater allowance for what is, the power of knowing that I can change and it’s up to me to choose. I’m noticing a lot more, where once I did things by default or on auto-pilot; I can now see things as they transpire. I am creating time for myself which is probably the most significant shift. There is so much to be learned and when applied the simplest change can create the most significant shifts! Tamra offers us a gift like no other. She teaches us what she has learned to create a life that she loves, so that we can create a life that we love. She gives us the power. She gives us the key to infinite possibilities. And we get to create magic! A million thank yous dear Tamra xxx’

– Caterina, 38-years-old, Melbourne, Australia.


‘I thought the course was fantastic; I am still feeling wonderful, having overcome depression in just eight weeks. My relationship with myself has improved 100% – which makes me feel fantastic. My improved confidence has helped me get out and take part in group activities, such as yoga and boxing. This in turn has really improved my fitness – which makes me feel even better.

I have made new friends and am feeling so happy and healthy. My extra confidence has also affected my career – which I am loving. For someone who didn’t know if I could even go through the course, because of depression and severe lack of self-esteem, the change has been amazing.’

– Sharon Moon, Truck Driver.


‘Life just seems better, happier and much less of a struggle. I have not experienced anxiety since starting the course. I feel more confident to take responsibility for my own happiness and not have all the associated guilt. I’m a better wife and mother!I really feel all the info is at the heart of what leads to a happy, love filled life and the information is presented in such a relatable easy to understand way. I loved it all!’

– Tracey, 35-years-old, Registered Nurse and student Naturopath.


‘If I don’t feel as though I could get what I want from my life with these skills I may as well throw the towel in now – because this is the ultimate.There are so many resources available for these teachings, and some will tell you how to create change – but being involved and being shown and guided has meant that all of those things I have realized throughout my life and have never been able to apply – I am now able to apply!  Tamra’s course is by far the best therapy I’ve ever involved myself in. The effort, the fun and the enthusiasm that Tamra has put into every aspect of this course (content & structure) is astounding! Tamra is a wise soul who appears to us a as a young woman so don’t be fooled!! My advice to those who wish to take this on is simple; Dive in, persist, and the magic WILL happen, just as Tamra asserts!!’

– Roz, 36-years-old, Northern Rivers, Australia.

Roz shares her full story here..


‘I had spent three challenging years living with extremely controlling phobias and many other negative beliefs that tied in with it. And during these times it was difficult to find the right help I needed to straighten myself out.

I met Tamra one day. Took her course the next. And it’s one of, if not, the most beneficial things I have ever done for myself and my well-being. Tamra’s course and philosophies taught me so much about understanding the importance of positivity, the mind, and one’s quality of life. I have gained so much self-knowledge and confidence, that I have now eliminated my phobias, and to this day, feel very comfortable with myself and who I am.

Thank you Tamra for such a life changing experience. I will always speak great things about you and what you have done to help me, and what I know you can do to help many others.’

– Jason, 23-years-old, Melbourne, Australia.


‘I totally feel like a new person now after this course. I have seen a broker and got pre-approval for my first home loan which is very exciting so been really busy looking at places to buy. I have started a 6 week eating healthy natural food program with exercises and I’m on week 3 and lost kilos every week and I feel much healthier & happier. I have been tuning into my self everyday and when ever I see myself in a mirror I either blow myself a kiss or say I love you. This course is exactly what I needed so thank you very much xxx’

– Charleen Hawes, New South Wales, Australia.


‘WOW…. Tamra showed me how to hold the reins to my life, I have held firm and directed my own path since that very first day, exactly how, when and where I wanted to go. Since completion of RR I have achieved both of my goals in less than six months: I purchased a home and also received a sizable scholarship to assist me in returning to study. Tamra encouraged me to leave my comfort (small) zone…..

I don’t plan on returning there any time soon!!  My days are so much brighter.

Thankyou so much Tamra.’

– Danielle Meenks, Nurse, 34-years-old, Geelong, Australia.



‘Saying THANK YOU to Tamra isn’t enough! What she has enabled me to do in my life is something amazing! Before meeting Tamra I was a lost, depressed soul with no drive or spark for life… But then I completed one-on-one sessions with Tamra and also completed her Remarkable Relationships course which helped me to overcome depression and see my life as fulfilling and bright again! 

The fact I no longer had depression was incredible! But I wanted MORE! So I completed the Remarkable Relationships course for a second time! This time setting the goal of finding a career that was fulfilling, inspiring and enabling me to have a work life balance. 

I am pleased to announce that now I AM in the career of my dreams! Tamra enabled me to see that I didn’t have to settle for a mediocre 9-5 job just because it pays the bills… She helped me dive inside my mind’s eye and see what it was that I really wanted to do AND find the courage to take the leap of faith and follow it! 

Now I have officially opened my very own little cafe in Kyneton! Which serves up beautiful little treats home baked by me! I quit my job and pursued it – didn’t think twice just did it – because I knew that if I stayed in my comfort zone I wouldn’t have done it… And it was Tamra and her Remarkable Relationships course that inspired and gave me the tools to step right out of my comfort zone with complete confidence! 

Whatever it is you want to achieve, whatever troubles you have – YOU are the one who can do something about it – and it’s with Tamra’s help that you will!’

– Kate Jackson, Kyneton, Australia.


‘I wasn’t sure if this course was for me as I actually did it as a prerequisite for the Sexual Self course. However I am very glad I did! The biggest change I’ve notice is that I’m more in tune with myself. I’m constantly checking in to see what is going on inside and this has helped improve my self-belief massively. I have also rediscovered curiosity in my life!

     I think what Tamra offers in this course is great, in terms of content, support and interaction. I would definitely recommend this course to others as I really enjoyed it and can see how it can help lots of people. Tamra’s delivery is great and makes it very simple to engage with the content. The tools she shares are life changing, so anybody that wants to make a positive change in their life will benefit greatly from the RR course.’

– Hernan Fonseca, 34-years-old.


‘After completing my Remarkable Relationships course with Tamra, I can now confidently say that it should be mandatory for absolutely everybody. This course and this wonderful passionate woman has truly helped me change my life for the better. The skills I now have I know can be used towards any area of my life – I now have amazing skills to help me concur any goal I seek to achieve.

I could not recommend doing this course more, it will definitely help anyone who is ready to help themselves. Thank you :)’

– Lucinda, 26-years-old, Canberra, Australia.


– Michaela, New Zealand.


‘What started as a course to help repair a relationship has turned into a journey of self discovery and personal growth of which I could not have imagined 6 months ago. My finances have turned around, I’ve lost over 10 kilos of excess weight, a result of giving up certain foods including alcohol, (five months without a drink YAY), and starting a light training regime.

I’ve rediscovered the passion in my vocation and I’m focused on working out what truly brings me happiness in this life. Remarkable Relationships continues to teach me to look inward for true love and that by doing so all the joy and beauty this world/universe has to offer will be there.’

– Mark McGurgan, Musician, Melbourne, Australia.


‘Honestly where do I start… through completing both the Remarkable Relationships course and the One-on-One Intensive with Tamra, I have created clarity, peacefulness and a balanced life that is absolutely priceless! I have seen an AMAZING change to my life, since simply incorporating the Getting Naked formula into my life on a daily basis. Beyond completing the workshop and undertaking all the Naked Therapy, I have created so much in my life that I never thought was possible in a lifetime, let alone in a couple of years. I have cemented in a solid self belief, overcoming depression within weeks and continue to live depression free, found the man of my dreams and created so many more remarkable times in my life including travel overseas and enriching all my relationships in my life, with the most important relationship, being the one that I hold with myself! This truly is the WAY OF LIFE!

Tamra, your personal support throughout it all and the way that you honestly provided feedback and held me accountable, was more than I could ever ask for. I never felt like you were a councillor or that I was ‘just’ another client, but rather see you as a mentor, a friend, that was walking beside me along the way, showing me the path of love, happiness, peace and fun, the path that I never thought you could make exist EVERY day. I really resonate with you and admire the way that you can so easily connect with people, you have an amazing way to be able to tell people how to confront certain beliefs and pull people up on the terminology that they use, which identify the limiting beliefs that they hold within. 

Thanks so much for all your work and support, its an absolute magical and pleasurable experience. No words can truly define how amazing you are and the amount that you have truly touched my life. Now that I have discovered this, I couldn’t imagine life without you and the naked way… INCREDIBLE!

– Tess Judd, 22, Adelaide, Australia.

Tess was ever so kind to share more of her story in an intimate interview. Click here to have a listen!


 ‘Signing up for the RR course is the most productive thing I have ever done for my mental health. Rather than offloading my worries to a psychologist or numbing my life experiences with medication, RR encouraged me to use the tools I have within to turn things around and start enjoying my life. The concepts resonated with me and I have observed dramatic changes to the way I approach my days and how I value myself. I don’t feel like a different person, I just feel like a new and improved version.’

– Mary, 28-years-old, Canberra, Australia.


‘I just want to thankyou for all of your help over the last year. It has been very insightful and I have learnt more about myself in the last 12 months than I have in the last 22 years. Thanks to you I am definitely well on track to overcoming my mental health issues, and basically have a new perspective on life, and a willingness to live life again. I am starting to get all teary thinking about what you have done for me. I’m not really sure what else to say other than thankyou :)’ 

– University student, Melbourne, Australia.


RR-testimonial-mardi ‘I was initially hesitant that this was right for me – but finding the program only a day before it began gave me the opportunity to make a quick decision, which I’ve not regretted! I’m becoming more in tune with myself and am keen to see where it takes me – and was surprised by the tears that came to my eyes the first time I connected with my heart. I loved the email support and the pages of information provided to accompany our session and Tamra’s manner was great; she pushed me to go beyond my barriers, but in a gentle way. Thank you Tamra. I congratulate you for building this great program that guarantees to change lives – IF people follow it!’

– Mardi, South Australia.


‘Since completing the RR course I stress less and know that I am the author of my life. I am more in tune with my intuitive side – my True Self – and now make spiritual practice a more frequent event. I felt like each week of the course had its own wonders of discovery/realisations, with each lesson progressing from the previous. All weeks of the course were stimulating and inspiring. What surprised me most was that I could let go of the old way of seeing myself. I would absolutely recommend this course to others because it has helped and is still helping me! Thank you Tamra :)’

– Deb.


‘I would definitely recommend doing the Remarkable Relationships course as it worked for me. The results have probably been the most surprising and pleasurable all at once 🙂 I have a new confidence, an inner warmth to my being, better relationships with everyone, including the people I casually see out doing day to day stuff like shop keepers, people in lines with me etc., much more enjoyment in every day activities, an inner knowing that when I make a decision, its the right one, I’ve stopped applying hormone cream, I feel happier, healthy and calmer, I’m at peace, I love myself and I laugh a lot. A big THANK YOU!!’

– Rachelle, Queensland, Australia.


‘Working with Tamra has been an amazing journey and my life has changed dramatically. I was a serial procrastinator with many challenges and found myself living in a constant negative space; depression, anxiety and weight gain quickly took over.  The negativity soon infested all my personal relationships and made every day a challenge – this would be my life for approx. seven years.

Over this time I saw a psychologist and was medicated. I would overcome some challenges but I found it was never a long-term fix.

When I started working with Tamra and learning the skills and techniques she had used, they made sense.  I have learnt how to handle situations and work through the difficult times, and while I acknowledge these are a part life I now know how to deal with them in a constructive way.

I am no longer on medication and feel in control and have even lost 15kg and nearly at my goal weight.  Tamra has been a wonderful support and I thank her for how beautiful life has become.’

– Liz, Melbourne, Australia.


Frida-testimonial-getting-naked‘Before I undertook this course I felt that my life was going down a different path to what I had previously intended. I always envisaged a wholesome life feeling fit, healthy, full of love and compassion and making the most of every moment. Instead I found myself dwelling on the past and thinking about the future wasting my thoughts on events that had already happened or situations that may never happen.

I found myself really busy, but not feeling like I had achieved anything and didn’t feel present in my interactions with friends and family, feeling my mind constantly wandering. A lot of this was due to self-doubt and feeling like I was never good enough, and fear of the unknown. Tamra taught me some great techniques to eliminate those negative beliefs and replace them with positive ones.

I also had a realisation on how fear affected me and how it was holding me back. I now feel much happier in myself and my mind feels like it is at peace at last. I’ve also learned to laugh at myself if something isn’t going right rather than falling into the trap of negative self talk. I find I am now on the right path again and find myself being more present in life. Thank you Tamra!’

– Frida, 28-years-old, Bendigo, Australia.


‘I worked with Tamra previously one-on-one and had experience with her style and philosophy and was excited for the chance to continue our work together in a way that gave me the tools to put her methods into practice for myself. Having completed the Remarkable Relationships course now, I am better able to prioritize myself and find love within myself than I was before. By living from this heart space, more ease and flow have come into my life and it has improved many aspects of my life from my family life, relationships and stress levels. 

    My favourite part of the program was working with Tamra — I love her style and warmth and how approachable she makes things feel. I feel like she knows me now and knows what I need and how best to guide me. She gives me confidence in myself and inspires me. I really loved having a buddy that I could communicate with and continue to communicate with even now that the course is over. It helps keep me accountable. I like the weekly homeplay and new material each week- keeps things fresh and new while still building on the prior week. Thank you Tamra! I look forward to doing the SS course with you.’

– Corina. H, U.S.A


‘I originally read about Tamra’s experiences through life and so much of what she had been through resonated with me, this intrigued me to give Remarkable Relationships a go. It was great to learn how to be equipped with the skills to cope and to overcome depression, the feeling of being “lost” and gain some direction and focus in my life, whilst setting goals and starting to achieve a life that I desire. I would absolutely recommend contacting Tamra for some “life changing” work, it has been truly rewarding. Thank you again Tamra.’

– Catherine, Sydney, Australia.


‘I have spent my life apologising to others for who I am and my reactions. I now feel stronger and clearer on where my life is heading and know that I am in the driver’s seat and don’t need to make apologies to anyone. Don’t let limiting beliefs like “I am not good enough” get in the way of you finding and being your best self.

I have found a beautiful clinic to work from, more regular clients, I thought I was a good communicator but now I am even better! Tamra has a great energy and she will be your greatest cheerleader and help mentor you to change.’

– Sonya, Sydney, Australia.


‘I wanted to do the course for a while but hesitated. I knew I needed to do something. I have done courses before and found I was paying for something I already knew, but not this time. Completing the course has helped me be more aware of what I am doing day to day, even more aware of what I say to people, and think about people. The best thing about the program was being able to get rid of negativity and turn it around. I knew all along that my intuition was fairly strong and having now learned how to tune into it better, all I need is to continue to practice. I would like to thank for your time and insights and wish you all the very best for your future with your Prince.’

– Sandi Patard, 53-years-old, Small Business Owner, South Australia.


‘The course has given me the confidence to believe in myself and how wonderful it is to love me first before others can really love me! I have gained more confidence I social settings. The key to a successful life is positivity. It can create so much self belief and achievement.’

– Anonymous.


‘I now have the tools and realizations to change the rest of my life .. to make magic happen Thanks Tamra xx’

– Mariangel 33