After clearing my own cervix of pre-cancerous cells in 2012, I was blessed to be able to help my client Jessica do the same in 2015.

Jessica came to me after being told she needed to have her cervix removed after returning an abnormal pap smear result.

Desperate to find another way to heal her cervix, she worked with me for six months, during which time we completely healed her cervix (and helped her fall in love with her life).

In this video Jessica shares her very personal journey into self-love and the relief she felt after being given a clean bill of health by her gynaecologist.

Tess came to me three years ago wanting to overcome depression and get off her meds.

Today she is depression and pill free, loving life, and after learning the skills I teach in the Remarkable Relationships course, gone on to create miracles in her life, including attracting in a gorgeous romantic relationship.

In this candid audio chat, Tess shares how after years of pain and struggle, how quickly the depression fell away.

In Tess’s words: ‘I’m speechless’.

Listen to our audio chat where Tess reveals all about her very personal journey out of depression.

Here’s Tess sharing on camera how life has changed since she overcome depression!

Tess was ever so beautiful in also agreeing to write about her story as one of my case studies in my first book The Upside of Down: A personal journey and toolkit for overcoming depression.

If you want to experience the miracles both Jessica and Tess have experienced in their lives, it all starts with YOU deciding that life, from this point forward, will be different!

And if you’re you’re ready to star in your very on love story and begin living happily right NOW, then I’d love to hear from you so I can help you make that you personal reality.

You can either work with me one-on-one or you an take part in the Remarkable Relationships 3-month course where I teach YOU the skills to overcome your personal issues yourself.

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