Sexual Self 2-month course




The Sexual Self 2-month course follows on from the Remarkable Relationships course and takes you deeper into your relationship with self. You will learn all about sexual health and sexual pleasure as you connect more intimately with your body and your sexual energy. Not only will you leave with the ability to heal your sexual organs of trauma and negative experiences, you’ll have the tools to experience expanded multiple, full body orgasms and even energetic orgasms.

This course does not include support from Tamra, as it is a self-study program.

**Please note: You MUST have completed the Remarkable Relationships course to take part in this course.

If you don’t receive an email with your log-in details within 10 minutes of enrolling in the Sexual Self course, check your Spam folder to see if it’s landed there. If not, email me through the Contact page, so I can get you started asap!

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