What is an energetic orgasm?

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What if you could have an orgasm without any physical stimulation at all?

What if you could experience orgasmic pleasure pulsing through your entire body for minutes, even hours at a time?

What if you could feel totally at one with yourself, with the world, and all that is?

What if you could experience the true joy of being alive?

This is what we would call an energetic orgasm.

Orgasm without touch.

Is that even possible?

Yep… keep reading…

An energetic orgasm is very different from the more common genital orgasm.

Instead of ejecting energy out of us – as we see with a male ejaculation, and a female clitoral orgasm – we’re moving energy around the body.

The energy moves and can be felt not just in the genital region, but throughout our whole body.

Thus, allowing us to feel pleasure throughout our entire body!

What’s also great about getting energy moving throughout the body, is just like we would experience in an acupuncture session – where the aim is to get our chi or energy flowing more freely – we are clearing blockages and stagnation in the body.

Why is that so great?

Because energy blocks in the body, according to Chinese Medicine, are the main cause of illness and disease.

So not only are you able to experience full body pleasure through an energetic orgasm, you’re able to help create healing in the body.

Pretty cool, hey!!

So how do you get this energy moving around the body, as opposed to releasing it out of the body?

It’s about being willing to be with yourself, and feel yourself.

And some of the best tools to help us do this, is through breath and visualisation.

In Chinese Medicine, breathing is one of the key ways we draw energy into our body, so we have more energy.

More vitality.

So we can literally use the breath to expand our energy, and then use visualisation combined with the breath to move the energy around the body.

Now breathing and visualising might not sound all that sexy, but most people who experience an energetic orgasm, say it’s far more pleasurable, far more heart-opening and far more expansive on so many levels, than orgasms reached purely through physical means.


Because ‘energy’ is what animates us.

Quantum physicists have found that we humans are made up of energy.

Yes, we – like anything – are made up of atoms, which are made up of energy.

We are energy!

It’s this energy that moves the physical blood through our body, just as it’s this energy that gets up us in the morning.

Without this energy, we would be a body without any life!

Hence to say, when we’re willing to connect with this energy, honour it, place our focus on it…

Then we come into a place where we can move that energy, expand that energy, and feel that energy vibrating through our entire being.

And this is what we experience as an energetic orgasm!

So if this kind of pleasure-rich experience is available to us, why aren’t more people having energetic orgasms?

Because as a society we’ve come to focus more on the physical body than the energetic body (that animates our physical body).

Touch here, feel this.

And there is nothing wrong with this kind of pleasure.

It’s just that this kind of pleasure is very limited.

There is no way of expanding the pleasure, because the goal is to get rid of the energy through a genital orgasm (and for men, often an ejaculation).

When we’re willing to shift our focus from the physical, and sink deep into the energetics that are responsible for keeping the physical alive and well…

Then we’re able to experience more of what is available to us.

Now I need to be clear…

Energetic orgasms are not some woo woo concept saved for tantric workshops, ok?

Scientists have studied this, doing brain scans of people both having orgasms from physical touch, and orgasms without any physical touch (the energetic orgasm kind).

What they found, was this:

The pleasure-centres activated in someone who used tools such as visualisation and breath to reach orgasm, and someone who reached orgasm via physical stimulation, were exactly the same.

This has since been proven by studies showing that even women with spinal cord injuries can experience orgasm.

The difference though, was how the people experienced those orgasms.

The actual experience of an energetic orgasm is often described as profound, felt throughout the body – as opposed to being confined to the genital region – and moves a person into connecting so very deeply with their spiritual self.

People also report feeling immense healing during and after an energetic orgasm.

Physical healing AND emotional healing.

Yes, often during an energetic orgasm a person will feel emotion rise to the surface.

This is a good thing.

Because emotion that gets stored in the body creates energy blocks, that like I said, lead to illness and disease.

Yet, when we can feel and express these emotions, then they can leave the body, thus freeing up our body to return to a healthy state.

In this way, your sexual play then becomes a place where you can yes, experience great pleasure, but also experience great healing.

Now I’ll be honest, moving into this new way of experiencing orgasm, requires us to let go of how we ‘do’ sex.

It requires us to be less mind-focused, and shift our awareness down into our heart.

We need to be open to feeling ourself, all of our ourself.

And we need to embrace the fact that we can experience deeply profound pleasure, if we’re willing to learn a new way of living in our bodies.

That’s why I created the Sexual Self course; a 2-month journey into learning how to re-sensitise and re-awaken so we can tap into the immense pleasure available to you.

You will learn to experience yourself – and sex – in a completely new way.

You will discover what is means to truely feel yourself.

You’ll open the door to energetic orgasms.

And in doing so, you’ll tap into the innate pleasure that is inside every single one of us.

For you my sweet, are so very deserving of experiencing a life of true, divine pleasure.

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