Your Self-Love Starter’s Kit – my gift to YOU!

The Self-Love Starter’s Kit is for you if you wish to expand your love for yourself, regardless of where you’re at right now. But I must admit to you, that the Self-Love Starter’s Kit is more of a journey than a ‘kit’. For self-love is a journey. A journey where we get to practise loving ourself more and more each day. 

So for that reason, I recommend carving out a little time over the next four weeks to come on a journey with me. A journey into self-love, where I’ll share with you three love-infused gifts to expand your love for yourself, as well as inspirational resources designed to deepen your awareness of what is means to live your own sweet love story. And the best bit is, I will step you through this journey, one love-filled email at a time.

So in that sense the Self-Love Starter’s Kit is like a mini course in self-love that will help you either A) Begin your self-love journey, or B) Deepen your self-love journey. Yes, no matter where you’re at on the self-love spectrum, this four week journey is for you, because chances are, it will help fill in some of the gaps that have kept you from experiencing the fullness of the love within.

What’s included?
  • The Love Journal practice
  • The Art of Self-Love Audio Lesson
  • A mini yoga practice for opening the heart
  • A course voucher!

Our journey into self-love really is a lifelong journey. So once you receive these gifts, I will visit your inbox every couple of weeks with a new blog sharing my latest tips on how to love yourself that little bit more!

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Want to know more about the gifts you’ll receive?

Love Journal
The Love Journal is a simple, but highly effective practice that will help you change your internal dialogue with yourself, so you can have a more positive inner conversation playing out. And the best bit is, it only takes a couple of minutes a day. I’ve included a 15-minute audio lesson (and downloadable PDF) explaining how it works and how to get the most out of this practice.

The Art of Self-Love Audio Lesson
First conception, we are quite literally programmed to think, act and behave a certain way. And it s this programming that is responsible for how we feel about ourself and the results we get in life. This 1 hour and 15min audio lesson goes into detail on exactly how our subconscious mind is programmed, what limiting beliefs are, how to identify them, and how all of that relates to self-love.

Self-Love Yoga Mini
When a person lacks self-confidence or has fear around stepping into their power, this often plays out by way of constriction around the heart and chest area. This short but powerful 12-minute yoga practice is full of delicious heart-opening postures, that will help you become acutely aware of where you’re holding tension, and thus blocking out love. Through gently inviting this practice into your life, you’ll start to melt that tension, and feel more open, more confident and more radiant.

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