Your Self-Love Starter’s Kit – my gift to YOU!

When a person loves themself, their life loves them back! Seriously. As Buddha once said: ‘We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.’ This Self-Love Starter’s Kit is designed to help you begin your journey into self-love, so you can heal the mind of any negative thoughts that are creating pain, struggle or fear in your life.

What’s included?
  • The Art of Self-Love 1-hour Audio Lesson 
  • 5 Step Guide to Falling In Love PDF
  • 12 Great Sexpectations PDF
  • Yoga for the Vagina Starter’s Sequence PDF
  • And a voucher to purchase a hardcopy of my book Getting Naked – the Dating Game for just $6 or the E-book for just $3

Some of these gifts will appeal to you more, so explore what you most feel drawn to, but I highly encourage you to start by listening to The Art of Self-Love 1-hour Audio Lesson, as it will share with you what’s needed to:

  • Cure depression and anxiety
  • Get your love life working and attract in a perfect mate
  • Heal a health ailment (no matter how serious)
  • Get money easily flowing into your life
  • Overcome unhealthy habits and addictions
  • And most importantly, stop the negative mind-chatter so you can enjoy a happy and healthy life!

Our journey into self-love really is a lifelong journey. So once you receive these gifts, I will visit your inbox every couple of weeks with a new blog sharing my latest tips on how to love yourself that little bit more!

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Want to know more about the other gifts you’ll receive?

5 Step Guide to Falling In Love

The quality of the relationship we have with ourself dictates the quality of the relationship we will have with others. This guide gives you step-by-step instructions on how to start cleaning up the unhealthy childhood conditioning that is keeping you from falling in love with yourself, and thus another person.

So whether you’re single and want to attract a mate, in a relationship and want to make it better, or simply want to work on your relationship with YOU, this guide will teach you how to do so. We all deserve to fall in love with ourself, with a gorgeous partner, with life! So follow this Guide to a tea, and you will begin to experience this magic in your relationships.

12 Great Sexpectations

We live in a society that really does have a love-hate relationship with sex. Why is this a problem? Because we end up being given very mixed messages on what sex should look like and how it should feel. This leads to many people experiencing low libidos, sexual disfunction, lack of satisfaction and so forth.

In this PDF Guide I quash 12 of the big myths that get int he way of us experiencing the mind-blowing, booty-shaking uber pleasurable sexual experiences available to us. You will learn about vaginal orgasms, full body orgasms, energetic orgasms, and how to use sex as vehicle for deepening your connection with both yourself and your love.

Yoga for the Vagina Starter’s Sequence

Yoga for the Vagina is a restorative and healing yoga practice that teaches the art of self-love, while at the same time, keeping your sexual organs ripe and resilient well into your twilight years. Designed specifically for the female body, this lush practice uses a Jade Egg to help release trauma and conditioning.

In this Starter’s Sequence you will be given a yummy taste of this delicious practice so you can begin to re-sensitise your vaginal tissue so you can feel more pleasure, while at the same time, being opening yourself to a more login relationship with your body, your mind and your soul. This practice really is the ultimate self-love practice.

Getting Naked – The Dating Game

This is the second book I penned, after realising that I wasn’t the only one struggling to make sense of the dating landscape. This book began as diary entries of my real life dating experiences, and ended up being a comical yet vulnerable account of a woman’s search for love.

If you loved Sex And The City or Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat Pray Love, then you will adore this memoir, as it takes you under the covers of modern love, life and relationships. Littered with love lessons, this is a playful and entertaining read that will help you loosen any conditioning that is getting in the way of you enjoying the happily ever after you most desire.

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