Every person is at a different point in their self-love journey, so have a browse of the different ways you can work with me. Trust that whichever program you feel more drawn to, is the one you are ready to explore, to create the change you’re after.

 One-on-One Intensive with Tamra

This five month program – which includes 10 sessions with me – is for people with a long-standing issue, who are 100% ready to create fast and lasting change. This intensive program has been used to help people become depression and pill free, stamp out anxiety, heal life-threatening physical illnesses, attract in romantic partners and heal broken relationship, increase a person’s finances, and so on the list goes. This course really is the creme of the brûlée in helping you dive heart first into self-love!

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Remarkable Relationships
3-month online course

You want to become your own healer. You want to learn the skills to clear your own subconscious programming so you can enjoy a happier, healthier life. This is the course that will give you the tools to do just that! You’ll get stacks of one-on-one support from me, visualisations, healing sessions, and 9 weekly lessons that share with you my formula for Self-Love.

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Sexual Self
2-month online course

This course is for those wanting to build upon what they learnt in the Remarkable Relationships course and learn how to connect with their body in a way that allows them to experience deep inner healing and immense pleasure (think multiple and full body orgasms!!). If you feel like there is more in sex, or simply want to be more in your body in day-to-day life, this course will help you get there.

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Yoga for the Vagina
online course

This self-study online program is for women who would like to heal from a sexual health issue, awaken their vagina to deeper pleasure or explore an embodied practice in self-love. This yoga practice which is specifically designed for the female body, uses a Jade Egg to help clear sexual trauma and conditioning so your lady parts can stay ripe and resilient right into your twilight years.

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This link will take you to the dedicated Yoga for the Vagina website I created to give you a comprehensive understanding of the practice. You can also sign up for the FREE Starter’s Sequence to give it a test run before you enrol!