Perfection Paralysis. Are you trying to be perfect?

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Are you stopping yourself from doing something because you’re not polished yet? Not perfect? Then you may be the victim of ‘Perfection Paralysis’.

When we strive to be perfect at something, we do one of two things: We either work our proverbial butt off trying to reach this unreachable ‘perfect’ or we shy away from doing anything for fear of it not being perfect.

The latter is what we call ‘Perfection Paralysis’.

The threat of failure keeping us snug in our little box doing the same things we’ve always done.

As a result we stay small. We stay comfy. But no one ever got happy letting their need to be perfect sabotage their every effort to follow their heart.

How do you move past this need to be perfect?

The secret is simple: Get started.

Whether it’s learning to dance or starting your own business. Start. Stop procrastinating and filling your time with all the other things that fail to put the smile on your face, and start!

Know that it is only once you start that you can see what then needs to be tweaked; what improvements can be made so you can be fluent in French or have a thriving business.

Growth is ongoing.

If you had everything perfect now, there would be no room for growth. And if you’re not growing in life, I hate to say it, but you’re dying. A person not being challenged and gathering daily learnings is dead inside.

Yet in order to get this growth, you need to strip off your ‘perfection paralysis’ in all its guises and start.

Start where? It doesn’t really matter. Start somewhere. Once you start then you’ll know what to do next. And what not to do. Because when you start, chances are you will make little fluffs, but that’s all part of the growth.

No fluffs, no learnings. No learnings, no change in your current circumstances.

So let me ask you: What is perfect?

Personally I don’t believe in perfect. We can always be better. Do better. There is no limit to what we can learn or achieve in our lifetime.

Yet so many people strive for this elusive ‘perfect’ when ultimately, it does not exist.

STOP giving yourself a hard time! 

Realise that you, right now as you are, are in fact perfect. The struggles you’re experiencing, the challenges you’re confronted with – they are all perfect! Without them, how would you grow?

You don’t need to do anything to be perfect.

You are perfect.

Once you realise this, then life in it’s many outfits, is perfect!

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