What’s hiding in the garden of YOUR mind? Limiting beliefs?

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On my honeymoon my husband and I decided to start a veggie garden.

We were super enthusiastic, buying all the seeds, extra soil, and any other gardening paraphernalia we thought we’d need.

We got our little hand spades and started digging into the garden beds to turn over and prepare the soil, only to find…. rocks.

LOTS of rocks.

Oh and a dummy!

It was as if someone had dumped a heap of rocks into these flowerbeds and then covered it with soil.

For the year we’d been living in our new home, we’d been none the wiser, as from first appearances, the garden beds looked ready to be sown.

Is this why no one had planted anything here before us?

Yet we were determined – my husband a little more so than I – to go through and dig out all of those rocks so we had a good foundation for our seedlings.

So we could give our veggies the biggest chance of becoming big and strong and delivering us some delicious tasting produce.

Had we have planted our seedlings on to of those rocks, do you think they would have grown?

Probably not.

Or not to their greatest potential anyway.

This is what happens for many people these days.

They start a business, a relationship or a new eating regime, with the greatest of intentions, hoping it will flourish.

Not realising that there are HUGE rocks under the surface, they feel very disheartened when that business venture or relationship end, or that need eating regime just becomes too hard to maintain.

Why do these things in our life struggle to survive?

Because what we see on the surface – what we are conscious of – only makes up for 10% of our thoughts, actions and behaviours.

And we all know it’s out thoughts, actions and behaviours that create our results.

What is responsible for the other 90%?

Our subconscious mind.

And buried deep in the subconscious are limiting beliefs.

What is a limiting belief?

Great question!

A limiting belief is a belief you hold about yourself or the world around you that limits you.

That keeps you small.

That belief might be something along the lines of ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I’m not deserving’, ‘I’m not worthy’ or ‘I’m a failure’.

Now if you hold these beliefs (or any similar beliefs), because the subconscious mind is responsible for 90% of your thoughts, action and behaviours, then no matter what you plant in your life, it will struggle to survive.

It just won’t see the light of day.

How do we get our garden of life to bloom????

We dig up all those rocks – or limiting beliefs – so we have a clean garden bed to plant all of those things we wish to grow and expand in our life.

When we do not have these awful limiting beliefs, we are guided to make better choices, and those better choices, lead to a colourful and rosy life.

Do you need to prepare the soil of self?

Then I accept a limited number of people each year to work with me one-on-one as part of my One-on-One Intensive.

Please note: This program is only for people who are 100% committed to clean the rocks out of their flowerbed, so they can start REALLY living!!

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If we look at an aeroplane; it’s programmed to fly a certain way.

No matter how hard we try to turn the wheel it keeps going as programmed until we turn off the autopilot.

This is how we travel through life – on auto-pilot – being directed by the limiting beliefs we hold about ourself and our life.

Until we turn off the auto-pilot, until we dig up those rocks, then we will continue to repeat the same patterns and get the same results.

Our garden of life always struggling to survive.

Perhaps one year it will be because you got flooded out, the next because you had a drought, but the fact of the matter remains, your garden does not flourish as it was designed to.

And the reason is because you’re trying to plant things in our life, without preparing the soil.

You haven’t dug out all the limiting beliefs that would get in the way of those veggies from growing.

From flourishing!

Wen we dig out the rocks, we are free to experience much more beauty.

Much more happiness.

Until you clear out the limiting beliefs, watering the seeds of self that is required to have thriving veggie patch, won’t be possible.

So let me ask you this…

What’s hiding in the garden of YOUR mind?

And is it stopping you from growing the garden you desire?

If so, then I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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