Date yourself: The answer to inner peace and happiness.

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No doubt you’ve been on a date… or three.

How was it?

Did it give you Goosebumps?

It was after kissing a few too many toads, without any of them turning into my Prince, that I decided to stop dating men, and start dating myself.

Date yourself?

‘Yes’… with a nice big cherry on top!


This week I have recorded a talk, especially for YOU, sharing what I learnt during the six months I spent dating myself and why you should date yourself.

When you date yourself, you give yourself a chance to really get to know YOU!

We think we know who we are, but it’s not until you spend time alone with yourself – just be with yourself, date yourself – that you can really connect with who you are at your core.

Before you have a listen, make sure you’re in a place where you won’t be disturbed.

Take this time for YOU – the most important person in your life – to be present to what I have to share.

There are so many lessons and insights weaved into this talk.

And if you allow yourself to absorb them, sit with them, try them on for size, then you too can start living happily right NOW!

All you need to know is in my talk.

This is a talk about self-love and the art of dating yourself…

Feel free to also check out my interview on The Morning Show where I first shared the ‘date yourself’ concept with an Australian audience…

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