How to have an orgasm full of flavour

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Don’t be shy. Learning how to have an orgasm – that’s deliciously divine – is as important as learning how to cook – and a hell of a lot more fun!

And while you may be having orgasms already, most people do not know how to have an orgasm that truly satisfies.

A gourmet orgasm full of flavour.

An orgasm that leaves you feeling fulfilled and deeply nourished.

Most of us are sexually malnourished.

Most of us have been led to believe that orgasms are something we need to go out and get, when this is not the case at all.

Orgasms come from within. 

This is where we need to understand the difference between your typical garden-variety orgasm, and your juicy, full of flavour orgasm, that’s home-grown and organic!

An orgasm that delivers you a pleasure so sweet, you’re left transformed.

How to have an orgasm…

We’ve been taught to strive for a momentary peak.

A few seconds of pleasure.

That’s an orgasm yeah?

Well, that’s one type of orgasm.

I don’t know about you, but why settle for a few seconds of orgasmic bliss, when you could have a whole day of it!


And instead of being left feeling depleted and disconnected – which is the case for most men who ejaculate – you’re left feeling alive, vibrant and at peace.

It’s these types of orgasmic experiences that actually energise us, leaving us more connected to ourself and thus, our partner.

What can I expect from an orgasmic experience?



Deep heart-felt love.

An orgasmic experience is transformational.

You can clear a lot of mental and physical gunk through the deeper orgasmic experiences.

What years of therapy can do for a person, so can one orgasmic experience.

The type of experience where the orgasm comes to YOU!

We have a whole range of ‘gasms’ available to us; G-spot orgasms, full body orgasms, nipple-gasms, toe-gasms, even energetic orgasms.

Every single one of us has the ability to devour this kind of orgasmic pleasure.

It can be like a never-ending pack of Tim Tams.

One divine treat after the next.

Hour upon hour upon hour of deep heart-felt pleasure.

That’s how to have an orgasm!

Jess Triggs from Sexhead – an online resource that aims to shine the light all things to do with sex – interviewed me recently, asking how to have an orgasm that was delicious and spiritually awakening.

In this insightful interview I share how to have an orgasm that tickles more than your sexual taste buds.

And what led me to my own sexual awakening.

In order to really satisfy the pallet, you need to start with organic ingredients, you need to have a wok that is well-oiled, you need a healthy appetite and you need to slow the hell down!

Throwing a steak in a microwave isn’t going to make anyone happy.

The slower it’s cooked – the juicier and more satisfying it will be.

That’s how to have deliciously yummy orgasm!

If you’d like to learn how to sink deep into your pleasure, then join us for our Sexual Self course that will give you the insight on how to have an orgasm that leave you feeling alive, connected and deeply satisfied.

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2 Comments on “How to have an orgasm full of flavour”

  1. I thought that the Jade stones came in three sizes and different colors and that the colors represented different intents.

    1. Yes, there are many vendors who sell Jade Eggs in packs of three, but to be honest, while you can certainly use different sizes for slightly different results, in most cases a medium sized egg is perfect for the majority of women. I write more about it in FAQ number 38 on this page:

      In regards to the different crystals used, yes, different crystals have different properties, and are great to use for other purposes. The major concern is that the molecular structure of most crystals other than Nephrite Jade is not suitable for internal use, as they are porous, which you don’t want, as that means that can harbour germs. I go into a lot more detail on this at this page:

      I personally believe that we use the crystal egg as an anchor point to connect with ourself more deeply, and we can infuse that stone with whatever intent we wish to infuse into our practice. So for that reason, then you simply want to make sure that you have a crystal that is safe for vaginal use, such as Nephrite. I hope that answers your question 🙂

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