Heal your life through the Art of Self-Love

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What is self-love?

We hear the words ‘self-love’ get thrown around the spiritual world willy-nilly, but not many of us actually practice self-love.

For many people they don’t know how.

Some don’t know what self-love actually is.

I’ll take this moment now to share what self-love is, but I just ask you one thing: Don’t dismiss it’s simplicity.

For it is in the simplicity that lies the magic.

Self-love is to love oneself… unconditionally.

Sounds pretty straight forward, but knowing how to do this is what brings many people unstuck.

How do I love the woman I see in the mirror each morning when all I see is ugliness, hopelessness and wrinkles?

You look into her eyes, you take a deep slow deep breath in and out, and allow yourself to connect with who you are at your core.

Be with yourself.

Let yourself see the beauty in side.

The love inside.

You may feel resistance when you first try.

Don’t give up.

Try again.

And again.

And again… until you feel yourself.

Until you see yourself.

Those moments of uncertainty; those moments of uncomfortableness are simply the gunk you’ve collected over your lifetime that is now blurring your vision.

Keeping you from experiencing yourself in all your delicious exquisiteness.

We are all love at our core.

It is simply our beliefs – our conditioning – that has us thinking otherwise; that has us experiencing lack, pain, fear and struggle.

Anything that is not love is an illusion.

When we realise this fact for what is it, we suddenly understand that to indulge in anything but love, means to live a lie.

So can I ask you now: Are you ready to love yourself… unconditionally?

And if not, why not?

What wounding is keeping you from loving you?

What feelings are you not willing to move through so you can experience deep love?

Love is not something you put off ‘til another day, when you have time.

Love is who you are.

And to deny love, is to deny your True Self.

What is self-love?

To love oneself unconditionally.

There is no other choice.


If you’d like me to take you deeper into Self-Love, have a listen to this playshop ‘The Art of Self-Love’ I ran on Monday June 1st 2015.

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