Silence: The antidote to life’s woes

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Could you spend a day in silence?

This is my challenge to you this week.

We all have distractions and craziness in our lives.

Between jobs, relationships, driving, food shopping, meals, kids after school programs, and finally making it to yoga class on Saturday morning, we have perfected multi-tasking at its best.

Yet there comes a time when we need ‘time-out’ – and this week I’m going to suggest having a day of silence!

We’ve talked about ‘dating yourself’ before, which can be a very insightful experience.

So too can spending a full day in silence.

We expend so much energy talking, engaging, making small talk, deep talk, any kind of talk, negotiating relationships and contracts.

Everywhere we go, we feel obligated to perform at some level.

Yet when we give up speaking for a day – we get time to be with ourself.

Time out from the ‘talk’.

Yes, we are left with our thoughts.

Lots of them.

This is why many people avoid silence.

Silence can be confronting if you haven’t done it in a while… or ever!

Even for pros.

I know the first day, I had a handful of moments where I wanted to just escape and have a nice conversation.

But the more you sit in silence, the more comfy you feel in your own skin.

Not only that, silence actually lowers blood pressure and helps you deal with life’s challenges more easily.

It really is like taking a break from all the chaos life can throw at us.

Silence is like plugging your phone into charge.

Your mind needs to recharge too!

And it does more recharging in silence than it does during sleep.

Silence boosts your immune system, making it easier for your body to fight off invading bacteria and other pathogens.

But most importantly, silence allows you to hear and talk to your inner self.

When we are busy with notice we cannot hear our inner voice.

Our inner guide.

Silence allows for us to connect with our core self, and receive the guidance we need to live a happy and peaceful life.

So give it a go.

Spend one full day in silence.

A little too out of your comfort zone?

Then try just 30 minutes a day of silence.

Just 30 minutes of silence every day can give you just the peace of mind you need.

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