We ALL need a spiritual practice. Here’s why…

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Do you have a spiritual practice? And if not, why not?

Before I began my daily spiritual practice – of tuning into myself and clearing beliefs – I was living in a whirlpool of chaos, barely keeping my head above water.

Yet when I started connecting with myself – for that is what a spiritual practice is about, connecting with oneself in a way that allows you to really listen to your True Self – that’s when life started to flow with much more ease.

In the fast-paced world we live in, coming home to ourself is an absolute MUST.

And the best way to ensure we keep checking in with ourself is to have a daily spiritual practice.

Now being spiritual isn’t about dressing for your chakras, wearing a certain number of crystals round your neck, playing with prayer beads or dedicating yourself to yoga or a particular spiritual group.

We are all spiritual, because we are all of spirit.

It’s just that some of people are not connecting with their spiritual self as best they could; they’re living life in a very physical manner.

This doesn’t mean they’re bad or incorrect, it simply means they are limiting themselves.

To experience real magic you need to have a spiritual practice.

That is where miracles happen.

And when I talk of miracles, I talk of being able to cure life threatening illnesses, get yourself out of debt, attract in healthy relationships and essentially live a magical life.

To really connect in with your spirit you need to take time to listen to your inner voice and embody the wisdom from within.

You need to practice self-love and dedicate yourself to deepening your connection with yourself.

You need to be still enough to hear the insights.

And that takes practice and discipline.

Just as we go to the gym to build up our physical musculature, so do we need to be build up our spiritual musculature.

The way I do this, is to tune into myself – a method I created many years back, to allow me to be with myself in a way that allows me access to all the insights I need to be successful in any given area of my life.

While I have a particular way of tuning in, carving out time to be with yourself and allow yourself to feel into your body, is a really great start.

Sitting in the silence with yourself is where the greatest lessons are to be found.

But this isn’t about tuning into yourself everytime sh*t hits the fan.

The effects of tuning in are cumulative.

When we go to the gym and work out for an hour, we don’t really see any change in our bodies at the end of the hour.

If we go every day for thirty days, however, then we do see a change.

So it is with our own spiritual practise.

Spiritual practice supports the development of personal power.

Spiritually powerful people are not necessarily people who do so much, as they are people around whom things get done.

You see being spiritual isn’t about becoming metaphysically complicated.

Spirituality is about simplicity.

The more we unload all the unnecessary ‘stuff’ we’ve taken on, the deeper we connect with our inner self.

The more we connect with our inner self, and embody the learnings and insights, the more peaceful and happy our existence.

Life isn’t meant to be hard!

But most people make it that way, because they don’t understand that inside of every single one of us, is a teacher, a guru, a healer.

And if we practise listening to that all-knowing voice, we know what we need to do to get the results we most desire in life.

There is nothing woo woo about having a spiritual practice.

To be spiritual quite literally means to be connected to yourself.

To really understand yourself on a deeper level.

And to spend time deepening that connection on a regular basis.

A spiritual practice is doing anything daily that allows you to connect with you.

In my Remarkable Relationships course I teach people how to tune into their True Self and clear limiting beliefs to deepen their love for themselves.

This is a practice I do daily.

And on the odd occasion I don’t do it, I feel it.

My day is a little haphazard.

It is on those days I don’t tune into myself that I have little accidents, like opening a door into my nose!

Having a daily spiritual practice has changed my life!!!

I’ve seen it change thousands of my client’s lives.

The benefits of having a dedicated spiritual practice are HUGE:

It provides clarity in the midst of chaos, it wipes the fog from your lens so you can see and act on opportunities you were previously unconscious of, it gives you precision and awareness, it lifts your mood, it creates a sense of safety and calm, it gives you self belief and self understanding, it draws you into the simplicity of the moment…

The benefits really are endless…

So if there is one thing I can encourage you to do today, is sit down with yourself and commit to having your own personal spiritual practice, however that may look like for YOU!

Your spiritual practice might be painting, meditating or playing golf.

It’s not so much about the form as it is about the profound and connective quality of the time spent within it.

Want a little more guidance?

My Remarkable Relationships 3-month course where I teach you how to connect in with your most inner self offers you the full life skills you need to essentially heal your life.

That said, if you simply want a beautiful spiritual practice, where you get to meditate, and use that meditation practice to listen to the guidance of your True Self, then you’ll love my shorter program The Way of Self-Love.

This program is less intensive than Remarkable Relationships, but offers you aa solid foundation upon which to come into harmony with yourself.

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2 Comments on “We ALL need a spiritual practice. Here’s why…”

  1. In my thinking, and in the understanding of my spirit, I agree with you. It was nice to read your offering. Thank you. It isn’t always easy to find like thinking, so when it is found, it refreshes.


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