Freedom from fear: Are you listening to your dreams?

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With a wedding on the horizon, it’s no surprise that my dreams have taken me down the isle of tiaras and cakes and flowers.

But last night I had a wedding dream that wasn’t so white and pretty.

There I was about to walk down the isle in my big white poufy dress (vintage-style of course!) when I realised my tiara wouldn’t fit into the hairdo my stylist had crafted like a bird’s nest upon my head.

Looking in the mirror I reaslised I’d forgotten to buy myself earrings for my special day.

As I began to contemplate what to do, I then realised that I didn’t even have shoes to walk down the isle in.

Dear me!

Finally, deciding that no tiara, no earrings and no shoes weren’t such a big deal – it hit me…..

I hadn’t written my vows yet?

And why hadn’t I written my vows?

Because we hadn’t even finished writing the ceremony with the celebrant.

Fear struck!

What would happen when I got to the end of the isle if there were no words to be said?

I didn’t find out, because that’s when I woke up.

Of course this scenario would never happen in real life, but this is just an example of how our dreams can be filled with fear.

Plagued with fear!

When we dream our subconscious is sorting through all of our emotional gunk, and bringing whatever needs to be resolved to the surface.

If you’re having nightmares it’s a good sign that you have fears that need addressing.

How do we get freedom from fear?

We listen to our dreams.

Perhaps keep a dream journal, where you write down what you remember as soon as you wake up.

Then just spend a moment feeling into what that nightmare brings up for you.

Do you have a fear of death or a fear of losing your job?

In order to get freedom from fear we need to spend time feeling into whatever fear our dream triggered in us.

If we do this and then take the necessary action, those fears will no longer plague our waking life.

This is how we can use our dreams to get freedom from fear; to move beyond the fear!

What was the personal learning for me?

I’d had some wedding people fail to get back to me, and it was clearly playing on my mind.

My subconscious was letting me know there were people I needed to touch base with.

And would you believe when I looked at the CD the celebrant had sent me, to start drafting our ceremony, it had been broken in the mail!

What a coincidence!

Or was it my subconscious knowing more about the situation than I knew consciously?

If we stop still long enough to listen, we can gain much insight into what’s going on in our subconscious.

We can find out what our subconscious is trying to communicate to us.

So if you want freedom from fear, listen to your dreams.

They never lie.

Want more help is getting freedom from fear?

Take a read of this blog I wrote a little while back, where I share the truth about fear, and how it’s actually an indicator of growth, not a reason to stand still.

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