Feel the fear and do it anyway.

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Do you sometimes feel like a huge tsunami is crashing in on you?

Is your life filled with perceived threats?

Financial sharks, relationship eels, health jellyfish all creating a life driven by fear.

We perceive danger at every corner of our life, using drugs, alcohol, unhealthy foods, smoking, retail therapy and the like, to dampen our consciousness and impair our ability to see the world in a non-threatening way.

Incessant mental chatter is a good example of a brain in fear.

The great news is, those feelings of fear, worry, anxiety (which is just a fear of the future) and not knowing what to expect; they’re all part of the transformation process.


When we feel fear, it means that we’re dipping our toes into deeper waters, and while that may initially feel out of our Comfort Zone, it’s actually where the growth happens.

I liken the Comfort Zone to Small Zone.

Not so comfy when you think of it that way!

And when we step out of Small Zone, what do we step into?

Big Zone of course.

And I’m sure you’d prefer to be in Big Zone making waves with all the big fish, yeah?

It’s only when we do something different to what we’ve always done, that we’re able to get results different to what we’ve always got.

The biggest mistake most people make is they decide to wait for the fear to subside before they take action.

This leaves people waiting for… well… forever!

Don’t wait for the fear to capsize, feel the fear and dive in anyway.

Fear is nothing more than a lighthouse letting you know you’re about to travel into more Utopian waters.

That’s why you need to get comfy with being uncomfy if you want to create a life you absolutely adore.

In 90 percent of cases fear is nothing more than…

False Evidence Appearing Real

…a construct of the limiting beliefs we hold about ourself, mixed with a good ‘ol dose of ‘never done this before’.

Through life you will oscillate in and out of your base state of love and your ego space of fear – that’s simply part of the growth.

That’s why you need to look the big sword-wielding fear pirate in the eye and not let him stop you taking the action you know, deep down, that will bring more love into your life.

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