Wearing a Jade Egg versus ‘practising’ with a Jade Egg.

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I regularly get asked the question: Why do I need a dedicated Jade Egg practice?

Can’t I just wear the Jade Egg?

Sure, you can.

However, simply wearing your Jade Egg will only allow in a fraction of the healing available to you.

And as I explain in mu blog: Do I have a weak pelvic floor or a strong pelvic floor?, depending on the current state of your pelvis, you could do yourself damage by wearing the jade Egg.

Let me explain…

The body is constantly seeking to heal itself.

It wants to be in a state of wholeness.

However that healing doesn’t become fully available if we’re busy doing things.

The body only has so much energy to complete its tasks, and in order to facilitate healing, it needs us to slow right down!

For the body to initiate healing, it needs to be in a state of relaxation.

And I’m not talking about sleep.

When we sleep, we don’t always wake feeling refreshed.

That’s because our brain often goes into active processing, which is anything but restful.

For real healing, we need conscious relaxation.

Being awake, yet in a state of relaxation.

Rest is a distinct physiological state, that provides the body time to recover.

And studies have shown that it takes at least 15 minutes for the physical body to relax.

Only then can the healing begin.

Hence why any practice with a Jade Egg, really needs to be at least 25-30 minutes long.

So we need to create time for the body to relax, but we also need to create space where we can focus our attention on the area we wish to heal.

You may have heard the Taoist saying:

Where attention goes, energy flows.

This is very true when it comes to healing the body.

If our mind is busy thinking about that work project, driving across town while listening to a podcast, or running after the kids, you can bet there’s not much attention being directed at your vagina, even if your Jade Egg is resting snug inside.

The mind is anywhere but on your vagina!

Yes, wearing a Jade Egg creates a little resistance for your vagina and pelvic floor to work with as you go about life, but that isn’t a targeted practice that facilitates deep inner healing.

A targeted practice is one where you are consciously squeezing and releasing, not just as you would in Kegels, but in a way that works with the entire ‘pelvic parfait’!

Inside the pelvic bowl are layers of muscles, organs, tissues and facia – what I call the ‘pelvic parfait’ – and in order to create optimum sexual health, you need to work with that entire area, not just one specific muscle as you do in Kegels.

(Learn more about pelvic fascia in my blog: ‘Fascia, chi and the Jade Egg.’)

If you work with one particular muscle, doing a squeeze here and there in between your chores, you create an imbalance in the way the different parts interact with each other.

When this happens, weakness and tension – which are responsible for most sexual health problems – begin to develop.

So when you work with the Jade Egg, you want to learn how to work with the entire pelvic parfait.

You also want to learn how to sync up your breathing so it matches your vaginal contractions.

Most people actually do ‘reverse breathing’ which puts the sexual organs at risk of prolapse.

In order for you to focus on the breathing and the squeeze and marry that with simple, yet potent postures that direct energy to the pelvis for healing, you need to engage your full attention.

Using a Jade Egg correctly isn’t just a quick mindless squeeze here and there!

That’s how people end up accumulating pelvic tension.

And tension creates a weak pelvic floor.

You need to focus your attention on both the squeeze and the release, and ensure that there is a full activation and a full letting go playing out in your pelvis.

So you can start to see how taking time out – at least 30 minutes – allows time for your body to enter a healing state of relaxation and for you to focus your full conscious attention on your lady parts.

Only then do you set the scene for healing to take centre stage.

Of course, the comment I often hear is:

‘But I don’t have time to spend half an hour three times per week using my Jade Egg?’

Me personally? 

I don’t have time to deal with the horrific (and timely) side-effects of having one of my sexual organs fall out through my vagina!

I prefer a practice in prevention, as opposed to having to heal a problem I could have prevented.

What we need to understand, is that being busy is a choice.

You can read more in my blog: ‘Too busy? Do you know how to press pause?’

If we want to experience healing, we need to make time for healing.

And it’s up to us to decide to make ourself a priority, no matter what busy life we may lead.

What I often find, is that for many people, being busy is actually a ‘cover’ for not wanting to spend time with oneself.

For many woman they don’t feel ‘worthy’ of making time for themselves.

Yet, when they do make the conscious commitment to practise with their Jade Egg, those feelings of unworthiness and any lack of self-acceptance, begins to surface and thus, resolve.

Old thinking patterns and limiting beliefs come into our awareness so they can be healed.

That’s the magic of having an actual Jade Egg practice; you heal not only the physical body, but your mental and emotional self too.

And that’s the key to long lasting healing; to work with the mind and the body at the same time.

What’s beautiful about the Yoga for the Vagina practice, is because of the way the practice is structured, you will only experience that which you are ready to heal.

So you can trust that your practice will move at a pace that’s comfortable for you.

Ok… we know that to create deep inner healing we need a dedicated practice we can bring our conscious awareness to.

Why else is a dedicated Jade Egg practice necessary?

Because simply inserting the Jade Egg, as you would a tampon, and wearing the Jade Egg skips one very important healing opportunity.


The vagina is designed to be able to sip the egg inside by itself.

Yet for most women, the bulbocavernosus muscle at the vaginal opening (part of the pelvic floor) has atrophied, making sipping extremely difficult.

A healthy vagina is one that can sip the Jade Egg inside in just a couple of sips.

Through having a dedicated practice you can re-awaken the bulbocavernosus muscle so you can sip.

This creates physical healing so that the bulbocavernosus muscle can interact with its adjoining muscles as it was designed – creating more overall health within the pelvis – while also creating emotional healing.

How we accept things into our vagina is a mirror of how we accept things into our life in general.

For many women they simply allow a penis or tampon or Jade Egg to be pushed inside, more often than not, before they’re ready.

If you’ve ever had a rushed sexual experience or felt some discomfort as you pushed in a tampon, you know what I’m talking about!

This hurry to get something inside, creates vaginal trauma.

It also forms a habit where we unconsciously allow in people’s unhelpful comments, unhealthy actions or negative situations.

You may not want to be treated a certain way at work, but you allow it in, because you’re essentially ‘programmed’ to allow in treatment that goes against what you consciously want.

When we begin to practise sipping our Jade Egg, we start to dissolve this patterning.

We start to become more consciously aware of what we’re allowing into our life.

And we start to honour ourself in such a way, that we consciously choose what we do and don’t allow into our life (and our vagina).

This is one of the key teachings in Yoga for the Vagina, because in my mind, Sipping is one of the most powerful exercises to learn.

Not only because we’re awakening a weak muscle – and thus helping the pelvic floor become more balanced and toned – but we’re completely rewiring the way we interact with life.

So with all of that said, it’s not that wearing the Jade Egg is bad, per say.

It’s just that it needs to be a complimentary part of our Jade Egg use, not the whole of it.

I wouldn’t’ recommend wearing your Jade Egg for any more than 1 hour per day, and only after you have done an actual practice with the Jade Egg that has focused on releasing tension.

And if you have any form of pelvic tension right now, I do not recommend wearing the Jade Egg at all, as this can create more tension.

If you’re not sure if you have pelvic tension, have a read of my blog: Do I have a weak pelvic floor or a strong pelvic floor?

So by all means wear your Jade Egg, but make the dedicated Jade Egg practice your priority.

Women who explore Yoga for the Vagina generally see results within just a couple of weeks, because it’s so focused on getting you connected to, not only your vagina, but your entire pelvis.

We need a regular internal workout for a resilient pelvic structure that will lead to optimal structural integrity throughout the entire body.

The type of structural integrity that supports our sexual organs in performing their most important jobs, right into your twilight years.

So if you’d like to learn how to foster a Jade Egg practice that facilitates deep inner healing, then I invite you to explore Yoga for the Vagina.

I developed this practice so that I could help guide women back home to themselves.

To a place of wholeness.

Find out more at www.yogaforthevagina.com

I have since published a fresh blog called ‘Fascia, chi and the Jade Egg’ which goes into intimate depth on how the Jade Egg directly works with the fascia of the pelvic bowl to increase chi flow, and thus facilitate healing and expanded states of pleasure.

Click here to have a read, and increase your understanding of the body.

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