Too Busy? Do you know how to press pause?

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When you finish an activity do you rush off to your next busy engagement like a mouse being chased by a cat, or do you take a moment pause?

To be with your experience and be with yourself?

Most people’s lives are so full to the brim they’re bursting at the seams, relationships and productivity compromised by this multi-tasking society has come to love.

Too busy busy busy doing all this stuff, there’s no room to feel the groove of our life.

To pause.

When I began playing drums at 12-years-old I wanted to impress people; play a ka-zillion ghost notes in between the triple paradiddles I’d inflict on my tom toms.

I wanted to do drum fills that were technically spectacular!

That was until I started playing with my first band and realised that making the fills too busy took away from the backbeat.

The simpler the beat I played, the more the music flowed and the more people could dance to the song being performed.


Because overcomplicating the piece of music – making it too busy – led to a whole lotta noise.

If a scientist looks close enough at an atom what does he find?

Music comes out of space.

If there were no space to begin with, there would just be a jumble of overlapping sounds.

A melody too busy to be truly enjoyable.

This is what many people’s lives resemble; a jumble of overlapping tasks, mile-long to-do lists, rushed conversations coupled in with the most soul-destroying habit of multi-tasking.

We overcomplicate life, and so life becomes a jumble.

Busy busy busy. Go go go. Way too busy.

What happens when things get too busy and life becomes a jumble of noise?

Nothing really.

You’re stuck in the noise, unable to really move forward because there’s too much going on to get any sort of clarity on what you want, let alone how to get it.

It’s much like a traffic jam.

Too much traffic keeps you stuck.

Too much noise hurts your ears and gives you a headache.

Being on the go all the time reduces your experience of life, minimising the beauty of it, shrinking it down to a never-ending dash from one thing to the next.

Where is the joy in that?

Great speakers use space to captivate an audience all the time.

They take a moment to ‘pause’ right before they deliver some meaningful insight that shouldn’t be missed.

If their words came out in one continuous stream, we’d miss the message that could potentially change our life.

And yet this is how most people live life, missing the juice.

Missing the joy.

Missing life.

This week I invite you to take time to pause.

Let go of being too busy and be still.

Sit in the space and appreciate the beauty of it.

That emptiness is where creation is born.

Look at a blank manuscript; if it were already full of notes you wouldn’t be able to write a masterpiece.

Neither can you turn your life into a masterpiece if it’s too full of notes and time signatures that accidentally made their way onto the staves!

When you learn how to make rests speak louder than notes that’s when you’re able to live in perfect harmony.

Life is a lot like music. You need to put some rests in there.

Too busy?

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