Do you have a spiritual teacher?

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The moment we are conceived we start learning; learning about life, learning about ourself.

We learn about how to operate in the world, how to relate with others, how to handle money, how to look after our body, how to think about ourself; essentially how to do this thing called ‘life’.

Yet when we grow up into an adult, and life isn’t turning out so great, do we go back and look at the lessons we learnt to see whether they are really serving us?

Some people do.

Most people don’t.

Yet it is these lessons we learnt – mostly from conception up until age seven – that set the foundation for how joyful and abundant our life is.

According to Yogi Bhajan, the master of Kundalini Yoga, we have four teachers in our life.

Our mother is our first teacher.

Well it makes sense as we did start out inside her!

And we begin our learning inside the womb, where we start to absorb our mother’s way of doing life; how she feels about herself, how safe she feels in this world, how she relates to others.

Our second teacher is our father.

He is the male figure in our life who supplies the example for us – or lack there of – if he is absent.

He becomes the standard to which we will compare every other man we meet.

Our third teacher is many.

Friends, siblings, relatives, carers, school figures; these are all our third teacher.

They take on a major role of influence in our life.

This is where we start to model ourselves on what others do, we experience peer pressure, we are confronted with various different views of the world.

Life at this point can become a little confusing.

We may feel like we’re being tugged in so many different ways, that we lose touch of what we want, and start acting out what others think we should want.

Now I need to stop and say this…

These three teachers – who all played significant roles in our lives and played massive parts in our beliefs about ourself and the world around us – were simply sharing lessons with us based on what they learnt from their three teachers.

Unfortunately many of them will have been brought up learning things that were not helpful in living a happy and healthy life.

Things that have led to a life of hardship, struggle, pain, worry, anxiety, depression, sickness… and so the list goes on.

Despite their best intentions to impart their life lessons with us, their own belief systems will have impacted what they shared with us.

Hence to say we may not have received the best life lessons we could have.

Then we get to our forth teacher.

Our forth teach is our spiritual teacher.

In the West the spiritual teacher is not so well known, as we are not brought up understanding the importance of developing our spiritual self.

(For we are spiritual beings here having a human experience for a set time – but that’s for another blog).

What is the role of the spiritual teacher?

To correct all the things we learnt in error from the first three teachers.

The spiritual teacher’s mission to help us learn about ourselves – about our True Self NOT our ego – so we can experience more ease, joy and happiness in their life.

So life can be a pleasant experience, as opposed to the struggle it ends up being for so many people these days.

When we decide to learn how to do something – mountain climb, dance, play an instrument or learn a new language – we hire a teacher or guide or instructor.

Someone who knows how to do that discipline well – who has studied that discipline – and can ensure we don’t get hurt along the way.

That guide gives us instructions on how to do that particular thing in the smoothest most efficient and safest way.

Now given that we are spiritual beings – that life is our playground – wouldn’t you think we should have a life, or spiritual teacher, to help us navigate our way through life in the smoothest possible way?

Given that most of our first three teachers did not study life (and spirituality) then surely it would make sense that we seek out a forth teacher who can help us gain the life lessons we never learnt growing up?

If so, do you have a spiritual teacher right now?

Do you have someone to show the ropes and ensure that you have the skills and understanding to make your life shine?

And if not, are you ready for one?

Really ready?

Because deciding to work with a spiritual teacher takes commitment.

Commitment to self.

It means being open to looking deep within to see where you have strayed from yourself so you can learn the lessons needed to reconnect with yourself.

For that is what the spiritual journey is about: Learning how to live as your spiritual self.

Now that doesn’t mean giving up sex, chocolate or your designer wardrobe and moving to the mountains to eat kale and meditate all day!

It simply means arriving at the place where you do not ‘need’ material possessions or people or outcomes to feel happy, complete and at ease within your gorgeous self.

So are you ready for a spiritual teacher?

A teacher to take you deep into yourself?

If so, I would be honoured to introduce you to your True Self and help you undo the lessons you learnt from your first three teachers that are no longer serving you.

I have made my full time job, studying and embodying my spiritual self.

Because I learnt early on, that was indeed the key to experiencing real life magic.

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In next week’s blog I expand on this topic and share how life really is our school.

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