Surviving xmas and keeping your relos!

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If your family get-together makes you feel like you want to suffocate your siblings (or your parents) in a stocking, don’t despair, surviving xmas is possible.


Christmas can be full of cheer and happiness and kisses under the mistletoe, if you do a little internal work and recognise that any trigger points round the dinner table are the most valuable gifts one can receive.

You may get along well enough with your siblings when you’re in your new grown-up-life.

But the moment you’re back in the family home, surrounded by family, if you haven’t resolved the issues from your childhood, it can be all too easy to you regress to being a five-year-old again.

This is what I shared during my interview on Channel 9’s Weekend Today Show

As a child we’re programmed to act and behave in a certain way (based on how our parents are) and we carry that into our adult life.

So, if as a child you were given attention every time you misbehaved, then you may see ‘acting out’ as your way to get love.

So that’s how you do life.

Someone says you can’t have something and so you act-out to get what you want, because that’s how it worked when you were a child.

Now these programming patterns can be broken – and that’s where I suggest working with a therapist such as myself who practices subconscious mind techniques, to help clear any emotions or negative patterns you’ve developed as a child.

When you do this, and you have resolved any possible trigger points, Christmas dinner becomes a breeze.

Surviving xmas becomes easy.

Even pleasurable!

If someone says something negative, you don’t go into emotion, you simply recognise that that person has their own unresolved issues, and is simply acting from that place of hurt.

So the more people resolve their issues from the past, the easier they will find interacting with difficult characters, not just at Christmas, but in all areas of their life.

Do recognise that your sister isn’t really evil.

Just because she pulled the head off your Barbie doll when you were five doesn’t mean that she hates you.

If this is how you feel, then you have unresolved issues from the past that need clearing.

The important thing to realise is that no one can make you feel a certain way.

The only reason someone’s harsh comment would affect you, is if you have unresolved emotions.

So if you find yourself reacting at Christmas, take that as a gift.

That person has just showed you some issues you need to clear.

Family members really are our greatest teachers.

Every time they trigger us into emotion, they give us something new to look at.

If we work on clearing that issue, we grow as a person, and thus become much happier in who we are.

I hope this serves you and helps make surviving xmas that little be easier!

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