Mirror reflections: It’s not you, it’s me.

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I’ll be honest, I struggled to know what to call this blog, and Mirror Reflections: It’s not you, it’s me is what finally arrived into my consciousness. For a long time relationships confused and baffled me, upset and hurt me, left me and abandoned me, and then one day… I learnt what I’m about to share here. The following teaching … Read More

Is he/she my soulmate?

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‘Is he/she my soulmate?’ This is a question I get asked a lot, especially from the women I work with one-on-one. ‘When will I meet my soulmate?’ ‘How will I know it’s him/her?’ ‘Am I in the wrong relationship?’ ‘What if my husband is not my soulmate?’ Such seemingly big questions if you, like most people, buy into the ‘soulmate’ … Read More

How to let go of old relationships.

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build self-confidence

Relationships are delightfully fulfilling at their best and gravel-rash painful at their worst. Whether it’s a good friend or a romantic partner, being able to let go after a relationship has ended, isn’t always easy. But if you’re open to exploring what that relationship gave you and what you can learn from it, then it can be one of the … Read More

Boost your self-love through community.

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When women come together in a group – as part of a community – something special happens. Something unexplainable… What is that something? Healing. Deep organic profound healing. Healing of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual self. How does this healing happen? Let me explain… Humans are social creatures; we are meant to connect. Sometimes those connections we have with … Read More

There is only one problem in life

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It seems like we have many problems in life; the car breaking down, our partner leaving us, money struggles keeping us from having the life we desire, an overwhelming feeling of loneliness, diagnosis’ of depression, infertility, or even worse, cancer. Yet we really only have one problem. And that one problem is causing all of these other problems that we … Read More

Love story: Are you living yours?

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Every love story has a beginning. And it usually starts with someone searching for true love. I know for me, I always wanted to find ‘The One’. The romantic in me always on the lookout for her Prince, always hoping to experience that deep heart-felt connection. And for many years I searched and searched, experiencing flings and rendezvous’ that while … Read More

Sharing your wins with love.

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Do you brag or do you inspire? I had a really interesting conversation this week which revealed that while I like to share my wins, the person I was chatting to steers away from this and prefers to share his problems. Why? He doesn’t want to sound as though he’s bragging, which is fair enough. My view however, is that … Read More

Surviving xmas and keeping your relos!

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If your family get-together makes you feel like you want to suffocate your siblings (or your parents) in a stocking, don’t despair, surviving xmas is possible. Truly! Christmas can be full of cheer and happiness and kisses under the mistletoe, if you do a little internal work and recognise that any trigger points round the dinner table are the most … Read More

Honest Conversations: Are you having them?

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It became obvious to me in the past week or so how confronting some people find honest conversations. So let’s begin by discussing what an honest conversation is: An honest conversation is letting a person know your true feelings about a particular action or lack of action they took, that has left you feeling a negative emotion such as hurt, fear, … Read More

Lets talk about sex… baby!

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Sex isn’t usually the topic of conversation at morning tea, unless of course you’re Samantha from Sex And The City! But how many of us ladies LOVE that show? Why do we get so into it? Because it looks at a topic that most of us aren’t privy to in our everyday working lives: Sex. We do it. It’s what made us, yet … Read More

Lust at first sight: Do you mix up love with a full-blown bout of longing lust?

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We all know what lust feels like. That electric spark that passes from you to your heartthrob each time you touch. That sense of ‘I’ve found The One’ washing over you, before you’ve had a chance to even find out his/her name! Yet this head-over-heels feeling we’ve all been swept up by at one time or another is likely to … Read More

Relationship problems: Are you whole on your own?

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We read it in romance novels, we hear it in Hollywood movies, hell, I’m sure a few friends of yours have thrown around the line: ‘He completes me’. Do you subscribe to this statement? Or do you realise that it’s one of the most disempowering phrases you can think, let alone say out loud. Why do I smash this statement apart … Read More

Emotional Affairs. Are you having one?

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Affairs of the heart can be even more harmful than physical affairs – and given that 70% of all marriages experience an extra-marital affair (according to Sexual Health Australia) I felt the need to shed some light on what an emotional affair actually is, and what’s needed to stop your relationship from becoming a shocking statistic. So lets first look at what an emotional affair is… … Read More

Change him or change me? Where do you sit?

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It’s not often I single out women, but they seem to be the main culprits when it comes to thinking they can change a man. How many times do we hear her say: ‘Oh, it’s ok I’ll change him once we’re married’, or ‘He’s changing into the man I want him to be? Well, I’ve gotta ask: Why did you date him … Read More

Has your relationship gone sour?

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Most long-term relationships have their high seasons and their low seasons; one minute the tree of love is ripe with mouth-watering fruit, and the next the apples are rotting on the ground. No matter which part of the season you’re at in your relationship, you can salvage the crop and have juicy, delicious fruit all year round. Whether you’ve been … Read More

The blog that will change your relationships! Enough said. Read on…

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We all want to feel happy, loved… hell… we want to have fun, positive experiences, yeah? Some people try to reach those happy states of being by booking in for an extravagant holiday, others let a Hollywood movie deliver them that cliché ‘happily ever after’. But where are those real happy (warm and fuzzy inside) feelings to be found? In the people, not … Read More

How friendly is your environment?

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build self-confidence

Have a think about that for a moment. Have you ever taken the time to actually consider whether the people you surround yourself with are a positive influence on you and where you want to go in life? Are they people that inspire you? Or are they people who knock down your ideas and reinforce that any attempt to move … Read More

Where are you getting your love this Valentines Day?

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We all want to feel loved on the most romantic day of the year, but left to chance, love could be missing this Valentines Day. That’s why I encourage people to start learning how to love yourself, as that’s the key to getting love, whether you’re in a relationship or still searching for your ‘Happily Every After’. When February 14th rolls around … Read More

Shopping for a lover.. online? Go on. Try it on for size!

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If it’s ok to shop online for books, clothes, and household goods, why are so many people hesitant to checking out the vast array of potential mates online? We seem to be fine with shopping around for the perfect car, the perfect dress, or the perfect nail colour, so is tracking down the perfect partner any different? Really? With people … Read More

Good friendships put the colour in your cheeks. How is your friend bank?

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A lack of good, positive friendships is a recipe for depression, loneliness and feelings of unworthiness. As human’s we’re meant to connect – we’re social creatures. We need, just as we need air, food and water, to be part of the woven pattern of human life. So, if you’re not bonding with people who give you permission to shine, it … Read More

The Love Sandwich… how to relate better!

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What’s your first reaction when someone criticises you or your work? Is it to put up a brick wall of defence so you no longer hear or take on anymore of the negativity thrown your way? What if there was a more positive approach to sharing your feedback, in a way that benefited both parties? Let’s consider what would happen differently, if that someone (perhaps … Read More

To flirt or not to flirt.. at work?

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That is certainly the question!! And with so many of us working long tiresome hours, it’s no surprise that office romance blossoms into existence. Know that just because you practically live at your desk, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a little romance. Office romance may often be frowned upon, but give you have common ground, that’s a great foundation for … Read More

Surviving Valentine’s Day single

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Being single on Valentines Day can be tough, but making it through the most romantic day of the year can be a real eye-opener, if you’re up for the challenge. I believe, learning how to date yourself is the first step to attracting a healthy and loving relationship with someone else. When February the 14th rolls around loved up couples will be focusing … Read More

‘Letting Go of Toxic Relationships’, Women’s Health and Fitness, 2011.

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Letting Go: How to free yourself from toxic relationships The world is full of unhealthy and toxic relationships. Maybe you’re refusing to remove those rose-coloured glasses, or it could be a classic case of fear that’s keeping you trapped in the toxicity. Either way, if a relationship isn’t serving you, it’s time to leave. And the sooner, the better. Being … Read More

Eye contact

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The eyes are more than just the ‘windows to the soul; they’re a powerful communication tool! Let’s have a look at how to use our eyes to enhance study, boost sales, and even score a date. Eye contact is often an overlooked aspect of communication, but believe it or not, it can tell a lot about a person. So-called ‘Introverts’ … Read More

Energy Vampires: How to Identify Life Suckers

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Every human interaction involves an energy exchange, but some people – known as energy vampires – simply drain you dry. So lets have a look at how to identify those life suckers. Even if you feel great, energy vampires can leave you feeling lethargic and depressed – or with physical symptoms, like a headache – quicker than you can say ‘crucifix’. … Read More

‘Laughrodisiacs’, Women’s Health and Fitness, 2007

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The secret ingredient in love is laughter, and as Oscar Wilde once said “relationships are too important to be taken seriously”.  Tamra Mercieca looks at how laughter can enhance relationships. Laughter in a relationship is a treasure. It is one of our primary reasons for even wanting a partner. All of us can feel the magic power of laugher after … Read More