Energy Vampires: How to Identify Life Suckers

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Every human interaction involves an energy exchange, but some people – known as energy vampires – simply drain you dry.

So lets have a look at how to identify those life suckers.

Even if you feel great, energy vampires can leave you feeling lethargic and depressed – or with physical symptoms, like a headache – quicker than you can say ‘crucifix’.

While I’d love to say a cross and a big sack of garlic would do the trick, unfortunately, we need to take a more considered approach.

Simply put, we need energy to function in this world.

That’s why it’s vital we protect ourselves when around these so-called energy vampires – and protecting yourself involving ensuring that you are FULL.

FULL of self-love.

FULL of self-belief.

For when you are FULL, no one – no matter how negative they are – can suck the life out of you.

That is why you need to learn how to top up your own energy.

And that takes filling yourself up with self-love daily.

Check out my blog Dating You for details on how to do this.

So now we know this, now lets look at what an energy really vampire is.

An energy vampire is someone who has so much negativity in their life, they suck you dry of your life force.

You may also know these creatures as Drama Queens, Complainers, Critics or Blamers! Do you recognise your friend yet?

Setting boundaries is the first step in reserving your energy supplies.

Your friend (the energy vampire) is getting away with bad behaviour because you are allowing him or her to dump on you.

You need to change the relationship by letting that person know how you want to be treated.

You may need to tell them: ‘I understand work is troubling you, but it’s time to take action on this, because I can’t keep listening to you complain about this for another three years.’

You may find this approach abrupt, but you are doing yourself a disservice by allowing this these people to unload on you.

If you are depleted you are no good to yourself or anyone else.

You need to take ownership of how you feel and do what it takes to protect yourself and your energy levels.

If that means setting rules on what can or can’t be discussed during catch-ups, then that’s the way it must be.

Either your friend will target some other poor soul, or your honesty will spur him or her into making the changes necessary to get out of his  or her coffin.

Try this ritual to strengthen your energy reserves: Think of a golden white pouring down on top of you, showering your entire body in gold. Then visualise this a shield, protecting you from bad energies.

Remember how I said you need to stay FULL?

This visualisation could be just the thing to fill you up so you don’t fall prey to any energy vampires!

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