Healthier living could be one big breath away.

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How well do you breathe? Do you even know? Or is breathing something you do completely unconsciously, letting your autonomic nervous system supply you with oxygen however it sees fit? The majority of people do not breathe well. Sure, they get enough air to get through life, but not enough to feel alive and vital in every moment. Not enough … Read More

Festive feng shui

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Christmas is traditionally a time to celebrate, but sometimes family tensions can sour the day.  But what if you could use a little Feng Shui to to minimise eruptions between long lost relatives, and create a harmonious atmosphere? We all want December 25 to be as smooth and fun filled as possible, and Feng Shui has been shown to be super effective … Read More

Water works

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Unless you’re from Mars, you’ve heard about the ‘eight glasses of water a day’ thing. Yet it’s amazing how many people don’t drink enough, hence why I felt the need to look at the dangers of dehydration this week. Most people these days are running around on a daily basis dehydrated to some extent. Unless you’re drinking two to three … Read More

Energy Vampires: How to Identify Life Suckers

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Every human interaction involves an energy exchange, but some people – known as energy vampires – simply drain you dry. So lets have a look at how to identify those life suckers. Even if you feel great, energy vampires can leave you feeling lethargic and depressed – or with physical symptoms, like a headache – quicker than you can say ‘crucifix’. … Read More