How friendly is your environment?

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Have a think about that for a moment.

Have you ever taken the time to actually consider whether the people you surround yourself with are a positive influence on you and where you want to go in life?

Are they people that inspire you?

Or are they people who knock down your ideas and reinforce that any attempt to move away from your current pains is a waste of your precious time.

We are very much a product of our environment.

We tend to mimic those around us.

They unconsciously inflict their beliefs upon us – just one tiny comment enough to stop us from taking action that could get us closer to where we wish to be in life.

No matter how careful we are not to take on their gunk, sometimes limiting beliefs slip through and create self-doubt.

There’s this old theory that if I wanted to know how much you earn, all I would need to do is find out what your five closest friends earn, and you would be the average.

Of course, many say, ‘But I have a friend who earns a huge sum,’ and just as this may be true, you may also have a friend who earns a lot less than you.

From my experience this theory is correct most of the time.

Does this mean you should drop all of your friends if they are not achieving the outcomes that you desire in business or career, health, emotions, money or finance, relationships or spirituality?

The answer is absolutely not.

You could instead add new friends to your environment.

When I work with clients, part of the formula for creating change, is for them to surround themselves with people who have already achieved the goal they’re working towards.

The reason for this, is because those people have a certain set of beliefs that make them feel worthy of being where they are.

Even if a person catches up with them for a cuppa once a week, the successful person’s beliefs will start to rub off on that person.

Positive influences inspire us.

They give us extra drive and motivation and insights into how they act on opportunities.

Just being in the company of a person who is doing really well in your goal area, is enough to help you step up – propel you forward.

Sure, there are other parts of the equation, but this is a major component.

So be mindful of who you choose to spend time with.

And know the influence they have over the way you live your life.

Then get out there and surround yourself who will help you soar – lift you up, so you can fly!

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