Give the gift of presence this Chrissy

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What’s the best present you can give your loved ones this year?

Although many might argue that a new car, fancy necklace or a little lovin’ are all ideal gifts – consider this:

Material objects while lovely, don’t really nourish us.

What they do is give us a little bit of joy when they’re shiny and new, but that wanes.

Giving ‘presence’ is the true gift we all crave at Christmas time (and all year round for that matter).

Presence is such an amazing gift because nowadays many different things constantly distract us at any given moment.

Our mobile phone is just one technological device that takes people away from connecting – from being present – no matter where you are.

With kids, full time jobs and whatever else that occupy our time, we live in a society where ‘multi-tasking’ is celebrated.

Ultimately, the joke’s on us, because our mind can only truly focus on one thing at a time.

If that thing isn’t the person you are with, then you are not being present.

And you are giving that person permission to do the same.

This vicious cycle of disconnect is a big part of why many people don’t feel the deep intimate connection they desire.

When you’re disconnected from your friends, family and lover, it’s very difficult to really feel nourished by the interaction.

So my suggestion this Christmas is, give your loved ones a gift of ‘presence’ this year; time where you can indulge in each other’s company uninterrupted, without distraction.


Turn the mobile phone OFF.

Commit to be in the moment and be fully present this holiday season.

And I’ll take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy and safe Christmas.

Enjoy the break and I’ll be back blogging in the New Year!

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