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The eyes are more than just the ‘windows to the soul; they’re a powerful communication tool!

Let’s have a look at how to use our eyes to enhance study, boost sales, and even score a date.

Eye contact is often an overlooked aspect of communication, but believe it or not, it can tell a lot about a person.

So-called ‘Introverts’ struggle to hold eye contact, which signals shyness, but this can be misinterpreted for rudeness or boredom.

On the flipside, maintaining eye contact lets a person know you are confident and honest.

Making eye contact allows you to let another person in and form an intimate bond.

A mutual gaze has the power to narrow the physical gap between humans.

That’s why it’s hard to lie to someone when you’re looking directly into their eyes.

One of the first signs that someone is interested is eye contact.

You’ll often see flirting masters make eye contact with the object of their desire, hold their gaze for a couple of seconds, then shyly look away, only to follow it up with another look and a warm smile.

This happens before any conversation is exchanged and can be done from across the room of a busy pub or as you walk by someone in the street.

Eye contact will usually be enough to entice that person to come over and start a conversation.

Sustained eye contact engages a person, sparking curiosity, while drawing them in.

It’s a key ingredient in shaping your social skills.

But learning good eye contact skills will do more than simply get you a date.

Good sales people, politicians and public speakers all understand how to use eye contact to their advantage:

The job interview… 

This skill is especially important when you want to sell yourself to a potential employer.

No eye contact can give the impression that you lack confidence or are hiding something, while maintaining the interviewer’s stare shows you are genuine and believe in your own abilities.

Because it helps build rapport, it will greaten your chances of being hired.

Public Speaking…

Communications expert Robert Graham says when speaking to a group as a whole, imagine you are having individual conversations with one person in the group at a time.

“You will make your listeners feel more connected and that will make you feel more comfortable speaking to groups of people.”


Recent studies suggest that eye contact has a positive impact on the retention and recall of information and may promote more efficient learning.

When you look at someone in the eyes it induces trance, which puts them into the learning state where they absorb more information.


Salespeople all over the world keep potential buyers interested by using rapport-building techniques like eye contact.

Whether you’re selling a car or a nice dress, a person is more likely to do business with you if you engage them through your eyes.

When an object arouses a person their pupils dilate, which is a big cue for sales staff.

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