Lets talk about sex… baby!

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Sex isn’t usually the topic of conversation at morning tea, unless of course you’re Samantha from Sex And The City!

But how many of us ladies LOVE that show?

Why do we get so into it?

Because it looks at a topic that most of us aren’t privy to in our everyday working lives: Sex.

We do it.

It’s what made us, yet there’s still this fear around discussing it in any real depth.

The thing is, sexual desire is so natural and healthy that the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology report that the muscle contractions we claim make up an orgasm, are first experienced in the womb!

Yes ladies and gents.

We were caressing ourselves into pleasurable states while we were inside our mother’s bellies!!

Does this not say that we are sexual beings?

Unfortunately society – through misinformation and other silly notions – has made sex out to be dirty; something to be kept to yourself.

Certainly not something to be discussed out in a public space.

Well I will be going against that very ideal when I talk about all-things sex – from how to use our sexual experiences to heal the body, to being able to achieve multiple and full body orgasms – at this year’s Sexpo in Melbourne.

Click here to check out a video recording of one of my Sexpo talks.

The basic sex education we’ve been given – which usually covers off where you put it and warnings about crabs and making babies – fails to give any detail on the delicious pleasure available to us.

What has this lead to?

People having little sex or the type of sex that fails to satisfy them, let alone nourish them.

When we hide away from something, we limit ourselves.

We stop ourselves from growing in that area – whether it be learning to drive to skydiving.

As long as you shy away from it, it will continue to bring up fear in you.

So this week I encourage you to start talking about sex.

Yeah baby!

Have some sexy chats with your gal-pals or man-mates.

Stop pushing sex under the covers, and allow yourself to be open to learning more about what has been a taboo topic for way too long.

Don’t worry; you won’t turn into a nymphomaniac!

This is about taking the shame out of the sexual act, letting go of any negative conditioning you’ve taken on around one of the most natural pleasures we humans can indulge in.

Sexual energy is our life-force energy and to deny yourself the fullness of what’s available to you, depletes you.

Struggling to get your head around it?

Then simply ask yourself: Why do I fear speaking about sex?

Is it because society tells me I shouldn’t do it?

It’s wrong?

Or is there actual evidence to support this?

Stop listening to others, and start listening to yourself, which knows that sex is a juicy, yummy experience that deserves your undivided attention.

Keen to learn more about sexual healing and debunk the myths that have you missing out on ultimate pleasure?

Then check out our online course Sexual Self.

And of course, don’t forget to leave a comment on your experience with talking about sex.

Let’s get the conversation started peeps!

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