Has your relationship gone sour?

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Most long-term relationships have their high seasons and their low seasons; one minute the tree of love is ripe with mouth-watering fruit, and the next the apples are rotting on the ground.

No matter which part of the season you’re at in your relationship, you can salvage the crop and have juicy, delicious fruit all year round.

Whether you’ve been together for 8 months of 80 years, the flavour can return to your relationship.

Where most people slip up, is they stop watering the orchard.

No sustenance, no harvest.

It’s the same with relationships.

What can often happen after the honeymoon period, is the two people settle into a comfy way of life and start putting their attention elsewhere; the kids, the career, friends and hobbies outside of the relationship.

Now I’m not saying not to have a life outside of your relationship; that is crucially important to watering your relationship with YOU!

What I am saying, is don’t turn off the supply to your relationship with your partner.

Relationships, just like an apple orchard, take time and energy.

You can’t leave them, and expect them to bear fruit on their own.

Go out on dates again.

Learn something new together – be it a language, dancing, or martial art.

Start educating yourself on where else you can take sex.

Sex with one partner only becomes stale if you are not having what I call ‘Gourmet sex’; multi and full body orgasms.

Nobody tires of those!

Trust me.

And if you’re not having those, it’s time to take some classes or read some books on ‘how’ you can reach those orgasmic experiences with your partner.

Relationships really are what we make them.

So make yours great.

No, make it phenomenal!

Make your relationship one that stands the test of time and continues to get better and better each day.

Our partners are our greatest reflectors – see what they bring up in you, and use that to weed out the nasty emotional gunk that’s holding you back in life.

If you need a hand in putting the passion and love back into your stale relationship, then join me on the Passion and Pleasure online summit.

I’ll be among over a dozen other relationship and sex experts from around the world (including the author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, Dr. John Gray) giving you the insights and tools required to have a healthy and nourishing relationship at all times.

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