Do you need more love in your relationship?

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Love, support and encouragement. Do you give these things to your partner, or do you give your partner something else? Snide remarks, put-downs and insulting looks of disgust; do you question their abilities and thus their potential? This is a topic I feel very passionately about because I am constantly seeing couples who lash out in each other in disrespectful … Read More

Relationship problems: Are you whole on your own?

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We read it in romance novels, we hear it in Hollywood movies, hell, I’m sure a few friends of yours have thrown around the line: ‘He completes me’. Do you subscribe to this statement? Or do you realise that it’s one of the most disempowering phrases you can think, let alone say out loud. Why do I smash this statement apart … Read More

Emotional Affairs. Are you having one?

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Affairs of the heart can be even more harmful than physical affairs – and given that 70% of all marriages experience an extra-marital affair (according to Sexual Health Australia) I felt the need to shed some light on what an emotional affair actually is, and what’s needed to stop your relationship from becoming a shocking statistic. So lets first look at what an emotional affair is… … Read More

Change him or change me? Where do you sit?

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It’s not often I single out women, but they seem to be the main culprits when it comes to thinking they can change a man. How many times do we hear her say: ‘Oh, it’s ok I’ll change him once we’re married’, or ‘He’s changing into the man I want him to be? Well, I’ve gotta ask: Why did you date him … Read More

Has your relationship gone sour?

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Most long-term relationships have their high seasons and their low seasons; one minute the tree of love is ripe with mouth-watering fruit, and the next the apples are rotting on the ground. No matter which part of the season you’re at in your relationship, you can salvage the crop and have juicy, delicious fruit all year round. Whether you’ve been … Read More