Singletons: Have you written your Perfect Partner list?

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Shopping for a car isn’t all that different to shopping for a man.


I took the same approach to finding my Prince, as I did to attracting Missy (my ’66 Mustang) into my life.

I wrote a Perfect Partner, come Perfect Car list!

Yes, just as I wrote down all the features I wanted in my vintage wheels –  interior comfort, a good suspension for stability on the roads, and power steering to help me easily navigate the bends we face daily – I wrote down what I wanted in my perfect partner.

And when I say ‘Perfect’, I’m talking about the perfect partner for me, as everyone’s ideal mate (or car) will be different!

These days people put all this time into deciding what they want in a vehicle that will probably be traded in in a few years, yet fail to get clear the features they want in a partner (who will hopefully be in their life for a very long time!).

Before they know it, they’ve settled for the first bomb they came across parked on the nature strip; buying the car out of need, as opposed to finding one that really inspired and made them feel all warm and tingly inside.

So start writing your list, and even if there is someone sleeping in your bed, write a list anyway.

How can we expect our partner to be the man or woman we want them to be, if we have no clue about what we desire from a partner?

Don’t think so much about physical traits like ‘tall, dark and handsome’, or things society says we should have in a partner.

This is about what you want.

Who is this man or woman at their core?

What do they stand for?

What do they value most in their life?

You want to be able to describe this person’s soul not his/her resume or BMI.

What is he/she passionate about?

What does the essence of this person feel and look like?

Forget the packaging, you want to connect with how they tick, not what they wear or how they do their hair.

What inspires and motivates them?

Instead of asking for a financial portfolio, request someone who values themselves enough to ask for what they’re worth in life.

Then finally: Ask yourself, why do I even want a partner?

Don’t say, because everyone else has one, or that’s just what you do.

Really consider why you want a partner and what you hope that will do for your already happy life.

The healthiest relationships are those where each person feels complete within themselves, and when they meet their match, that person is simply an added bonus.

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