Mirror reflections: It’s not you, it’s me.

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I’ll be honest, I struggled to know what to call this blog, and Mirror Reflections: It’s not you, it’s me is what finally arrived into my consciousness. For a long time relationships confused and baffled me, upset and hurt me, left me and abandoned me, and then one day… I learnt what I’m about to share here. The following teaching … Read More

Surviving xmas and keeping your relos!

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If your family get-together makes you feel like you want to suffocate your siblings (or your parents) in a stocking, don’t despair, surviving xmas is possible. Truly! Christmas can be full of cheer and happiness and kisses under the mistletoe, if you do a little internal work and recognise that any trigger points round the dinner table are the most … Read More

Honest Conversations: Are you having them?

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It became obvious to me in the past week or so how confronting some people find honest conversations. So let’s begin by discussing what an honest conversation is: An honest conversation is letting a person know your true feelings about a particular action or lack of action they took, that has left you feeling a negative emotion such as hurt, fear, … Read More

Life: Our biggest teacher

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We live in a world that applauds learning from others in a formalised manner. Now I’m not saying don’t get that university degree, take that music class or see a therapist to help you resolve that emotional debacle. What I am saying, is that there are other helpful ways of learning and growing and developing, and they don’t require forking out huge wads … Read More

Spring: The time of new growth. Are you ready to bloom?

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Spring is the time of new growth – we see this all around us as buds yawn open into the most beautiful flowers. So let me ask you: Do you feel like you’re magnificence is blossoming, or is the shade cloth stopping you from growing? If you’re withering behind the garden shed, then ask yourself why you’re not giving yourself … Read More

Has your relationship gone sour?

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Most long-term relationships have their high seasons and their low seasons; one minute the tree of love is ripe with mouth-watering fruit, and the next the apples are rotting on the ground. No matter which part of the season you’re at in your relationship, you can salvage the crop and have juicy, delicious fruit all year round. Whether you’ve been … Read More

Addicted to addiction: Do you keep seeking more?

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Last week I talked about using substances, people or things to fill the emptiness so many people in today’s world are familiar with; you may know it as an inner hunger for more. So in need to turn to an external source to feel some sort of positivity, they seek out louder, bigger or stronger fixes to give them that hit of … Read More

Is it time to let go of the rules? Life without control.

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Do rules lead to nourishing experiences or do they disassociate us? This is a question I pondered while visiting Bali last week. My first visit to the busy tourist island was an eye-opener in more ways than one could imagine. Let’s begin with the roads. Rules are thrown to the curb in favour of interactive driving. What you soon realise … Read More

Stretch: How flexible are you.. mentally?

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Have you ever stretched yourself? Not in the physical way a dancer or a keen yoga student might, but in the way that helps you break through personal barriers so you can experience a life far richer than you have in the past? Stretching yourself mentally helps you turn your life into a fairytale adventure where you live your ‘happily … Read More

Are you leaping from small zone into big zone?

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The comfort zone is an interesting phenomenon. Many people have quite an attachment to the good ‘ol comfort zone, sitting in it because it’s so, well comfy. It’ s like a big old lounge, it wraps around you, keeping you safe and secure; you know what to expect because it’s the lounge you’ve had since you can remember. But is this … Read More