Life: Our biggest teacher

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We live in a world that applauds learning from others in a formalised manner.

Now I’m not saying don’t get that university degree, take that music class or see a therapist to help you resolve that emotional debacle.

What I am saying, is that there are other helpful ways of learning and growing and developing, and they don’t require forking out huge wads of cash all of the time.

So I invite you to ask yourself: Who is the greatest teacher of all?

Or rather, what, is my greatest teacher?

The answer is ‘Life’.

Life and all the interactions and relationships we form are filled to the brim with valuable lessons you won’t learn in a classroom.

Only problem is, so many of us are too busy in our heads, we miss the lesson and continue seeking for answers from typical education facilities and educators.

We remain blind to the life lessons being thrown at us every minute of every day.

You see everything we need to learn, gets shown to us in the people and things around us.

Someone rubs you up the wrong way or triggers off an emotion, great!

They’ve just shown you there’s something unresolved within, you need to work on.

Perhaps your trust was abused as a child, and so the next time you’re in a situation where you need to trust, you put up a barrier or dip into some unresolved emotion from the past.

It is in the times of doom and gloom, the times of conflict and pain that the greatest lessons are to be found.

If we look upon every negative life experience as an opportunity to learn and grow, we become our own therapist, our own guru, our own best friend!

This does however, require you to be brave enough to reflect internally and admit that there is more for you to know about yourself and the world as a whole.

I see my relationship with my partner as my greatest teacher.

The interactions and conversations we have, teach me more and more about myself and life in general, every day.

Conflict is a great platform for growth, and it is with those who are closest to us, that we will gain the most valuable insights into our own being.

That is of course, if you are willing to see the treasure-trove of lessons on offer.

So my suggestion to you this week, is next time life throws you a doozy, open yourself up to seeing the lesson.

Look for the lessons in pain and frustration.

Know that those people who press your buttons are there to help you learn more about yourself.

Understand that every unfortunate circumstance brings with it the gift of growth for those ready to end the pattern of suffering and step into a life of happiness and inner fulfilment.

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