Are you leaping from small zone into big zone?

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The comfort zone is an interesting phenomenon.

Many people have quite an attachment to the good ‘ol comfort zone, sitting in it because it’s so, well comfy.

It’ s like a big old lounge, it wraps around you, keeping you safe and secure; you know what to expect because it’s the lounge you’ve had since you can remember.

But is this comfort zone really that comfy?

Or is it just that it offers us familiarity?

We start to form habits in life, that with time slip under the rug, and before we know it these same habits are suffocating us, restricting us; holding us back.

We become so scared of the new that leaving this comfort zone brings up way to much fear to even contemplate doing something different.

Problem is: Do the same thing, get the same result.

And so we continue to sit snug in our comfy lounge chair.

Sure it’s gone out of style now, it’s wearing think and got quite lumpy, but hey, it’s what we know.

People describe this as feeling ‘stuck in a rut’ or simply give up on opportunities before they’ve even considered them.

We get into the mindset of: ‘This is how life is, so this is how life will always be.’

That might be your way of thinking now but just as you can change your mindset, so too can you change your circumstances.

It’s for this very reason, I decided to re-label ‘comfort zone’, small zone.

And where are we when we’re not sitting in small zone?

We’re in big zone of course.

I don’t know about you, but I would much prefer to be in big zone, swimming with the big fish, rather than hanging out in small zone, doing the same thing day in day out.

It is only when we decide to step out of small zone, or comfort zone as you may still call it, that we are able to create change, we are able to get different results.

Sure, it may be a little scary to do something different, but it’s only when we do something different that we grow and we change our situation.

There is such a rich world out there full of fun opportunities, to stay sitting in small zone is a waste of such a life.

So, my advice is: Know that you will only stay small as long as you choose to stay in small zone.

Once you decide to leave, there’ll be no looking back, and you’ll be richer and wiser for having left the security of the old.

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