Why most therapy doesn’t work…

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I’ve spoken to thousands of people who’ve tried counseling, psychology and other new age therapies only to leave disappointed years later (and thousands of dollars down) with the same negative patterns still playing out in their life. They’ve read a library full of self-help books and given that 12-week challenge a go, and still the original problem is there. Why … Read More

Relationship Rescue: Do you have white knight syndrome?

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In fairytales the white knight recues the damsel in distress, falls in love, and saves the day – charming isn’t it? However, real-life knights are men and women who enter into romantic relationships with damaged and vulnerable partners, hoping that love will transform their partner’s behavior; a relationship pattern that seldom leads to a storybook ending. The rescuer enters the … Read More

Spring: The time of new growth. Are you ready to bloom?

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Spring is the time of new growth – we see this all around us as buds yawn open into the most beautiful flowers. So let me ask you: Do you feel like you’re magnificence is blossoming, or is the shade cloth stopping you from growing? If you’re withering behind the garden shed, then ask yourself why you’re not giving yourself … Read More

Stretch: How flexible are you.. mentally?

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Have you ever stretched yourself? Not in the physical way a dancer or a keen yoga student might, but in the way that helps you break through personal barriers so you can experience a life far richer than you have in the past? Stretching yourself mentally helps you turn your life into a fairytale adventure where you live your ‘happily … Read More

Are you leaping from small zone into big zone?

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The comfort zone is an interesting phenomenon. Many people have quite an attachment to the good ‘ol comfort zone, sitting in it because it’s so, well comfy. It’ s like a big old lounge, it wraps around you, keeping you safe and secure; you know what to expect because it’s the lounge you’ve had since you can remember. But is this … Read More

Luck! How to get more of it.

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How lucky are you? Are you one of those people who always wins extravagant prize and has opportunities come at them from all angles? Or are you someone who is constantly hitting a brick wall, nothing seeming to fall in your lap. Ever! So you label yourself ‘Unlucky’. Have you ever asked yourself what ‘luck’ actually is? Many people see … Read More

The Darker Shade of Grey – Say ‘No’ to Suicide

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Having travelled the roller-coaster of suicide attempts and lived to tell the story, I am more than familiar with the darker shades of grey – you may know them as depression. Unfortunately, there are many more who did not make it, with suicide being the leading cause of death for Aussies under the age of 44. The reason I bring … Read More

Script Your Own Life

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Who’s writing the script for your life? Can you honestly say you’re the star, the director, the producer and the scriptwriter? And if not…. Why? As some of you know I’m in talks to have my own story, Getting Naked – The Dating Game, turned into a major motion movie. But that got me thinking…. I may be scripting my … Read More