Why most therapy doesn’t work…

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I’ve spoken to thousands of people who’ve tried counseling, psychology and other new age therapies only to leave disappointed years later (and thousands of dollars down) with the same negative patterns still playing out in their life.

They’ve read a library full of self-help books and given that 12-week challenge a go, and still the original problem is there.

Why hasn’t the therapy worked?

Because most therapy these days is mind based as opposed to heart focused.

Consider our mind for a moment.

It’s what houses all our limiting thoughts – all that negative mind-chatter you experience – that is housed in the brain.

If you want to clear out the mental gunk, well I hate to break it to you, but simply ‘talking’ about your story isn’t going to help you.

You see, we’ve learned to ‘think’ our way through life, when ultimately, it is our heart that was designed to guide us through life – be our internal GPS – not our head.

Scientists have now found that the heart does in fact have a brain of its own, and it’s only when the mind falls under the influence of our heart, that we can get the insights needed to clear the stuff that got us into therapy in the first place.

It’s about learning how to tune into your heart – hear you heart’s voice, as opposed to your gunky mind’s voice – so you can create a life full of love and happiness.

Saying positive affirmations and trying to think more positively is certainly part of the process, but if that’s all you’re doing, chances are it won’t stick or it will take a million times longer to actually work.

It’s like weeding a garden and only pulling out what you can see above the soil.

The roots are still there, so they keep growing back.

You need to go deep into the soil, and pull the plant out roots and all, to get rid of the weed.

And that’s what you’re doing when you do therapy that is heart focused as opposed to mind focused.

One study found that 300 hours of work with a psychologist would only get you a minor breakthrough, if your got one at all.

300 hours?

If I had a client for 300 hours they’d be flying to Mars in their own self-made rocket-ship!

Ten hours is all I need to create massive change in a client.

I get people pill and depression free in this time.

Change doesn’t have to take forever – that’s simply what society has taught us.

When you go straight to where the problem originated, the change happens instantaneously.

One other key ingredient for lasting change is commitment.

If a client is too lazy to take responsibility for their own life (and wants the therapist to do all the work for them), then no amount of therapy of any kind is going to pull them out of their self-made mess.

You really need to be ready to look inside no matter what dark stuff you’re faced with, and take action.

At the end of the day, a therapist can only facilitate a change.

It is the client who allows that change to take place.

Please note: I am not saying the more conventional modes of therapy can’t be beneficial – there are certainly some great elements.

I simply have not found more common therapies, in which problems are ‘talked’ through in an attempt to heal them, effective in creating permanent change and resolution.

If you’d like to learn more about the style of therapy I use to create quick and lasting transformation, click here.

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