Luck! How to get more of it.

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How lucky are you?

Are you one of those people who always wins extravagant prize and has opportunities come at them from all angles?

Or are you someone who is constantly hitting a brick wall, nothing seeming to fall in your lap.


So you label yourself ‘Unlucky’.

Have you ever asked yourself what ‘luck’ actually is?

Many people see it as a success brought about via chance – some may even call it a miracle.

Perhaps someone recovers from a severe health issue.

Was their divine intervention at play, or was that person doing something to create that so-called luck or miracle.

I believe we create our own luck.

As far as I’m concerned, luck happens when ‘preparation meets opportunity’.

You actually need to have a mind-set that is conducive to allowing luck in.

If you believe you are unlucky or you’re simply not putting yourself out there to be the receiver of such luck, then it ain’t comin’ a’knockin!

So how do you create your own luck?

You get clear on what you want, you start taking actions steps to achieve it, you keep your eyes open to the opportunities that surround you every moment or every day and you start thinking more positively.

What we think about in our mind is what we create in our physical world.

Think of loss and lack and scarcity – and guess what, your order is served up to you, just as you requested it.

Once you swtch this around and start not only thinking about positive outcomes, but creating the feeling of already having those great things in your life, that’s when you open the door to luck.

So make the decision today to be one of the ‘lucky ones’ and then enjoy what it feels like to be lucky in love, life and relationships!

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